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What is the Difference between Moonstone and Pearl Gemstone?

What is the Difference between Moonstone and Pearl Gemstone?

  • Posted by: Admin

Gemstones have captivated the hearts of humankind for ages! Each has a unique charm and mystical qualities. People of all kinds from royalties and gem enthusiasts to laymen treasure them alike. Two gems that continue to enchant us with their exceptional beauty and celestial glow are Moonstone and Pearl Stone.

Pearl stone

Some people often get confused between the two. The confusion usually occurs due to their similar appearance. But both the gemstones have individual attributes and symbolism that make them remarkable. One forms beneath the earth's crust, while the other forms in the deep sea. Likewise, there are other distinctions between Moonstone and Pearl Stone. 

In this blog, we'll shed light on the extraordinary features that make both gems unique. Let's get started! 


Moonstone resembles moonlight glowing in the water! This stone hails from the Feldspar group and is a sodium-potassium aluminum silicate. It's popular for its extraordinary, billowy, moonlight-sheen and glow. Moonstone represents love, relaxation, balance, feminine energy, fertility, and new beginnings. It has great significance in the gemstone realm for the right reasons.

As per Vedic astrology, Moonstone is a nurturing stone. The stone is full of myriad healing properties and benefits. Upon wearing this gem, a native can overcome their fears and achieve glory and grace. Western astrology assigns it as a favorable June birthstone. Moonstone in Hindi is known as Chandrakant or Chandramani Stone.

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Let's look at the benefits of Chandrakant Stone below. 

What are the Benefits of Moonstone? 

This semi-precious stone is an auspicious Jyotish Ratna. Chandramani represents the planet Moon as per Vedic astrology. Moon, also known as Soma or Chandra, regulates the mind, mother and queenship. This planet is variable, nocturnal, feminine, and receptive. Upon wearing a Moon Stone, people can gain the blessings of the Moon.

Here are the exceptional benefits of the scintillating gemstone below. 

Enhances Peace: If a person has an aggressive side, wearing a Moon Stone can help mellow it down. This gem helps balance out the wearer's energy and brings peace, calmness, and stability. It also helps the native to adapt to transformations fast by making them more open to changes.

Emotional Healing: This miraculous stone promotes a sense of power and stability. It removes negative emotions including fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. Moon Stone encourages the wearer to discover their inner balance. This further makes the person feel confident enough to tackle any life challenge.

Promotes Healing: The stone also has many properties that promote physical healing. Adorning a Moon Stone can help cure issues related to the pancreas, spleen, liver, and stomach. It boosts the digestive system and hormonal balance, removing toxins from the body. Besides, it's excellent for people in healthcare and/or medical practitioners.

Feminine Stone: Chandrakant is a feminine stone, meaning it's great for women. It balances their hormones, regulates menstrual cycles, and relieves childbirth pain. This stone can also help enhance fertility and healthy progeny in women.

Aligns Sacral Chakra: The gemstone can help open and balance the sacral chakra. This chakra is also known as "Svadhishthana." Sacral chakra or Svadhishthana, regulates how we experience emotions, sexuality, and creative expressions. Wearing a Moon Stone can help put all these life aspects in tune with the native's mind and body.

Opens Heart Chakra: Besides Svadhishthana, this stone can also balance the heart chakra. The heart chakra, also known as "Anahata," regulates love for oneself and others. Moonstone can instill emotions like love, compassion, forgiveness, and empathy in the wearer. Upon welcoming this gem, you welcome unconditional love and positivity into your life.

Traveler's Talisman: Ancient history and folklore consider Chandrakant Stone as a traveler's talisman. As per popular beliefs, having this stone with you while traveling ensures a safe journey. The gemstone prevents any losses, accidents, or mishaps along the journey. Ancient men kept Moonstone with them when going on sea voyages and wars.

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Now, let's move on to understanding the basics of Pearl Stone before we dive into exploring the difference between Moonstone and Pearl. 

Pearl Stone

Pearl Stone is one of the most unique gemstones known to humankind. Unlike Moonstone, Pearl forms in the deep sea inside mollusks. This stone is best loved for its rarity, lustrous beauty, and shine. For ages, it has symbolized purity, wisdom, status, and wealth. Likewise, Pearl gemstone also has a notable place in Vedic astrology.

According to Vedic science, Pearl also represents the planet, Moon. The planet represents the mental and emotional strength of a native. Like the moon, this stone is also potent and transformative. Consider wearing it if you want to enhance love, relations, mental power, and other such things. Pearl Stone is also known as Moti or Mukta. 

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What are the Benefits of Pearl Stone? 

The excellent benefits of Pearl Stone are not unknown to us. Moti has healing properties and benefits that transcend time. As discussed, this mystical stone also represents the planet's moon. If a native wants to gain the qualities and blessings of this planet, wear a Moti without any doubt. Let's look at some of the unimaginable Pearl Stone benefits below.

Strengthens Moon: The planet moon is beneficial if it's in the right house in one's birth chart. Whereas a malefic/weak moon can lead to challenges in one's life. Wearing a Pearl Stone ring can help strengthen its position. This further amplifies the blessings and benefits of the planet.

Manages Anger: Mukta is a serene stone. The wearers of this gemstone will experience peace, calm and tranquility. That's why it's great for people with short temper and aggression. It keeps the native's mind cool, preventing anger from clouding their thoughts.

Enhance Confidence: This stone can remove low self-esteem and self-confidence from the mind. It promotes confidence and determination in the wearer. This further leads to the natives working better towards achieving their life goals. It's great for professionals in the domains of public speaking and counselling.

Beauty & Personality: Pearl is also renowned for enhancing the beauty and charm of a person. As per popular belief, this stone improves women's facial luster and shine. Besides, it adds an attractive charisma to the wearer's personality. If you also desire inner and outer beauty, consider wearing a Moti Stone.

Attracts Luxury: This beautiful gem can help attract and maintain a luxurious lifestyle. If Moti is lucky for you, then you will receive success and wealth for sure. The wearer will experience surging fortunes, name, fame, and grand comforts.

Marital Bliss: Finally, Pearl Gemstone can help your love life flourish. It instils love, understanding, compassion and passion between couples. If you're struggling with conflicts in your relations, Moti can help resolve them. Besides, the stone can also support and improve maternal relationships.

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Now that we're familiar with Moonstone and Pearl, let's get into knowing the major differences between the two. 

Moonstone Vs Pearl Stone: Let's Explore the Differences 

Both Moonstone and Pearl Stone represent the planet, Moon. They also appear similar up to a certain extent. These are some reasons that create confusion among buyers between the two stones. But they are different and special on their own. Let's focus on the difference between Chandrakant and Moti in detail below.

Sl. No Factors Moonstone Pearl Stone 
  • Moon Stone forms beneath the earth’s crust.
  • The source locations of Moonstone are Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Australia, Armenia, Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, Poland, and the US. 
  • Pearls form in the depths of the ocean inside mollusks.
  • Some source locations of Pearl Gemstone are Australia (Bahrain), Japan, China, and Philippines. 
  • Moonstones are widely available across the globe.
  • However, premium quality Chandramani Stones are very rare to find. 
  • It is rarer compared to Chandramani.
  • Wild or natural pearls are incredibly rare to find. 
  • This stone has hardness rating of 6 – 6.5 on the Mohs scale.  
  • Moti is a softer gemstone compared to Moonstone.
  • This gem has 2.5 – 4.5 rating on the Mohs scale. 
  • Moon Stones symbolizes new beginnings, spirituality, intuition and more.  
  • It has always symbolized purity, wisdom, fortune, and status. 
  • It represents the planet – Moon.  
  • This stone also represents the planet, Moon. 
  • This gem can be semi-transparent, opaque, or colorless.
  • It comes in a wide range of colors including white, silver, blue, or white adularescent effect.
  • Pearls can also come in a board range of hues.
  • A stone be white to silver or golden depending on the mollusk. 
  • A Moon Stone that is almost transparent and free from inclusions is considered the finest.  

  • Pearl Gemstone is graded based on surface clarity & Luster. 
8Treatment History 
  • Most stones do not undergo any treatment.
  • Besides, some may be treated using heat or irradiation treatment.
  • Some pearls are treated using different methods like bleaching or coloration. 
  • Moonstones have always been popular for their mystical glow.  
  • Pearls have also been popular since ancient times.
  • They have been adored and traded for as long as 6,000 years ago. 
  • Moonstones are affordable compared to Pearls.  

  • Premium quality Moti Stone can be expensive.  
  • A decent quality pearl’s price can start from INR 800/- and can go up to 2,000/- per carat plus. 
  • A decent quality pearl’s price can start from INR 800/- and can go up to 2,000/- per carat plus. 
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Moonstone or Pearl Stone: Which One Should You Pick?

Moon Stone and Pearl are marvelous gemstones! But which one is the best for you? The answer to this question lies in one's personal preference and birth chart. It's best to pick between the two gems after consulting an expert astrologer. A learned Vedic Astro expert will offer gem advice based on your date of birth/Kundali analysis.

This will not only help you find your lucky stone based on your stars but also help you gain the most benefit. In general, the zodiac natives of Cancer can wear Moonstone. While the ascendants of Cancer, Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces can adorn Pearl. If you want to have an online gem consultation session, contact us at GemsRoot. 

Moonstone Price 

Like every gemstone, the price of Moonstone also depends on different factors. In general, Moonstone Price can start as low as INR 500/- and can rise to 2,000/- per carat plus. The price can further increase depending on key quality attributes.  

Pearl Stone Price 

The price of a Pearl depends on several quality factors. Usually, Pearl Stone price can start from INR 800/- and can go up to 2,000/- per carat plus. If you want to buy original pearl at the best prices, contact GemsRoot.

Chandramani and Moti Stone are the epitome of beauty, grace, and cosmic powers! Both exude a classic elegance and mystical glow. However, the choice between the two boils down to personal preference, budget, astrological priorities, and other such factors. But no matter which gemstone you go for, at GemsRoot we offer 100% natural Moonstone and Pearl Stone. 

At GemsRoot, we understand the importance of choosing the right Astro gem. That's why we have carefully curated gemstones from mother nature's core. Our stones are natural, ethical, sustainable, conflict-free and GRS lab-certified. Contact us to buy and explore the timeless blessings of Moonstone and Pearl. 


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