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Raksha Bandhan is a special occasion that reveres the unbreakable bond of brothers and sisters by tying a sacred thread around the wrist - Rakhi. This year, celebrate your enduring brother-sister bond with a timeless Gemstone Silver Rakhi. Our Gemstone Rakhi represents the lifelong companionship and love siblings share beyond a single day. These Silver Rakhi’s will surely make your brother's wrist shine and attract gemstones' blessings!

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₹ 5,638 ₹ 4,510 ( 20 %Off )
₹ 5,638 ₹ 4,510 ( 20 %Off )
₹ 5,638 ₹ 4,510 ( 20 %Off )
₹ 5,638 ₹ 4,510 ( 20 %Off )
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Know more about rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner! This pious festival celebrates the unbreakable bond of brothers and sisters. A Rakhi thread when tied on a brother's wrist by sisters enhances their eternal bond. Every year this occasion fills siblings with happiness and excitement. Sisters choose unique Rakhis for their brothers to make every Rakhi a memorable one.

If you want a Rakhi that strengthens your sibling relationship with time, go for a Silver Rakhi. Giving a Silver Rakhi bracelet to your brother can put a big smile on your brother's face. As special as this festival devoted to the love of siblings, this Rakhi will make it a blissful one.

So, when is Raksha Bandhan 2024? This year, we will be celebrating Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi on 19th August 2024. Hurry and order a Silver Rakhi online for your brother now. No brother expects a beautiful Silver Rakhi bracelet on this day. This Rakhi will bring him peace, positivity, happiness, good health, wealth, and success.

Whether your brother is a fashion-forward or needs positivity in life, a pure Silver Rakhi is the best pick.

Significance of Rakhi in Different Cultures

Rooted in mythology and history, Raksha Bandhan is a traditional Indian festival. This festival celebrates the invincible bond between siblings. Usually, this occasion falls in August on the last day of the Hindu lunar month of Shravana. This year, we will be observing Rakhi on 19th August 2024, Monday.

Raksha Bandhan holds great cultural and emotional significance throughout the Indian populace. It is one of the major festivals of Hindus. Nonetheless, this auspicious occasion goes beyond religious boundaries. It has become a revered tradition among diverse cultures in the country. This event has become a reflection of protection, love and togetherness.

The roots of Rakhi can be traced back to various historical and mythological legends. One of the most famous narratives is that of Lord Krishna and Draupadi from Mahabharata. The story is that Draupadi once tore a piece of her saree to tie it around Lord Krishna's wrist to stop the bleeding. He had a battlefield wound on his wrist.

Touched by her caring gesture, Lord Krishna promised to protect her in her time of need. This narrative establishes the spirit of this festival - love, care, and protection. Another legend talks about the god of death, deity Yama and his sister Yamuna. On this day, Yama visited Yamuna. She performed an Aarti and applied tilak on her brother's forehead.

Deity Yama was touched by his sister's love and granted Yamuna a wish. This tale also adds to the essence of love and mutual respect that Raksha Bandhan embodies. Even today, Rakhi has maintained its cultural significance while adjusting to modern sensibilities. It mimics sibling dynamics, rising above biological ties.

Sisters are now tying Rakhis to sisters, and brothers are offering protection to them. Breaking free from the traditional usual, Raksha Bandhan is now seen as a symbol of unconditional love, support and understanding among various communities. It is proof of eternal love and family bonds.

Role of Gemstones in Rakhi

Gemstones are well-known for their beauty, rarity, healing properties and cosmic benefits. Every gem has unique features that add metaphysical goodness to the jewelry they are put in. Plus, silver is also a favorable metal as per Indian traditions. Gemstones in pure silver Rakhis attract good luck for your brother.

Whether he is a professional, scholar, traveler, entrepreneur, or from any walk of life, a silver Rakhi ensures your brother accomplishes everything in life. Wearing it can bring peace, positivity, strength, confidence, success and much more to him. It can also protect him from mishaps, negative energies, and evil eyes.

Types of Gemstones Used in Silver Rakhi

At GemsRoot, we offer a wide range of gemstone-studded silver Rakhis. Our pure silver Rakhi collection makes a positive impact on your brother's life. So, get them a Rakhi from our range to make their wrists glisten with the brilliance of silver. Let us look at the different gemstone Rakhis we offer at GemsRoot below.

  • Amethyst Silver Rakhi: Amethyst is a calm, serene and tranquil gemstone. Gifting your brother an amethyst Rakhi can promote his health on all fronts. This can help boost his mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Amethyst can enhance immunity and restful sleep while reducing stress and headaches. For intuition and clear thinking in your brother, give him an amethyst silver Rakhi.
  • Citrine Silver Rakhi: Citrine (Sunela) Rakhi is the perfect Raksha Bandhan pick. This is because citrine is a protective stone. It absorbs negative vibes and transforms them into positive ones. Tying it around your brother's wrist will cleanse his aura and promote spirituality. It can also align the solar plexus chakra, helping with personal power and prosperity.
  • Moonstone Silver Rakhi: Moonstone is a gem of psychic abilities, intuition, and healing. A moonstone Rakhi can help your brother regain inner balance, promoting spiritual growth. This Rakhi will protect your brother from accidents and mishaps. It will also initiate new beginnings, and emotional balance and help in self-discovery.
  • Rose Quartz Silver Rakhi: Rose quartz is a gemstone of love and compassion. Tying this rose quartz Rakhi will improve self-acceptance and confidence in your brother. This stone also has strong associations with the heart chakra. So, wearing this Rakhi can help deepen your brother's existing relationships.
  • Jade Silver Rakhi: Jade stone also harbors several metaphysical benefits. If you want to bless your brother with fortune, maturity, and grounding energies, give him a jade Rakhi. A jade Rakhi will enhance love and nurturing in your brother's life. It will also protect him from harm and bring peace and harmony to him.
  • Blue Topaz Silver Rakhi: Your brother's body, mind and soul can all gain from wearing blue topaz. A blue topaz Rakhi will help align his mind with truth, wisdom, and divine inspiration. It will also encourage him to be honest and expressive, giving him the courage to speak his truth. Besides, it can offer your brother opportunities for success and achievement.
  • Red Garnet Silver Rakhi: We also have a red garnet Rakhi in our collection. Tying this on your sibling's wrist protects them from negativity and evil energy. Red garnet brings fire, passion, stability, energy, and luck into the wearer's life. Your brother is bound to achieve success and his life goals if you gift him red garnet Rakhi this Raksha Bandhan.
  • Indian Ruby Silver Rakhi: Indian ruby is a powerful gemstone as per astrology. Gifting your brother a ruby Rakhi can bring potent transformations in his life. Wearing an Indian ruby can enhance his vitality, confidence, and leadership quality. Besides, it can also protect from negative energies, improve creativity, and attract better career opportunities.
  • Malachite Silver Rakhi: Malachite is excellent for physical well-being. Give your brother a malachite Rakhi to protect his heart health and maintain his physical fitness. It’s also excellent for kidney related issues, that’s why it’s known as “Kidney Stone”. This stone can also help balance his heart chakra, strengthening his psychic abilities. If you want your brother to have consciousness and cosmic energy to guide him at all times, consider gifting him this Rakhi.
  • Tiger's Eye Silver Rakhi: Finally, we have a tiger's eye Rakhi in our Raksha Bandhan range. This powerful stone is also great for enhancing vitality and physical energy. A tiger's eye Rakhi will help balance your brother's body's energy fields, improving his strength and endurance. If your brother is seeking an active and dynamic lifestyle, this Rakhi is the perfect gift for him.

Let us look at the benefits of using gemstones in silver Rakhi in detail below.

Benefits of Using Gemstones in Silver Rakhi

Silver and gemstones are both considered lucky in Hindu tradition and Vedic astrology. As per astrology, one wears silver for spiritual purposes. It has healing and calming properties. This metal can make the wearer feel peaceful and also bring good luck. Besides, pure silver can get rid of impurities from one's body.
Whereas gemstones are revered for their healing and metaphysical properties. Wearing the right gemstone can bring positive transformations in all life aspects. So, when you wear silver and gems together, you receive amplified benefits. Let us look at more benefits of using gemstones in a Silver Rakhi below.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Silver has a great aesthetic appeal. A gemstone silver Rakhi on your brother's wrist will look amazing. The Rakhi will heal and benefit him while looking fashionable. If your sibling loves fashion, he will cherish this thoughtful gift for sure.
  • Emotional and Sentimental Value: Rakhi thread holds an emotional and sentimental value for brothers and sisters. So, what is better than being able to keep a Rakhi forever with you? Traditional thread Rakhis usually wear out after wearing it for a long time, a silver one will not. Your brother can have the gemstone studded silver Rakhi as a keepsake for years.
  • Astrological Significance: Silver and gemstone are both considered pious as per astrology. Both of them bring good luck, health, wealth, and success to the wearer. By tying a gemstone silver Rakhi on your brother's wrist, you bless him with all the goodness in the world. He will receive peace, prosperity, happiness, success and all the good things in life.
  • Spiritual and Healing Properties: Both silver and gemstones have spiritual and healing properties. When combined in a Rakhi, these properties increase by two folds. This further offers the wearer enhanced benefits and blessings. Gemstones in Rakhi will make your brother more confident, creative, enthusiastic, energetic, intuitive, and determined.

Get a silver Rakhi bracelet for your brother without any second thoughts about this Raksha Bandhan! It is an amazing option to go for instead of traditional thread Rakhis. You can easily order a silver Rakhi online from GemsRoot in the comfort of your home.

Selecting the Right Gemstone for Silver Rakhi

Getting silver Rakhis for one’s brother this year can be life changing. But how do you choose the right gemstone silver Rakhi for him? With so many options available, selecting the best option can be challenging. That is why we have jotted down tips that will help you pick a suitable gemstone Rakhi for your brother. Let us get conversant with them one by one below.

  • Consider the Zodiac Sign: Before buying a gemstone Rakhi for your sibling, it is best to consider their zodiac sign. Choose the one which suits his zodiac sign and will yield positive benefits in his life. You can talk to our gem experts at GemsRoot, they can help you pick the best gem Rakhi as per your brother's zodiac.
  • Cultural and Traditional Beliefs: You can also keep your cultural and traditional beliefs in mind when choosing a gemstone Rakhi. For every culture, Raksha Bandhan holds different meanings, so choose accordingly.
  • Health and Well-being Factors: If your brother has health and well-being priorities, you also need to consider them. Certain gemstones are excellent for physical health and fitness, you can go for them. They will help with vitality, and energy and help prevent various diseases.
  • Personal Preference: You can also select a Rakhi based on your personal preference. If you have had your brother ever mention a gemstone he likes, you can get a Rakhi with that particular stone. You can also get one with his favorite color. For instance, if your brother likes red you can get him red garnet or Indian ruby Rakhi.

Care and Maintenance of Gemstone Silver Rakhi

Silver Rakhis are special! You need to care for them like your sibling relationship for it to last a lifetime. If you are not sure how to take care of and maintain your gemstone silver Rakhi, read on. We have shared easy and valuable tips to help you keep your Rakhi shining forever. So, let us look at the care and maintenance tips below.
Cleaning and Storage Tips

Storage Tips:

Here is how you can store your silver at home.

  • Always store your silver Rakhi in a separate jewelry box or pouch.
  • This will help prevent scratches and other damage.
  • Ensure your Rakhi is clean and dry at all times.

Cleaning Tips:

Here is how you can clean your silver at home.

  • Dip your bracelet in a bowl of lukewarm water for a few minutes.
  • After which, gently rub and clean using a soft cloth and pat it dry.
  • If you want a deep cleaning, it is best to take your gemstone silver Rakhi to a professional.

Repair and Restoration Advice
After everyday wearing and use, silver Rakhi can begin to tarnish. Here is how you can repair and restore your silver at home. If the tarnish is severe, do not hesitate to take your Rakhi to a jewellery cleaning expert.

  • If your silver is getting tarnished, get a silver polish dip.
  • Spray it on the silver part of the Rakhi, avoiding the gemstone.
  • Let it rest for a few minutes and wipe it off using a soft cloth.

Do's and Don'ts
Here is what not to do with your pure silver Rakhi bracelet.

  • Do not put perfume or lotion on your silver bracelet/Rakhi.
  • Avoid wearing it at the spa or in the pool.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight for prolonged periods.

Buying Guide for Gemstone Rakhi

Silver Rakhis for brother this Raksha Bandhan 2024 is the way to go! By tying this Rakhi on your brother, you exemplify the lifelong companionship of siblings. But where can you buy a pure silver Rakhi for your brother? You can buy a Rakhi online or offline, and ensure you are buying an excellent quality silver product. Also, always buy from a trusted brand like GemsRoot.

What to Look For?
When buying an original silver Rakhi, you must remember key pointers. These points will help you select a decent quality Rakhi that is worth your money and investment. Here is what to look for when purchasing gemstone silver bracelets/Rakhis below.

  • Quality of Gemstones: Ensure to check the quality and authenticity of the gemstone. Make sure to check the colour, clarity, cut and carat of the stone. To be sure, you can always consult a gem expert.
  • Authenticity and Certification: Ask your seller for a gemstone authenticity certificate. At GemsRoot, we offer our buyers GRS lab certificates with each gemstone silver bracelet.
  • Price Considerations: Remember to check the silver Rakhi price. GemsRoot offers Rakhis made of silver at reasonable prices. Our silver Rakhi price range falls between INR 3,500/- and INR 5,500/-.

Where to Buy?

Buy pure silver Rakhi for your brother at GemsRoot.com! We offer quality silver Rakhis studded with 100% natural gemstones. We also provide our buyers with certificates of authenticity and purity. Bless your sibling with happiness, prosperity, success, and abundance.
Raksha Bandhan celebrating the enduring love and bond of siblings deserves something special! GemsRoot presents pure silver Rakhis that are not mere threads. They are manifestations of love, protection and tradition that go beyond the ordinary. This Raksha Bandhan celebrates the unbreakable bond of brothers and sisters with the original silver Rakhi. Get silver Rakhi online for your dear brother today!


Why buy a silver Rakhi bracelet for Your brother this Raksha Bandhan?
An original silver Rakhi represents class, elegance, and sophistication. Besides the metal is auspicious as per astrology. Wearing this can bring happiness, good health, wealth, and success to your brother. This Raksha Bandhan, get your beloved brother a special gemstone silver Rakhi.
Is Silver Rakhi good?
Yes, a pure silver Rakhi is a great option compared to a traditional thread Rakhi. Your brother can not only hold on to it as a keepsake but also gain several benefits from it. Wearing this Rakhi can bless your brother with love, joy, and prosperity in life.
What is the significance of silver Rakhi?
In Indian traditions, silver holds a significant symbolic value. It is associated with good luck, positive energy, and prosperity. Gift your brother an original silver Rakhi from GemsRoot. This reflects your desire to bless your siblings with these auspicious blessings.
What is the cost of silver Rakhi online?
The gemstone silver Rakhi price on GemsRoot ranges between INR 3,500/- and INR 5,500/-. We have priced our Rakhis reasonably with no compromise on quality and longevity. Please browse through our silver Rakhi collection on our website and place your order today.
Is silver Rakhi skin-friendly?

Yes, our gemstone silver Rakhi bracelets at GemsRoot are skin-friendly. Our Rakhis are made of 100% pure silver. They ensure quality, and longevity and are safe for everyday wear. Order silver Rakhis for your brother from GemsRoot.com today.

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