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Carnelian is a brownish red, semi precious translucent to opaque gemstone from the mineral family of chalcedony. It is known as the stone of motivation, endurance, leadership and courage. India, Brazil, Siberia and Germany are the major sources of carnelian stones.

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Carnelian - 20 carats

Origin : India

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Know more about Carnelian (Rat-Ratua)

What is Carnelian Stone?

The gemstone realm offers us vibrant, alluring and life-changing gemstones! Among all the stones there's one that resembles the hues of sunset - carnelian stone. This fiery and warm yet calming stone has enchanted humankind for ages. Carnelian's profound meaning, cosmic powers and healing properties further add to its significance.

Carnelian in Hindi is better known as "Rat-Ratua." Besides, the stone is also called "cornelian." The gem is a microcrystalline quartz variety hailing from the chalcedony group. It's composed of silicon dioxide with a major presence of iron elements. Iron is what gives Rat-Ratua a lively yellow-orange or red color.

This semi-precious stone has symbolized different things for different cultures for centuries. Egyptians adored carnelian, believing that it was a stone for courage and fertility. The Arabs revered the gem as a royalty stone, symbolizing good luck and fortune. While in India, Rat-Ratua (रात-रतुवा) holds huge significance in astrology.

Let's explore different types, healing properties, carnelian stone benefits and much more below.

Types of Carnelian Stone

There are different types of carnelian gemstones based on their origin. Even though we can find this stone worldwide, some locations produce better quality. Let's look at the various carnelian types based on origin below.

  • Indian Carnelian
  • Brazilian Carnelian
  • Egyptian Carnelian
  • Uruguay Carnelian

Benefits of Carnelian Stone

Carnelian Stone might not be a traditional Jyotish Ratna. But it still offers many blessings and benefits to the wearer. As per Vedic astrology, this stone represents the planet, Mars (Mangal). Mars is an influential planet that represents action, assertiveness, leadership and much more. If you want to keep the Mangal working in your favor, consider wearing a carnelian.

Let's get conversant with all the carnelian stone benefits below.

  • Attracts Prosperity: Carnelian stone helps attract prosperity and fortune into the wearer's life. Upon wearing this stone people can experience new income opportunities and good luck. Besides, this gemstone can also help people ward off poverty while gaining success.
  • Mental Strength: Rat-Ratua provides mental strength to a person. A wearer can feel enhanced drive, ambition, and determination. Also, this gem can help boost creativity. All these qualities further help a person in achieving their life goals.
  • Emotional Stability: If you're seeking emotional stability, carnelian is an excellent choice. Wearing this gemstone helps calm short temper and aggression. Besides, it promotes self-confidence, courage, and assertiveness in a wearer.
  • Spiritual Awakening: Rat-Ratua can enhance your spiritual journey. It helps you connect to your higher self. It also has strong associations with the sacral chakra. So, to open and balance your "Svadhishthana," consider wearing this miraculous gemstone.
  • Physical Healing: Besides offering mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, this stone also offers physical healing. Carnelian can be good for curing fevers, rheumatism, and skin-related issues. The stone can also help against neuralgia, arthritis, anxiety, and depression.
  • Professional Benefits: Since this gem boosts passion and creativity, experts suggest it to people working in creative domains. It's excellent for writers, artists, and musicians.
  • Protective Amulet: Finally, throughout history, carnelian has been used as a protective amulet. Wearing this stone keeps all the negativities, evil eyes, and adversities at bay.

These are some red carnelian stone benefits, but we assure you these benefits go way beyond. If you want to harness these blessings, consider wearing Rat-Ratua. At GemsRoot, we offer 100% natural carnelian that you can customize as a carnelian stone ring, carnelian stone bracelet or carnelian stone necklace. Get in touch with our expert team to buy and further help.

How to Choose the Best Carnelian Stone?

Carnelian is one of the most well-known and affordable varieties of the chalcedony group. We can find this stone worldwide, but the finest quality carnelians come from India. Some other major source locations are Brazil, Uruguay, and Egypt. When choosing the best Rat-Ratua Stone, there are certain factors you must remember.

Let's discuss the factors to look for when buying a natural Carnelian gemstone below.

  • Color: Carnelian gemstone comes in a variety of hues. The colors can range from pale oranges to vivid reds. The more vibrant the color, the better. Yet, there's no specific color for Carnelian that's more valuable than the other. The price of both orange and red carnelian stone is usually equal. So, the choice boils down to personal preference.
  • Clarity: In general, this vibrant gemstone is translucent but can also be opaque at times. Raat Ratuva is free of inclusions, but it can still appear cloudy on the inside. If you hold this stone under a light, you can see that the stone has regular transparency. While some parts appear cloudier. Besides, carnelian has a vitreous to waxy luster.
  • Cut: Carnelian gem is usually cut in smooth cabochons, cuts, or beads. This cut highlights the stone's color and smoothness. But it can also be cut into several other shapes like round, oval, rectangular or square. Select a well-cut gem that reflects light off its smooth surface in an attractive manner.
  • Carat: The carat weight of Rat-Ratua plays a vital role in determining its quality. Make sure to buy a stone with an ideal carat weight. If you are wearing the gem for astrological reasons, consult an expert astrologer. They will suggest the best stone, Ratti, as per your requirements.

How Many Carats of Carnelian Stone Should I Wear?

One can wear a carnelian in an ornament of their choice. Usually, people wear a carnelian stone ring, carnelian stone bracelet or carnelian stone necklace. No matter which ornament type you choose, make sure you wear the right carat weight of the stone.

Different methodologies suggest the ideal weight of a gem. Even so, here's the most common method to find out the correct carat weight you should be wearing. A Rat-Ratua's carat weight must be 1/10th of your total body weight. So, if you weigh 60 Kg, wear at least a 6-carat carnelian stone.

Price of Carnelian Stone

Like every stone, the carnelian stone price depends on certain key quality factors. The factors affecting the quality and value are color, clarity, carat and cut. Besides, origin and treatment history play a major role in determining Carnelian's value. In general, carnelian stone price in India falls between INR 250/- to 500/- per carat plus. It's one of the most affordable stones available in the market.

Who Should Wear Carnelian Stone?

This fiery stone, carnelian, is auspicious as per astrology. According to Vedic science, Aries, Leo, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius & Pisces can wear it. As discussed, there are myriad carnelian stone benefits. Wearing this stone helps attract unimaginable good health, wealth, and success. If you want to know if रात-रतुवा suits you, contact GemsRoot.

How to Wear a Carnelian Stone?

A carnelian stone carries extraordinary astronomical powers and healing properties. Wearing this gemstone brings prosperity, healing, protection, spirituality, and mental and emotional stability. Besides, it prevents evil eyes from influencing our lives while releasing blocked energies. But to gain all these benefits, one must wear Raat Ratuva in the correct way.

The correct method to wear a gemstone is by observing a Vedic ritual or Puja. This Puja helps unleash and amplify the abilities of stone. Follow the ritual below and ensure the Carnelian stone works in your favor with full fervor. Make sure you have the listed items below before starting the ritual.

  • A clean metal bowl
  • Raw cow's milk
  • Ganga Jal
  • Tulsi Leaves
  • Ghee
  • Honey
  • A soft, clean cloth

Once you have all the items above, let's begin with the Pooja. Take the clean metal bowl and add all items including the milk, Ganga Jal, Tulsi leaves, ghee, and honey in it. Stir well to make a mixture called Panchamrit. Immerse your carnelian stone ring or ornament in the mixture for 5-10 minutes.

While your ornament piece is in the Panchamrit, chant the mantra "Om Bho Bhomay Namah/"ओम भो भोमाय नमः" for 108 times. Then, take your ring, pendant or bracelet out of the mixture, rinse with normal water and pat dry using a soft cloth. Now your red carnelian stone ring is ready to wear.

  • Auspicious Day: Tuesday/मंगलवार
  • Auspicious Time: 5 AM - 7:30 AM
  • Ideal Metal: Gold, Pancha dhatu or as suggested by the astrologer
  • Ideal Finger: Ring finger or as suggested by the astrologer
  • Mantra: Recite "Om Bho Bhomay Namah/"ओम भो भोमाय नमः" for 108 times.

Disclaimer: The ideal metal or finger can vary depending on a person's birth chart. So, get in touch with our experts for further guidance on the same.

How do I Activate Carnelian Stone?

Like every other gemstone, we need to activate Carnelian/Rat-Ratua after purifying. Besides, it's a good idea to energize your stone from time to time. Especially, if you're wearing it for the first time or have been wearing it for a long time. By chance, Rat-Ratua is easy to energize and activate.

To activate, take your stone and place it on a clean cloth. Then burn incense sticks and twirl them around the gem. While you do this, pray to Lord Mars to bless you with positivity in life. Also, chant the mantra "Om Bho Bhomay Namah/"ओम भो भोमाय नमः" for 108 times.

Or you can also try energizing your carnelian stone ring using the sun and the moon. To do this, place your gemstone under a complete 24-hour cycle of sunlight and moonlight. This will help supercharge the energies and powers of your carnelian. Now your stone is ready to wear.

How to Take Care of Carnelian Stone?

Speaking of taking care of your carnelian stone, it's quite easy. The best way to clean and maintain this gemstone is to use warm soapy water. Make the solution by mixing lukewarm water and a gentle soap together. Then take a soft cloth, dip in the soapy water and clean around the stone.

After this, make sure to rinse the piece using normal water and pat dry. Always use a lint-free cloth to dry the stone as it ensures there are no residues. Avoid ultrasonic cleaning methods at all costs, they can lead to fractures and chips. Besides, when storing your carnelian ornament, keep away from harder gemstones like sapphires.

It is better to store this gemstone in a different storage box or pouch. A Rat-Ratua is usually cut in cabochons. So, the smooth and round surface is susceptible to scratches from harder stones. Also, take your carnelian stone ring off when doing certain activities like gardening. This will prevent accidental bumps, knocks and harsh chemicals.

Alternate Options of Carnelian Stone

Carnelian, also known as Rat-Ratua (रात-रतुवा), is a substitute gemstone for Red Coral. This stone is a popular alternative for coral as it offers similar benefits. Besides, it's also associated with the planet, Mars (Mangal). So, Rat-Ratua is a great option if Mangal is weak in your birth chart. Consider this gem and welcome the blessings of Lord Mars in your life.


Which Rashi Can Wear Carnelian?

Zodiac signs that can wear carnelian gemstone are Aries, Leo, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius & Pisces. If you want to know if this gemstone is lucky for you, contact us at GemsRoot. Our expert astrologers offer gem advice based on your date of birth and birth chart.

Which Chakra is Carnelian Good For?

Carnelian is good for the sacral chakra, also known as "Svadhishthana." According to Hindu Tantrism, the sacral chakra is the second chakra in our body. This chakra regulates how we experience and express creativity, sexuality, and emotions. Wearing a carnelian can help open and balance the Svadhishthana.

Is It OK to Wear Carnelian Every Day?

Yes, it is ok to wear a carnelian stone ring or carnelian stone bracelet every day. The healing properties and powers of the stone bring prosperity, positivity, and courage. Remember to cleanse and re-energize it often.

How to Tell If Carnelian is Real?

Carnelian gemstone is a translucent to opaque stone. If you want to check this stone's originality, hold it close to a light. If the stone displays a cloudy inside, it means the carnelian is natural. But if you see the striped pattern on the inside, it usually means it's a dyed agate stone.

What Color is Natural Carnelian?

Natural carnelian comes in a wide range of colors. This stone's color spectrum can range from orange to brownish red, from pale to vivid. Some gemstones can also exhibit an almost black hue. If you want to buy a red carnelian stone, contact us at GemsRoot.

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