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Hessonite, also known as Cinnamon Stone or Gomed, is a semi-precious gemstone that belongs to the grossular Garnet mineral family. It is typically found in deep brown or honey-colored shades, and is known for its unique beauty and powerful astrological properties. In Vedic astrology, Hessonite is considered to be a powerful gemstone that can help overcome the negative effects of the planet Rahu.
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Hessonite(Gomed) - 5.91 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

₹ 6,501 ₹ 5,201 ( 20 %Off )
Hessonite(Gomed) - 5.66 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

₹ 6,226 ₹ 4,981 ( 20 %Off )
Hessonite(Gomed) - 4.81 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

₹ 5,291 ₹ 4,233 ( 20 %Off )
Hessonite(Gomed) - 4.66 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

₹ 5,126 ₹ 4,101 ( 20 %Off )
Hessonite(Gomed) - 4.62 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

₹ 5,082 ₹ 4,066 ( 20 %Off )

Know more about Hessonite (Gomed)

What is Gomed?

The continuous use of gemstones in astrology, spirituality and healing is no secret. They have always been an integral part of humankind without a doubt. The healing properties, mystical powers and benefits have been recognized across different cultures worldwide. Especially, the nine gemstones (Navaratnas). One of these 9 gems is said to have energies similar to that of Rahu - Gomed!

Gomed stone in English is known as hessonite gemstone. This stone hails from the calcium aluminum silicate mineral variety. It has major sources in Sri Lanka, Africa, India, and Brazil. As per Vedic scriptures, Hessonite represents the shadow planet - Rahu. It has huge prominence in the world of astrology. Wearing this stone can bring instant and miraculous benefits to one's life.

Let's know more about this amazing Gomed Ratan below.

Types of Gomed

Hessonite stone/Gomed Ratan has a unique allure to it. This gem has distinctive looks and spellbinding metaphysical properties. As a noteworthy member of the Garnet and Navaratna (nine gems) family, Gomedh can be categorized based on two factors - colour and origin. Both factors significantly influence this stone's value and astrological usefulness. Let's see the types of Gomed Ratan based on colour and origin below.

Types of Hessonite Gemstone based on Color

Hessonite/Gomed Ratan displays a range of hues between reddish and yellowish brown. The predominant colors of an original gomed stone are the following -

  • Reddish Brown: This is the most customary color of Gomed. This hue resembles the leaves of the autumn season. It's considered a traditional color that's in high demand for astrological purposes.
  • Orange Brown: A Gomedh stone can also be orange-brown. In this colour, there is additional vibrancy and warmth. The colour range can vary from light golden to a fiery orange-brown hue.
  • Cinnamon: Recent source locations like Kenya and Tanzania produce a hessonite that has a "cinnamon stone" look. This color displays a deep and strong reddish-brown hue.
  • Yellowish Brown: Next, we have yellowish brown. Few Gomedh stones can also exhibit a yellowish undertone in their color. This hue adds a subtle complexity to Gomed Ratan's appearance.
  • Honey Brown: Finally, there’s Gomedh Stone with honey brown color. This colored stones are usually found in Ceylon. This gem displays a hue that resembles rich and spiced honey.

Types of Hessonite Gemstone based on Origin

The original Gomed stone can be found worldwide. But 3 major sources produce some of the finest quality Hessonite stone. Let's look at the below -

  • Ceylonese Gomed Stone: Sri Lankan Hessonite stone is well-known for its extraordinarily pure and vibrant hue. Stones from here are usually bright, ranging between medium to deep cinnamon orange color.
  • African Hessonite Stone: African Gomedh is majorly found in Tanzania and Madagascar. Gems from here are renowned for their size and broad color range. A stone can be golden orange to deep reddish-brown in color.
  • Indian Hessonite Gemstone: India is also a good source and producer of Hessonite gemstone. Most of this stone is mined in Rajasthan and Odisha. Indian Hessonite stone exhibit a richer and darker color. The hues can range from deep to reddish brown.

Benefits of Gomed

An original gomed stone holds a significant place in the world of astrology! Wearing this stone at the right time and under the guidance of a Vedic Astro expert can bless a person with unimaginable benefits. Astrologers help in aligning the gemstone better with our body's vibrations. So, when we wear the gomed ratan, it begins to deliver all the boons.

Here are the benefits of a hessonite gemstone below.

  • Strengthens Rahu: Gomed Ratan is the stone for planet Rahu. If someone is facing challenges in life due to the ill effects of Rahu, consider Hessonite. This will help remove the malefic effects of Rahu and strengthen its position in one's Kundli.
  • Boosts Success: Wearing this powerful gem can attract success in the wearer's life. Gomedh enhances concentration and thought clarity which provides a clear direction towards achieving goals.
  • Improves Status: Improves Status:
  • Happy Marriage: Happy Marriage:
  • Spiritual Awakening: Wearing this gem activates and brings 5 fruits of life. These are Meditation/Dhyana, Prosperity/Artha, Righteous Living/Dharma, Bodily Pleasures/Kama, and Salvation/Moksha. All these qualities help the wearer walk the path of spirituality.
  • Offers Protection: It protects the wearer from evil and negative energies. The native adorning an original gomed stone will always be one step ahead of their enemy. They will emerge victorious in all life competitions.
  • Physical Benefits: Finally, this potent stone also offers several physical health benefits. As per Vedic Astro experts, Hessonite stone can help cure allergies, epilepsy, heart palpitations, and sinus and eye infections.

How to Choose the Best Hessonite?

If you want to buy the best hessonite gemstone, the same parameters apply to it just like any other gemstone. The parameters include the 4 Cs (color, clarity, carat & cut), origin and treatment history. These key attributes significantly influence the gomed Ratna price and value. Here's how you can select the best hessonite stone.

  • Color: A quality Gomed Ratan should display a riveting color depth. The hue should be rich and deep reddish brown with high intensity and saturation. Also, remember to check the color is uniform and consistent.
  • Clarity: In the case of a hessonite stone, clarity is not just about fewer inclusions. It also considers the type and placement of inclusions. Usually, the "jelly-like" appearance of this stone is considered desirable and is a mark of a high-quality gem.
  • Carat: It is best to pick the carat/Ratti suggested by the astrologer. Ideally, the gem should be 1/12th of a person's weight. So, if you weigh 60 Kg, you must wear at least a 5-carat hessonite stone.
  • Cut: A great cut enhances the brilliance and symmetry of the gemstone while also enhancing the color's glow. Look for a hessonite gemstone that has been skillfully cut to boost the stone's fire.
  • Origin: A gemstone's origin often affects its value and quality, the same goes for Gomedh. Hessonite has three major source locations - Sri Lanka, Africa, and India.
  • Treatment History: Finally, before buying a gomed ratan, check its treatment history. Most hessonites undergo heat treatments to improve color and remove impurities. Still, a natural gemstone is better than a treated one.

How Many Carats of Gomed Stone Should I Wear?

The carat weight of a hessonite gemstone must be at least 1/12th of the wearer's body weight. For instance, if a person weighs 60 kg, they must wear at least a 5 Ratti original gomed stone. This carat and body weight rule is applicable to almost every gem. Wearing the gem after considering weight and quality channelizes its powers to work in the wearer's favor.

Price of Gomed Ratan

The original gomed stone price is reasonable compared to other sapphires. This stone's price also depends on several factors like color, clarity, carat, and cut. In general, an original gomed stone price ranges between INR 1,000/- to 4,000/- per carat plus. The costs can further increase based on quality. To know more about Gomed Ratna price in India, contact us at GemsRoot.

Who Should Wear Gomed?

Hessonite gemstone is a valuable Jyotish Ratna as per astrology. As we saw, this stone can bless the wearer with innumerable healing and benefits. Gomed can bring prosperity, wealth, and success in personal and professional life aspects. But it's best to consult an astrologer before adorning it for astrological reasons.

So, gomed stone for which Rashi? Usually, Vedic Astro experts suggest wearing this honey-colored stone to the Aquarius zodiac sign. The ascendants of Taurus and Libra can also harness Rahu's blessings by wearing this gem. In Western astrology, Hessonite has been assigned as a Gemini birthstone. To know if Gomedh stone suits you, contact us at GemsRoot.

How to Wear Hessonite Stone?

To garner the most benefits of wearing an original gomed stone, one must follow a proper Vedic ritual. This Vedic ritual or Puja Vidhi will help amplify the stone's power and get it ready to wear. We've shared the right way to wear Gomed Ratan below. Observe the process well to experience transformative changes in all life aspects.

First, gather all the items in the list below.

  • A clean metal bowl
  • Ganga Jal
  • Cow's Milk
  • Honey
  • Ghee
  • Tulsi Leaves

Once you have all the above items, take the clean metal bowl and the remaining items into it. Stir it well to create a mixture/Panchamrit. Then, take your Gomed stone ring/pendant/bracelet and immerse it in the mixture for 5 to 10 minutes. While the ornament is in the mixture, pray to Lord Rahu.

Recite "Om Rang Rahave Namaha" 108 times. Request Lord Rahu to remove all negativities from your life and promote positivity. After 5-10 minutes, take the ornament out of the Panchamrit, rinse with normal water and pat the stone dry. Now, your Gomed stone ring is all ready to wear.

  • Auspicious Day:Saturday/शनिवार
  • Best Time:5 AM - 7:30 AM
  • Ideal Metal:Silver, Panchdhatu, or as suggested by the astrologer
  • Ideal Finger:Middle Finger (In some cases, Ring Finger)
  • Shani Mantra:Chant the mantra, "Om Rang Rahave Namaha" 108 times

Disclaimer: The ideal metal or finger can vary depending on a person's birth chart/Kundali. So, contact our Vedic Astro experts for further guidance on the same.

How do I Activate Gomed?

The next step after gemstone purification is activation. Make sure to energize your hessonite gemstone to achieve the desired results. For activation, place your Gomed stone ring/pendant/bracelet on a clean cloth. Then fold your hands and recite "Om Rang Rahave Namaha" 108 times. While doing this, pray to Rahu for beneficial results. Now your gem is activated and ready to wear.

How to Take Care of Gomed?

An astrological gemstone is worn on a daily basis. Naturally, the gomed stone ring or any other ornament will get dirty. That's why it's essential to clean the ornaments in frequent intervals. This will maintain the gem's beauty as well as its positive energies. Here's how you can clean your hessonite gemstone.

To clean your ring or ornament, create a mild soapy solution. First, make the solution by mixing lukewarm water and a gentle soap. Stir it well, then take a soft brush dip it in the solution and clean the stone with gentle strokes. Once you feel the stone is clean, rinse it with normal water and pat dry.

If the original gomed stone ring requires deep cleaning, opt for professional cleaning. Jewelers or gem dealers have professional tools and labs to carry out the cleaning. They will inspect the gem or ornament and perform a cleaning method that's suitable.

Alternate Options of Gomed

Hessonite is a semi-precious stone, but it enjoys an equal status to precious stones. In Vedic astrology, one wears this gem to subdue the ill effects of Rahu and gain positive results in life. Though it's not as expensive as sapphires or rubies, a high-quality Gomedh is often priced high.

Not everyone can afford a fine-quality Gomed. At times, some people are also looking for something specific. This is when the substitute options come into the picture. The alternative of this stone looks and offers benefits alike. Buyers can consider the following gems to derive goodness parallel to a Gomed Ratan.

  • Brown Garnet
  • Spessartite
  • Orange Zircon

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Wear Gomed Stone?

To wear an original gomed stone ring, remember to purify and activate it. Then, as per the astrologer's suggestion, wear the gem in silver or Panchdhatu on Saturday between 5 AM - 7:30 AM. You can either wear it on the middle finger or ring finger; the expert should let you know what's best for you. Finally, recite the mantra, "Om Rang Rahave Namaha" 108 times.

Who Can Wear Gomed Stone?

As per Vedic astrology, the natives of Aquarius zodiac signs can wear Gomed Stone. Besides Aquarius, the ascendants of Libra and Taurus can also adorn this stone. To check whether it's lucky for you, it's best to get in touch with an expert at GemsRoot. Our Vedic Astro experts offer gem advice based on your date of birth, birth chart and Kundali.

When to Wear Gomed?

The best day to wear Gomedh is Saturday/शनिवार. Whereas the best is between 5 AM to 7:30 AM, the closer to sunrise, the better. As far as your Kundali is concerned, the best time to wear a Hessonite stone is when an astrologer suggests. They will recommend the most suitable stone after proper birth chart analysis.

What is Gomed Stone?

Gomed Stone is a semi-precious gemstone used for astrological purposes. Gomed Stone in English is known as Hessonite Stone. This gem is ruled by the planet - Rahu. Wearing this as Jyotish Ratna can remove the ill effects of a malefic Rahu. It can also fill the native's life with countless benefits and blessings.

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