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Citrine (meaning Sunela in Hindi) is a natural, yellow to golden brown colored, semi-precious gemstone from the Quartz mineral family. According to the Vedic astrology, this gemstone is worn as the substitute (upratna) of precious Yellow Sapphire to gain wealth, good social status, higher knowledge, health and progeny bliss.

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Citrine - 4.97 carats

Origin : Brazil

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Citrine - 4.04 carats

Origin : Brazil

₹ 1,555 ₹ 1,244 ( 20 %Off )
Citrine - 3.73 carats

Origin : Brazil

₹ 1,436 ₹ 1,149 ( 20 %Off )
Citrine - 3.54 carats

Origin : Brazil

₹ 1,363 ₹ 1,090 ( 20 %Off )

Know more about Citrine (Sunela)

What is Citrine Stone?

Gemstones are one of the most wonderful creations to exist in nature! Each of them is alluring, healing and beneficial, some of which are rarer than others. One of the rarest among all gemstones worldwide is natural citrine stone. This stone is scarce and is well-known among gem enthusiasts. Its vivid and attractive color is what makes citrine an adored stone.

Citrine in Hindi is also known as Sunela (सुनैला). This gem is a yellow quartz variety, and the presence of iron is what gives this stone a yellow-to-orange color. Besides its aesthetic beauty, Sunela has a huge significance in the astrology realm. The stone represents prosperity, abundance and success. That's why it's also called a "money stone" or "merchant's stone."

As per Vedic astrology, citrine represents a potent planet, Jupiter. Wearing this gem enhances the blessings while reducing the ill effects of this planet. Besides this, there are other natural citrine stone benefits too. Sunela can bring wealth, wisdom, health, success, marital bliss and much more. Let's learn more about this captivating gemstone below.

Types of Citrine Stone

Different types of natural citrine stone form in nature. We can categorize this stone based on its color. Let's see a brief breakdown of some of the most popular Sunela types based on color.

  • Yellow Citrine: This variety of citrine exhibits a lemony yellow hue. It is also well-known as "lemon citrine."
  • Golden Citrine: As the name suggests, golden citrine has a golden yellow color.
  • Fire Citrine: A desirable fire citrine displays an attractive deep red orange Sunela stone.
  • Madeira Citrine: Madeira citrine has one of the most sought-after hues of citrine. It has a golden orange to reddish brown color.
  • Palmeria Citrine: Finally, the palmeria citrine variety displays a bright orange color.

Benefits of Citrine Stone

 Citrine, also known as Sunela, represents Jupiter (बृहस्पति). Jupiter is a powerful planet that has a great influence on our lives. An ill-placed बृहस्पति can lead to adversities in a native's life. Whereas a positive one can bring countless blessings and benefits. If you want to harness the blessings of Lord Jupiter, consider wearing Sunela.

Let's look at other popular citrine stone benefits below.

  • Attracts Prosperity: Wearing Sunela can attract unimaginable prosperity into your life. This stone helps the wearer gain financial growth, success and status. Due to its reputation for attracting wealth, it's called a "merchant's stone" or "money stone."
  • Mental Strength: Citrine makes the wearer more confident, determined and focused. The yellow gemstone provides enough mental strength. This further helps people to work towards their life goals better. Besides, it can help overcome anxiety and depression.
  • Mental Clarity: This lucky stone also enhances mental clarity. It induces positive thoughts into the wearer while enhancing decision-making abilities. Self-confidence further encourages the native to believe in their decisions and commitments.
  • Professional Success: Citrine can attract incredible professional success. It's excellent for people working in marketing, banking, fitness, sports, and media. Besides, it can spark creativity and new ideas in artists and writers as well.
  • Marital Bliss: If you're seeking marital bliss then this gemstone is for you. Wearing Sunela can instil happiness and understanding in your married life. It can also help with parenthood and healthy progeny.
  • Aligns Chakras: Sunela is also associated with the third eye and solar plexus chakra. It can open and balance these chakras while magnifying personal intent and power. This stone can also boost the wearer's stamina.
  • Promotes Positivity: The gemstone promotes positivity in our minds, body and soul. It helps squander any negative energy or vibration lingering around the wearer. Citrine fills the native with renewed hope in all life aspects, be it relationship or career.
  • Physical Benefits: Finally, natural citrine stone also offers several physical health benefits. It can help cure problems related to the heart, endocrine, liver, thyroid, and kidney. Besides, Sunela can help improve the digestive, urinary, and immunity systems.

How to Choose the Best Citrine Stone?

There are different varieties of natural citrine stones in the market. But how do we know which one is the best for our purpose? Identifying a genuine and fine gemstone requires an expert's eyes, knowledge and expertise. Still, certain factors can help us choose the best citrine gemstone.

Here are the key quality factors to remember when buying a Sunela stone.

  • Color: One of the most important factors influencing a citrine's value is color. This stone displays an attractive color, making it a popular yellow-to-orange gemstone. A Sunela with a yellow to reddish-orange color with a good saturation is favorable. The freer the gem is of brownish tints, the better.
  • Clarity: An "eye-clean" citrine gemstone is preferable. Dealers look for a lack of inclusions and color zoning in Sunela Stone.
  • Cut: A gemstone's cut is another aspect that affects its quality and value. The choice of a gemstone cut boils down to personal preference. Choose the one that maximizes Sunela's brilliance and aesthetic value.
  • Carat Weight: The crystals of citrine form in a wide range of sizes. Citrines up to 20 carats are available in the market. When buying this stone for astrological purposes, it's best to follow the 1/10th rule. Buy and wear a Sunela that is 1/10th of your total body weight. So, if you weigh 70 Kg, wear at least a 7-carat citrine stone.

If you want to buy a natural citrine stone, contact us at GemsRoot. We offer the best citrine stone price and quality. Our gemstones are genuine, ethical, sustainable, conflict-free and GRS lab-certified.

How Many Carats of Citrine Stone Should I Wear?

As per Vedic Astro experts, it's best to wear a stone that is 1/10th of your total body weight. For example, if you weigh 60 Kg, you must wear at least a 6-carat natural citrine stone. Also, remember the other quality factors like color, clarity, and cut. A bright and golden yellow Sunela is preferable for astrological reasons.

Price of Citrine Stone

For the powerful healing properties and astrological benefits citrine offers, it's quite reasonable. Usually, natural citrine stone price can start from INR 400/- and can go up to 1,000/- per carat plus. The price can further rise with better color, clarity, carat and cut. If you want to buy natural Sunela Stone at the best prices, contact our experts at GemsRoot.

Who Should Wear Citrine Stone?

As discussed, a natural citrine stone represents Jupiter (बृहस्पति). This planet has considerable influence on our birth chart and lives. Astrologers usually suggest it to natives with a weak Jupiter in their horoscope. Wearing Sunela can help strengthen बृहस्पति and bless the wearer with its amazing qualities. In general, Aries, Leo, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces can wear this gemstone.

How to Wear Citrine Stone?

If you want to wear a natural citrine stone, make sure to wear it the right way. It's best to follow a Vedic ritual or procedure. This not only makes your gemstone ready for adorning but also maximizes its benefits. So, here's a simple Puja you can do. To begin with the Puja Vidhi, gather all the items in the list below.

  • A clean metal bowl
  • Un-boiled cow's milk
  • Ganga Jal
  • Ghee
  • Honey
  • Tulsi Leaves

Once you have all the above items, let's begin with the Vedic procedure. Take a clean metal bowl and add the other items one by one into the bowl. This will create a mixture, also known as Panchamrit. Now, take your natural citrine stone ring or citrine stone pendant/bracelet and dip it in the bowl.

While the ornament is resting in the Panchamrit for 5-10 minutes, chant the guru mantra. Recite the mantra "Om Brim Brihaspataye Namaha"/"ॐ ब्रिम बृहस्पतये नमः" । 108 times. After this, take your Sunela ring/pendant/bracelet out, rinse with normal water and pat dry. Your ornament is now ready for wearing.

  • Auspicious Day: Thursday
  • Auspicious Time: 5:00 AM - 7:30 AM
  • Ideal Metal: Panchdhatu, Gold, or suggested by the astrologer
  • Ideal Finger: Index Finger
  • Mantra: Recite "Om Brim Brihaspataye Namaha"/"ॐ ब्रिम बृहस्पतये नमः" । for 108 times

Disclaimer: The ideal metal or finger can differ based on one's birth chart/Kundali. So, get in touch with our seasoned gem experts for further guidance.

How Do I Activate Citrine Stone?

After gemstone purification, it's essential to follow up with an activation. So, once you are done performing the Vedic Puja for Sunela, move on to its energization. You must activate the stone when you wear it for the very first time. After that, doing this once in 2-3 months should be enough. Here's how you can activate your natural citrine stone pendant, ring or bracelet.

  • Under the Sunlight: The sun is the universe's energy source. It has abundant energy to activate your Jyotish gemstone. Place your Sunela in a bowl filled with clean water and place the bowl under the sunlight. You can place it on your windowsill, terrace or any safe open space. Remove it from sunlight after 3 hours. Now your stone is ready for adorning.
  • Under the Moonlight: You can also use the moonlight to activate your Sunela. Place your natural citrine stone pendant, ring or bracelet under direct moonlight. Leave the ornament overnight on your windowsill and wear it the next morning. The best time to activate a stone under the moon is on a full moon night.

How to Take Care of Citrine Stone?

Citrine exhibits fair durability on the Mohs scale with a 7 rating. This stone has good hardness and is suitable for daily wear. Yet, with daily use, the gemstone can accumulate dirt and grim on it. We recommend cleaning it at frequent intervals to maintain Sunela's beauty and powers.

The best way to take care of a natural citrine stone is to clean it by using warm soapy water. Make a warm soapy solution by mixing lukewarm water and gentle soap. Then take a soft cloth, dip it in the solution and clean around the stone. After this, rinse your citrine stone pendant/ring with normal water and pat dry.

Also, remember to store your citrine ornament in a different storage box/pouch. You can keep it in a cool and dry box with a soft lining or a jewellery pouch. This will help prevent other harder stones from scratching or damaging Sunela stone.

Alternate Options of Citrine Stone

A natural citrine stone is a popular substitute for yellow sapphire stone. Both Sunela and Pukhraj Stone represent the planet Jupiter (बृहस्पति). Citrine not only resembles sapphire's appearance but also offers benefits alike. Besides, this yellow stone is much more reasonable in comparison. If you want to gain the blessing of Lord Jupiter, consider wearing Sunela.


Who Can Wear Citrine Stone?

In general, Aries, Leo, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces signs can wear citrine. If you want to know if this stone is lucky for you, contact us at GemsRoot. Our expert gemologists and astrologers offer gem advice based on date of birth. Visit our website at GemsRoot.com or call us at + 91-7428522177.

How to Check If Citrine is Real?

The best method to check if citrine is real or not is to inspect its key quality factors. A natural one displays a subtle and even color distribution with minimal inclusions. Whereas a fake stone will have uneven color distribution and will lack inclusions. A fake will also lack internal rainbows, which a natural citrine often exhibits.

What is the Origin of Citrine?

Today, the majority of present-day citrine supply comes from Brazil. We can also find citrine sources in Russia (Ural Mountains), France and Madagascar. Darker colors in this stone like medium golden orange are rarer and valuable.

What Birth Month is Citrine?

As per Western astrology, citrine is a November birthstone. So, November-born people can wear this stone and harness its cosmic powers and properties. Citrine is also a reasonable option and comes in a wide array of colors.

What is the Color Range of Citrine?

Natural citrine stone offers a broad color spectrum to choose from. The stone's color range consists of yellow, orange-yellow and brownish orange color. Any quartz that is transparent and comes under this color category is citrine. This is independent of the color saturation the gemstone displays.

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