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People's interest in gemstones dates back thousands of years, and it's forging ahead! They come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them perfect for every taste and need. Usually, we categorize them under two heads - precious and semi-precious gemstones. Both are noteworthy and valuable investments.

That's why it's so important to check all aspects before buying gemstones. India, even after being a traditional country, witnesses gem scams like any other place. It's our and your duty to remain informed to avoid sellers selling low-quality or fake gems. But buying gemstones requires professional knowledge about their quality, authenticity, and pricing.

In this expert gemstones guide, we'll discuss factors that one should consider when buying gems. Let's get started!

Gemstone Properties

Properties: Natural or Synthetic

There are two types of gems available in the market - synthetic and natural gemstones. The natural ones are beautiful, unique and have an intrinsic value. While synthetic gems also look appealing and are a popular choice for jewelry, they cannot match the charm and value of natural stones. Given the option between the two, our experts suggest opting for natural gemstones.


The gemstone color affects the quality and value of it a lot. Even though everyone interprets colors differently and are a matter of personal preference, there are 3 points about color that one must remember. These three key points are hue, tone, and saturation.

  • Hue: The hue refers to the pure or dominant color of the gem on the color spectrum.
  • Tone: The gem's tone refers to the lightness or darkness of the color.
  • Saturation: The stone's saturation refers to the intensity of color.

When buying gems, choose what you consider the most beautiful. For example, when buying a Blue Sapphire (Neelam Stone), look for a true-blue color with a medium to medium-dark tone and vivid saturation. The more evenly spread the color, the better.



Certificates help build confidence in the gemstone's quality and authenticity. Knowing that its true origin and internal features have been confirmed by a certified gemologist contributes to the trust in the stone and the seller. So, make sure to ask for relevant certificates when buying gems.

They add value to the stone and/or the piece of jewelry. At GemsRoot, we offer gems that are 100% natural and GRS-lab certified. With every stone, we provide our buyers with GRS-lab certificates. We have a wide range of gems that can cater to different requirements and budgets.


Carat (Ratti) is a measurement of a gem's weight and not its size. If you're buying gemstones for astrological purposes, then carat plays a significant role. As per Astro and gem experts, one should wear 1 carat/Ratti for every 12 KGs of body weight. For example, a person weighing 60 kg must wear at least a 5 Ratti (carat) gemstone.

Also, understand that the carat weight and value of a gem don't go hand in hand. In simple terms, a natural gem, lower in carat does not necessarily mean it's less valuable. It can often exhibit a better optical appearance, making its value higher. Likewise, big gemstones do not certainly mean that they are more valuable.


Gemstone Clarity

The next factor that influences a gem's quality and value is clarity. It refers to the absence of inclusions, blemishes, or fractures, inside or outside the gem. The more transparent the stone is and the fewer inclusions it has, the better. “Eye-clean” gems are rare and expensive. The GIA clarity codes gemstones in the following manner -

  • VVS: Very, very small inclusions
  • VS: Very small inclusions
  • SI1 & SI2: Small inclusions
  • I1, I2 & I3: Included

Also, remember some inclusions are characteristic. For example, Emerald (Panna Stone) has inclusions known as "Jardins," which means garden in French. Jardins further add to the beauty and uniqueness of Emeralds. Keeping this in mind, GIA has added 3 more categories - I (usually eye clean), II (usually included) and III (almost always included).

Common Gemstones FAQ

Buying gemstones can be both exciting and confusing. Each gem is so mystical and beautiful that it's difficult to resist the urge to buy them all. Yet, it's best to consult an expert gemologist and astrologer before buying and wearing a stone. It's because not every stone is suitable for every individual. Wearing the wrong one can also have adverse effects on the wearer's life.

Our Vedic Astro expert at GemsRoot offers gem advice based on date of birth, Kundli analysis and Lagna. They can help you find exactly what you're looking for based on your priorities. You can also give it a try and use our free gem recommendation tool. This buying guide will further help you select the right gem for you.

To select a Vedic Astro gemstone, one must consider the 4Cs - color, clarity, cut, carat, and other such factors. Also, make sure the stone is 100% natural and recommended by an expert. They will suggest a gem that is best for you according to your birth chart/Kundali. Stones have a huge influence on personal, professional, and financial fronts, that's why we recommend consulting an expert always.

Once you've been recommended a gem and bought it, the question is - what is the right way to wear it? As per our experts, it is best to wear it in a jewelry form. It can be a ring, pendant or even bracelet. The most common among these is a ring.

Besides, before wearing the stone, one must do a Puja to ensure positive results. The proper Vidhi to wear the gem will also be shared by the gem expert. They will also tell you a mantra to chant while wearing it.

Gemstones are valuable not just for fashion purposes, but also for their astrological benefits and healing properties. That's why one needs to be careful and ensure they're of high quality and authentic. The rise in their popularity has also given rise to several unfair practices. Many fraudsters try selling fake or low-quality stones at the price of an original and high-quality gem.

Always invest in natural and lab-certified stones. So, it's best to buy from a reputable seller like GemsRoot. We promise to ensure complete transparency, natural, lab-certified, and value-for-money gemstones. We offer high-quality gemstones at the best prices. Besides, our stones are genuine, sustainable, ethical, and conflict-free.

There are multiple sellers offering gemstones in the market, but it's best to go with a reputed brand like GemsRoot.com! Our gem experts guide you at every step from selecting the right stone to correctly wearing it. At GemsRoot, you can get gem recommendations from Vedic Astro experts.

They will suggest your lucky stone based on your date of birth, Kundali analysis and Lagna. Our gems are 100% natural, ethical, sustainable, conflict-free and GRS lab-certified. They are free from enhancing treatments like dying or resin filling, etc. Contact us today!

LAB Certified Gemstones

We ensure you get ethically sourced gemstones, certified by GIA, GRS, and IGI

Transparent & unmatched Prices

Offering premium gemstones at unmatched market prices

Worldwide Shipping

Delivering safely and quickly around the globe

Energized stones

Gemstones energized by spiritual masters, paired with astrological advice

LAB Certified Gemstones

We ensure you get ethically sourced gemstones, certified by GIA, GRS, and IGI

Transparent & Unbeatable Pricing

Offering premium gemstones at unmatched market prices

Worldwide Shipping

Delivering safely and quickly around the globe

Energized stones

Gemstones energized by spiritual masters, paired with astrological advice

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