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Experience the Captivating Power of Precious Gemstones

Red Coral - 7.42 carats

Origin : Italy

₹ 9,794
Emerald - 6.48 carats

Origin : Zambia

₹ 45,360
Hessonite(Gomed) - 5.66 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

₹ 4,981
Citrine - 4.97 carats

Origin : Brazil

₹ 1,531
Ruby African - 4.25 carats

Origin : African

₹ 3,740
Blue Sapphire - 5.54 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

₹ 48,752

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Google review

It was an amazing experience. I got a reliable consultation from Shailendra ji. He recommended to wear a Panna for my career. I bought one from gemsro...

kapil jangid

Thank you very much for beautiful Emerald Ring! Looks amazing and fits perfectly! I absolutely LOVE it! I am very satisfied with great quality and ser...

Deepa Sharma

I bought many gemstones from GemsRoot for my clients. The feedback I got from the clients was awesome 👍👍. They are providing natural & certif...

Prratyaksh - Tarot by Shail

Absolutely in love with this gemstone and jewelry brand! Their pieces are like wearable art – so beautifully crafted. The attention to detail is unm...

Tanya Kapoor

A perfect place where your query get resolved, you will be guided and supported with the solution. The entire team is so supportive and their consult...

Himani Bhardwaj

Bought one beautiful Pukhraj from GemsRoot at reasonable price. Natural pukhraj with beautiful color. I am just waiting for my ring to get ready. Than...

sonam rawat

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