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5 Good Luck Stones for Aries

5 Good Luck Stones for Aries

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Sipping a hot cup of tea and reading daily horoscopes. If your early mornings look like this, then this blog is a must-read for you. Every day you must have been going through your horoscope reading how the day will be, but how have you ever wondered how zodiacs work and how gemstones can impact a zodiac's future?

Well, here you have it. In this blog, we will talk about the first zodiac sign in the zodiac wheel - Aries and Aries's lucky stones that can amplify the fire sign's luck and fortune. So Aries born's, scroll down to learn unique attributes of your zodiac and gemstones you can adorn to attract good luck and success in life. 

Aries - The first Sign Zodiac in the Zodiac Cycle

Aries is the first zodiac sign that kick-starts the zodiac wheel! According to astrology, people born between March 21st and April 20th fall into the Aries zodiac or Mesh Rashi category. The zodiac's element is fire and is represented by the "Ram", both of which denote the fiery, brave, bold, and adventurous nature of Aries natives. 

The mighty Mars rules the Aries or Mesh Rashi. Individuals born under this zodiac are said to possess action-prone characteristics of the planet. When Mars is in a benefic position in an Aries born's birth chart, it is benevolent, but if it is in a malefic state, the person can feel adverse effects.

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This is where the lucky stones for Aries come in. We have discussed more about Aries birthstone and Aries lucky gemstones below. 

What is Aries's Birthstone?

Every zodiac sign has been assigned a birthstone, and for Aries, it happens to be a diamond. Like the zodiac, the precious stone diamond also exhibits strength and resilience. So, can Aries wear diamonds? The answer is yes. 

It helps Aries signs wearing diamond by amplifying the positive traits and suppressing the negative ones to live a more balanced and gratifying life. Apart from diamonds, people with Aries as their moon sign can also adorn a Red Coral or Moonga. 

Which Stone is Lucky for Aries?

If an Aries is having a hard time on the physical, emotional, spiritual, and professional front, they can adorn certain gemstones that are fortunate for the zodiac. Also, even if a person has Mars at its best and kind position on their birth chart, they still wear these Aries gemstones, intensifying the benefits and luck.

Some people believe that one can wear a gemstone only when going through a rough patch because of the unfavorable positions and conditions of ruling planets; however, that's a myth. Below, we have compiled a list of lucky Aries gemstones that individuals can wear to boost positive and rectify negative aspects. 


Image Credits- Say straight on Pexels

Diamonds are the birthstone for the Aries zodiac, so it is undoubtedly lucky. The crystalline structure and remarkable properties of stone profoundly influence the wearer.

The precious stone represents durability, stability, and clarity. Sometimes the Aries can get unpredictable, wild, and reckless to achieve success: Diamond helps instill harmony and a heavenly balance. 

Red Coral 

Aries -Red Coral

If we talk about the Mesh Rashi stone color, it is Red. Regarding this, the Red Coral or Moonga also proves to be beneficial for the zodiac. The Moonga is directly associated with Mars, so a person with an Aries moon sign wearing the stone can strengthen the planet's position on the birth chart and eliminate its malefic effects. 


 Image Credits- Cottonbro studio on Pexels

Aries natives are creative, challenging in nature, born leaders and very energetic. However, sometimes these emotions and traits get out of hand, and they get aggressive, impulsive, dominant, self-centered, and impatient in their actions. Wearing a Ruby can help curb these negative emotions and thoughts and create an amicable balance. Ruby is also one of the significant Navratnas of Navratri gemstones, to learn more about it visit: Attract Good Luck with 9 Gemstones of Navratri

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Image Credits- Cottonbro studio on Pexels

Being the first zodiac sign, the Aries like being on the top. Consequently, they often tackle situations head-on without considering the outcomes and end up in the line of fire. Gemstones like Amethyst can help them take a moment to evaluate their actions before charging like the Ram. It bestows the wearer with calmness, meditative thoughts, and stronger intuition. 


Image Credits-artsavingwildlife

The zodiac Aries denotes the first house, the "house of self", self-expression, self-awareness and asserting oneself. The Mesh Rashi likes to speak their truth unapologetically but in a way that doesn't hurt their close ones. Aquamarine helps sustain this calm and compassionate energy, offers insights, and helps avoid energetic powerhouse explosions.

How to Incorporate Aries Zodiac Stones in Life?

If you wish to adorn and attract luck through the above-mentioned blessed Aries gems, then one of the best methods to do so is through zodiac rings. 

According to Vedic astrology, one can benefit if gemstones are worn with suitable metal on the right finger and hand on an auspicious day and time while observing a proper ritual. The powerful stones directly touching the skin allow positive vibrations to sink where needed. 

5 Lucky Stones for Aries at GemsRoot

If you are an Aries or know someone from the zodiac sign, these five lucky Aries stones can help the fiery sign keep calm, be on the right path and manifest goals into reality. These five crystals are excellent if you're searching for gemstones for an Aries woman or man. 

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At GemsRoot, you can browse the premium Aries lucky stones collection, including diamonds, red coral, ruby, amethyst, and aquamarine. We also have expert astrologers always available to help you pick the best-suited gem. Hence, you can always count on these Aries gemstones and our astrologers for support and guidance. 


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