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Birthstone for Sagittarius & Other Lucky Stones

Birthstone for Sagittarius & Other Lucky Stones

  • Posted by: Admin

With winter in full swing, enters the Sagittarius season! The Sagittarius zodiac sign is the 9th sign in the zodiac wheel. If you were born between 22nd November and 21st December, you're a Sagittarian. Your element is fire, and your symbol is an archer - a centaur shooting a bow and arrow. Jupiter (Brihaspati) is the sign's ruling planet. But what's the birthstone for Sagittarius?

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As a Sagittarian, have you ever thought about what's your birthstone is? Because wearing a Sagittarius lucky stone can bring life-changing transformations. It can help bring good health, prosperity, positivity, spiritual awakening and much more. This blog will discuss beneficial stones for the born travelers, optimists, intelligent and spiritual individuals - Sagittarians. Scroll down to explore various Sagittarius Gemstones.

Birthstone for Sagittarius 

Sagittarius or Dhanu Rashi individuals are passionate, warm, loving, optimistic and big-hearted. They love to travel, embrace adventures and are always curious to learn more. They have an excellent sense of humor that keeps them close to their friends and family. These people are natural do-gooders and they spread joy wherever they go. They also have a strong desire to change the world.

They need deep connections but are also independent and like to carve their life path. They're also very goal-orientated by nature. However, like all zodiac signs, they too have some weak points. One is that they're over-compromising, the word "no" doesn't exist in their vocabulary. And they often end up in sticky situations when they fail to deliver their promises.

They're so keen to help others that they say yes to everybody. Their kindness and generosity also make them easy to take advantage of. But by wearing lucky Sagittarius Gemstones, they can protect themselves. These stones will help them focus and consider what they're agreeing to. Besides, they can remind them to take a pause and rest between their galloping nature.

Let's look at the birthstone for Sagittarius below.

As per Vedic astrology, the birthstone for Sagittarius zodiac sign is Yellow Sapphire. It's also known as Pukhraj stone and is one of the most sought-after gemstones worldwide. It symbolizes power, prosperity, abundance, wisdom, and protection. For Dhanu Rashi, wearing it can be very beneficial. It can bring mental clarity, energy, and spiritual awareness. It can reduce stress and promote good sleep. Besides, it enhances circulation and immunity.

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As per Western astrology, Turquoise is the Sagittarius lucky stone. Turquoise or Firoza, is also known as the "stone of hope." It symbolizes protection, tranquility, abundance, and luck. It's one of the world's oldest gemstones known to humankind. Wearing it can bring great benefits to the Dhanu Rashi people. It promotes understanding, spirituality, self-love, and positivity. It can help boost social status, recognition, creativity, and wealth. Besides, it keeps evil and negative energies at bay.

Other Lucky Stones for Sagittarius 

Now that we know what Sagittarius Birthstone is, let's go beyond the birthstone. The two gemstones discussed above are sure to bring goodness into your life. But if they don't appeal to you and/or you're looking for something specific, consider other Sagittarius Gemstones below.

Ruby: The ruling planet of Ruby stone or Manik stone is the Sun. It shares a friendly relationship with Jupiter. For Sagittarians wearing Ruby can enhance confidence, enthusiasm, longevity, wisdom, and creativity.

Ruby stone

Red Coral: Red Coral or Moonga's ruling planet is Mars. Jupiter and Mars share a pleasant relationship too. Wearing it will bring name, fame, good fortune, and healthy progeny.

Red Coral stone

Pearl: Sagittarius sun sings can wear a Pearl Stone or Moti under special circumstances. It can help strengthen the Moon and bring peace to the person.

Pearl stone

Citrine: Another lucky stone for the zodiac is Citrine, also known as Sunela. Wearing it can boost self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and creativity.

Citrine stone

Yellow Topaz: Wearing Yellow Topaz helps rejuvenate physical well-being. It can also help calm and relax the wearer's mind, body, and senses.

Yellow Topaz

Yellow Beryl: Stones such as Yellow Beryl are supportive of Dhanu Rashi. Wearing it ensures balanced chakras.

Yellow Beryl

Carnelian: The gemstone Carnelian, also known as Rat-Ratua matches with the zodiac's element. It can bring courage and motivation to the Sagittarian.


Red Garnet: For Sagittarius women, Red Garnet or Rakt Mani can be beneficial. The stone brings strength, passion, and courage.

Red Garnet

Moonstone: Wearing Moonstone or Chandrakant stone can protect the adventurous Sagittarius from mishaps.


Benefits of Wearing Sagittarius Birthstone 

Dhanu Rashi's birthstone according to Vedic astrology is Yellow Sapphire. The stone and the zodiac have the same ruling planet, Jupiter. It's also known as Brihaspati. The planet has a significant influence on the zodiac sign. So, they can wear it to gain the blessings of Jupiter and remove its malefic effects. It's associated with growth, expansion, healing, good fortune, prosperity, and miracles.

It governs higher education, foreign travel, business success and wealth. Besides, it can bring mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being to the wearer. The stone will also remove sorrows from life and fill it with happiness. Apart from these, there are other benefits of wearing Pukhraj. Let's look at some benefits below or you can also read The Transforming Yellow Sapphire: Its Benefits and Significance

  • Wearing it attracts prosperity and wealth.
  • It enhances financial and social status.
  • It brings success in business ventures and academics.
  • It blesses the wearer with mental peace and a stress-free life.
  • It rejuvenates physical well-being.
  • The stone also brings marital bliss and healthy progeny.

Unlucky Stone for Sagittarius 

Multiple gemstones are lucky for the Sagittarius zodiac sign. But there are certain stones that the sign must avoid wearing without expert consultation. The unlucky stone for Sagittarius are Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, and Hessonite. Wearing unsuitable stones can have many negative impacts. So, if a Sagittarian wants to wear any of these gems, he or she must consult an expert astrologer before doing so.

Where to Buy Birthstone for Sagittarius? 

Sagittarians are always out for an adventure and ready to lend a helping hand. These stars also need something that leads their path and protects them like Sagittarius Gemstones. All these lucky stones will ensure balance, serenity, calmness, and protection as they embark on their journeys to change the world.

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If you want to buy a birthstone for Sagittarius, contact GemsRoot.com! We offer 100% natural gemstones at the best prices! Our gemstones are ethical, sustainable, conflict-free, and lab-certified. Contact our gem experts and astrologers to help pick your suitable gemstone today!

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