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An Expert Guide on How to Tell If an Emerald Stone is Real

An Expert Guide on How to Tell If an Emerald Stone is Real

  • Posted by: Admin

If there's a gemstone popular for its glamour and benefits, then Emerald Stone takes the win. It's one of the most sought-after stones in history. Everyone's love for an Emerald shines bright even today. It captures the hearts of Royalties, jewelers, and commoners alike. Unfortunately, its popularity has led to a rise in certain unfair practices. For instance, the production of imitation and synthetic Emeralds.

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

Many dealers are selling fake Emerald stone in the name of genuine ones. Innocent buyers are falling into the trap without even realizing it. So, if you want to buy a natural Panna stone, but find yourself doubting your decisions, keep on reading. In this blog, we will discuss various ways to differentiate between real and fake Panna stone.

Types of Emeralds Stones

To recognize a genuine gemstone, one must know its different variations available. Today, there are three types of Emerald stones in the market - imitation, synthetic and natural. Some sellers don't mention this and use terminologies that will sell their product better. So, before knowing how to tell if an Emerald is real, let's learn about its types.

Imitation Emeralds: We can place imitation Emeralds under the fake bracket. They are made using elements that can look like Emeralds after conditioning. Some less sought-after gems such as Peridot, garnet, and beryl or even glass can be used for imitation. These imitation stones have little to no value. "Imitation" is a term that dealers often use for sales purposes.

Synthetic Emeralds: We cannot label synthetic Emeralds as fake completely. They are lab-grown, and their mineral structure is close to the natural ones. These can be an expensive buy as their production isn't cheap. Their making needs costly lab equipment and it's time-consuming and energy intensive. But they are still not as valuable as natural Green Emeralds.

Natural Emeralds: The only real ones are the natural green Emeralds. They're the most valuable and sought-after because they take hundreds of years to form. Finding a Panna stone with high transparency, even color distribution and no eye-visible color zoning is rare. There's everything unique and extraordinary about them. Their most popular variety is Columbian Emerald followed by Zambian Emeralds.

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6 Tips to Recognize a Real Emerald Stone 

We know the different Emerald types available in the market today. To find the real one, there are various methods to find a stone's authenticity. First, is to check its characteristics and second, is to seek professional help. Let's dive into learning tips that will help you distinguish between a real and fake Emerald. We hope these tips will make you more confident when questioning sellers about Emerald's authenticity.

Tip 1 - Look at the Color

Color is the most significant factor that shows an Emerald gemstone's authenticity. Natural green Emeralds come in different shades of green. But the most desirable ones display a true vivid green or a blue-green color. If they have yellow or brown undertones, you're looking at a fake or a completely different gemstone.

Tip 2 - Check for Inclusions

Inclusions in a Panna stone are normal and acceptable if they don't affect its beauty. Some might be visible to the naked eye while some not. Natural Emerald's inclusions are vine-like tendrils with small bubbles around them. If you see a stone that's too transparent or contains bubble inclusions, it's most likely fake. If it's an imitation gem, the characteristics of inclusion will vary from that of Panna.

Tip 3 - Look for Sparkle

The stones often have "fire" or sparkle. They display flashes of color as the light hits. And even though Panna stones sparkle, they have little to no fire. So, hold the stone under a bright light and check its shine. If it emits bright rainbow colors, then it's most likely a fake Emerald stone.

Tip 4 - Don't Forget the Facets

The facet is stone's flat and polished side. And inspecting Emerald's facet is an excellent way to check whether it's genuine or not. They might not be the hardest stone, but they also aren't that fragile. So, if you see worn-down edges or if they look like an orange peel, the stone may not be real.

Tip 5 - Check for Doublets and Triplets

Doublets and triplets are where some sellers get creative. In doublets, they cut a natural Panna stone and back it onto another material like plastic or glass. While in triplets, the natural stone is wedged in between various materials. Both procedures create an illusion of a huge Emerald while you're getting a small cut.

Tip 6 - Consider the Price

Genuine Emerald's prices are high due to their rarity and popularity. The price of a high-quality Panna stone can fall between INR 10,000/- to INR 1,00,000/- plus. So, if a seller tries to lowball you to sell, the chances of the gem being fake are high. Be wary if someone tries selling you a fake Emerald in the name of a natural one at a low price.

Extra Tip - Take Professional Help

One cannot become a master of recognizing real Emeralds overnight. But don't worry! You can always seek professional help. Gem experts are well-equipped with the knowledge to distinguish between real and fake gemstones. They have special tools through which they can confirm the stone's authenticity. So, if you have second guesses about your Emerald stone, get a certified gem expert's opinion.

Free Gem Recommendation

Also, there are some common mistakes that buyers must avoid in identification. They should be aware of all the characteristics of a Panna stone. If they have any misconceptions about its characteristics, clear them before buying. Remember to be cautious when checking the stone's authenticity and try to avoid pitfalls. If you want to buy a genuine Emerald, you can read An Expert Guide on How to Buy Finest Quality Emerald Stone

Where to Buy Real Emerald Stone Online? 

If you want to buy natural green Emeralds, then always buy from a reliable seller like GemsRoot ! We offer 100% natural Emerald stone at the best prices. Our stones are ethical, sustainable, conflict-free, and lab-certified. We provide our buyers with authenticity certificates with each purchase. So, contact our experts to buy a real Panna stone and for further help today. 

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