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An Expert Guide to Capricorn Birthstones & their Benefits

An Expert Guide to Capricorn Birthstones & their Benefits

  • Posted by: Admin

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season will soon arrive with love, laughter, lights, and gifts. And so will the Capricorn season. If you were born between 22nd December and 19th January, you're a Capricorn born, and this blog is for you.

Capricorn or Makar Rashi is the 10th sign in the zodiac wheel. Its ruling planet is Saturn, its element is the Earth, and the symbol is a sea goat. The celestial animal depicts a mythological creature that has the body of a goat and the tail of a fish. It represents the sign's skill of navigating both the material and spiritual realms.

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone


If you're a Makar Rashi individual, scroll down to explore your zodiac birthstones. We're sure you will find a suitable stone that'll positively change your life.

What is the Capricorn Birthstone? 

Capricorns are highly driven, ambitious, self-reliant, and hardworking people. They like to get the job done and always think big no matter what. They have that "go big or go home" attitude. However, sometimes they don't know how to express themselves positively. It leads them to bottle up and people often perceive them as cold, which is untrue.

By wearing Capricorn birthstones, they can boost their positive traits and manage the negative ones. Keep on reading to know which stone is suitable for you.

As per Vedic astrology, the Capricorn lucky stone is Blue Sapphire, also known as Neelam stone. It's one of the fastest and most powerful stones ever. It can bring instant positive and life-changing results into the wearer's life. It symbolizes calmness, wisdom, intuition, divine favour, and spiritual awakening. Wearing it can bring love, luck, loyalty, and happiness. If Capricorns wear Neelam, it can name, fame, success, and well-being.

As per Western astrology, the lucky Capricorn stone is Garnet. It's also known as Tamra. It's a gemstone of change, transition, creativity, and commitment. It's also associated with various chakras including the base, sacral and heart chakra. Wearing it can help clear and balance all these chakras. Red Garnet can help foster self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills in Capricorns. Besides, it can also remove negative energies.

Birthstone for Capricorn Female 

The suitable birthstone for Capricorn female is Garnet (Rakt Mani). Wearing the Red Garnet stone can regenerate and restore passion in Makar Rashi women. It can help them strengthen connections and establish emotional harmony. Besides, it can foster dedication, confidence, creativity, and self-esteem. All these help the Capricorn women to gain success, popularity, and spirituality.

Birthstone for Capricorn Male 

The auspicious birthstone for Capricorn male is Garnet or Blue Sapphire. They can wear both gemstones. By wearing any of the two stones, the Makar Rashi men can gain the characteristics of Saturn. They can help mitigate the malefic effects of the ruling planet. They can make them understand, confident and creative. Besides, these stones can help them do welfare jobs and achieve professional success.

Other Lucky Stones for Capricorn Zodiac Sign 

Red Garnet and Blue Sapphire are sure to transform your life in significant ways. But if you're looking for more options, consider the Crystals for Capricorn below. Sometimes our needs differ, and other stones align better. Here are some of the gemstones below.

Hessonite: The stone Hessonite or Gomed is excellent for Capricorns. It has a significant influence over them. Wearing the Gomed can bring professional and personal clarity when indecisive. It removes fear from the wearer's mind, energizing and filling them with confidence. Besides, it can help them overcome illnesses, make them fit, and protect them from evil eyes.

Emerald: The next lucky Capricorn gemstone is Emerald, also known as Panna Stone. Sometimes Makar Rashi individuals can get cold, persistent, and snobbish. The healing energies of Panna help can soothe these negative thoughts. It can help them overcome challenging life circumstances. The stone can also promote peace, balance, loyalty, patience, and integrity in Capricorns.

Emerald stone

White Sapphire: To get fortunate, the zodiac can also wear White Sapphire. It's also known as Safed Pukhraj. Wearing it can help a person strengthen and balance their astrological influences. It can bring peace and vivacity to relationships that make them stronger. Besides, the stone shields the wearer from life-threatening and malicious negative energies.

White Sapphire

Amethyst: Another great Capricorn gemstone is Amethyst or Jamunia stone. It's a stone of meditation and dream. The zodiac sign can be used to access their higher state of consciousness. It can help them seek spirituality and answers to deeper life questions. Wearing Amethyst can promote emotional balance, calmness, focus, peace and help manage stress.

Amethyst stone

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli is an excellent addition to Capricorn stone. It is also known as Lajward. Some Capricorns can often get serious and stoic. Wearing Lapis Lazuli can help them become more imaginative and dreamier. It can also help them see the truth and take on leadership positions. The stone can help them lead through a sacred vision.

Lapis Lazuli

Blue Topaz: Finally, we have Blue Topaz. The gemstone is full of clear-headed energy and the sign can wear it for clarity. Wearing it can encourage them to seek new opportunities and achieve their life goals. Besides, it can promote relaxation, solid communication, gentleness, and healing.

Benefits of Wearing a Capricorn Zodiac Stone

As per Vedic astrology, Capricorn's ruling planet is Saturn, also known as Shani. It's one of the most significant planets as per expert astrologers. It represents karma, discipline, justice, and order. It teaches us the value of perseverance, hard work, and patience. Also, it's the planet of limitations, challenges and delays we encounter in life.

Wearing gemstones and crystals for Capricorn can help keep Lord Shani happy. The stones will help gain the planet's blessings while keeping the malefic effects at bay. When Saturn is strong, the sign becomes responsible for love and partnerships. It also promotes discipline, knowledge, and prosperity. Apart from these, there are additional benefits too. Here are some of them below.

  • Wearing a Capricorn birthstone can bring financial and health benefits.
  • It brings popularity, confidence, and self-esteem.
  • It attracts good luck, new opportunities, promotion, and happiness.
  • It can enhance passion and warmth in friendships and relationships.
  • It can also help avert misfortunes and dangers.

Where to Buy Capricorn Birthstone? 

Capricorns are ambitious, hardworking, loyal, responsible, sensitive, and much more. They are always worth celebrating. If you're a Capricorn or know someone who is, consider getting a Capricorn birthstone. As they work their way to the top, they might need a little extra help. Through these stones, they can achieve success, prosperity, good health, and overall well-being.

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So, if you want to buy lucky stones for Capricorn, contact GemsRoot.com! We offer 100% natural gemstones at the best prices. Our stones are ethical, sustainable, conflict-free and GRS lab-certified. And if you're confused about whether the birthstones will suit you or not, then don't worry. Our astrologers will help choose the best one through your birth chart reading. Contact our team today!

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