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20 Gemstones for Love and Marriage

20 Gemstones for Love and Marriage

  • Posted by: Admin

You, if you're single, or you and your spouse, if you are married, need to put in effort to make it work. Sometimes traditional methods like couple's counseling work; in case it doesn't, try gemstones for love and marriage.

Gemstones are powerful tools with miraculous benefits and healing properties that can better life's aspects, including love. Innumerable healing crystals and stones are well-known for helping find unconditional love, strengthening relationships, and mending broken hearts. The gemstone names below can guide you in finding a fulfilling and healthy relationship. Scroll down and find out more ahead!

List of Gemstones for Love and Marriage

It is not always about finding the picture-perfect love. Most of the time, it's about healing, nurturing self-love and cultivating a strong connection with the universe to send an unconditionally loving partner and all the blessings your way. Explore the list of love stones below.

Ruby - When we think about an ultimate gemstone representing love, passion and desire, Ruby stone or Manik is the first choice. This stone has magical powers that can re-energize sensuality, vitality, commitment, faithfulness, and passionate love while keeping you grounded. It also encourages self-respect and confidence that some people lose in toxic relationships.

ruby stone

Diamond - Diamonds continue to be the symbol of love even after ages; that's why it's so popular in engagement and wedding rings. However, their uniqueness is not confined to beauty; they also have numerous beneficial properties. Wearing a diamond ring can bring emotional growth, empowerment, strength, truth, limitless love, and positive energy.



Garnet - Garnet  or Rakt Mani is a stone of positive thinking, commitment, and courage. It is also connected with intimacy and romance. Wearing garnet stone can offer you the firmness, stability, and safety you have been missing in your relationships, giving you the confidence to ask for what you desire and your needs and the ability to initiate the strongest bonds for a lifetime.

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

Sapphire - Sapphire stones are the symbol of truth and sincerity! They come in multiple colors, but pink, yellow, and blue sapphires  are often given to partners as a token of love to express emotions that cannot be put into words. Wearing it promotes trust and focus while eliminating negative thought blocks that prevent you from having a thriving relationship.

blue sapphires
Emerald - Another beautiful stone excellent for romantic companionships and marriages is Emerald stone  or Panna stone. It represents hope, spiritual love, and renewal. If you are considering getting into a relationship or just got into one, Emerald is the best pick as it promotes growth, new beginnings, fidelity, and loyalty. That's why they make incredible wedding rings and anniversary gifts.

Emerald stone

Moonstone - Moonstone  or Chandrakant is a stone with feminine energy that brings serenity, balance, and luck of love. Wearing it is like a reminder to remain calm and collected while avoiding overreacting to a situation, which is much needed to maintain peace and harmony in any relationship. It also encourages the person to accept change and see it as an opportunity for new beginnings.


Amethyst - Amethyst or Jamunia stones symbolize calmness, peace, and serenity. If you recently have had a bad breakup, wearing Amethyst can help heal and open the heart chakra again. For couples, it promotes spiritual awareness, intuition, tranquility, and harmony in marriage. It can eliminate stress, negative emotions, and anger while allowing couples to hold conservations that further strengthen the bond.

Amethyst stoneLapis Lazuli - If you genuinely want to attract the love of your life, be your authentic self. Posing as someone you are not will have you end up with people you would not want to be together with. A gem that helps you communicate your true self is Lapis Lazuli  or Lajward. Wearing it promotes healthy communication between companions, which is the base of any relationship.

Lapis Lazuli
Sunstone - Sunstone can make the divine lights shine from within you. It is a supportive and nurturing stone that promotes inner strength, sensuality, growth, confidence, leadership qualities and self-worth. Wearing a sunstone ring or necklace or simply keeping a sunstone crystal in your room can create an irresistible chemistry between the twin flames.

Rose Quartz - Rose Quartz is also considered the stone of love. The stone has a deep connection with the heart chakra and can guide a person to heal from emotional burdens and past traumas. It can eliminate toxic feelings like co-dependency, jealousy, lack of trust and insecurity in a relationship and replace them with tolerance, faith, and true love.

Aventurine - Aventurine comes in various shades and is associated with grace, fortune, prosperity, and power. The green Aventurine variant is linked to luck in love. Wearing it makes you believe you deserve all the love and opens up your heart chakra to give and take more love. It creates a happy, healthy, and peaceful atmosphere in marriage for it to thrive.

Agate - Agate comes in different shades and varieties and has endless benefits. Wearing Agate or having it in your room can give you a reality check and help you find true love. It’s comforting and grounding characteristics can naturally heal your heart chakra and make you more accepting of love and affection.

Citrine - Citrine or Sunela takes its bright yellow light wherever it goes. It makes you focus on the happier aspect of life instead of minor inconveniences that may occur occasionally. If you are married or in a romantic relationship and feel the spark is lost between the two, consider wearing Citrine.


Malachite - Malachite  is a life-sustaining gemstone that encourages you to pursue things outside your comfort zone. It is also well-known as the stone of transformation. We might feel anxious and doubtful when entering a new phase in life, like marriage. Wear Malachite can help clear your mind of such thoughts and lets you embark on the journey with a positive mindset.


Kunzite - People often deal with past trauma, emotional blockages, and negative experiences after leaving a bad relationship. Wearing a Kunzite gemstone has the ability to clear all the negativities, especially in matters of love. It also balances out harsh emotions like frustration that one can take out on one's partner.


Rhodonite - Rhodonite is another crystal representing love and compassion. It also has a strong connection with the heart, encouraging you to give as much love as possible into the universe while believing it will come back to you in multiple ways. It has the power to heal from within, giving you emotional clarity and confidence.


Rhodochrosite - Rhodochrosite is another pink-colored stone that will open your path for love. It is a gemstone that gives courage first to sort out the emotional issues that are keeping you from getting the love you deserve. Rhodochrosite ensures your heart chakra is open and constantly reminds you to prioritize yourself.

Turquoise - Turquoise  or Firoza is the stone of wholeness because it has the power to align all the seven chakras in our body. Turquoise can foster partnership, togetherness, understanding and acceptance in love or marriage. It can promote calmness and prevent mood swings. Firoza shields you from negative peer pressure and influence while encouraging you to be creative.

TurquoisePearls - Pearl  or Moti is another feminine energy stone excellent for love and marriage. Pearls represent pure intentions and sincerity. It is also linked to weddings that bring balance, healing, and pure joy. Wearing this organic gemstone will strengthen fidelity and sincerity in relationships, creating an unbreakable bond.

Pearls stone

Carnelian - Carnelian is an orangish-red gemstone that people wore as a talisman of love. This stone is all about endurance, courage, and joy; when we put all these three in a relationship or marriage, it is successful. Carnelian conjures passion and zest to try new things while keeping you in touch with your roots.

Guide to Use Gemstones & Crystals for Love and Marriage

You must identify your needs in a relationship before getting your hands on stones for love attraction. Have a clear picture of what is lacking, needs improvement or change. Once you understand what you require to build a strong relationship with your partner, contact a gem expert to help pick a stone that best suits you.

You can use the gemstone for marriage in multiple ways, like placing it on the heart when meditating, building an altar, or wearing it as a jeweler. Remember to cleanse, activate, and set intentions for your stones to attract the loving spirit. If you want to learn how to energize your crystals, read 11 ways to charge your crystals & why it's so important from experts. 

Our experts at GemsRoot suggest the most suitable gemstones that fit your concerns based on your birth chart. Our gems are 100% authentic, lab-certified, ethically sourced, conflict-free, and untreated at unbeatable prices! Love is important, but sometimes it's hard to find as one gemstone may not benefit all, so contact us today and build long-lasting relationships.

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