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The Top Tiger Eye Stone Benefits

The Top Tiger Eye Stone Benefits

  • Posted by: Admin

Tiger's eye is undoubtedly an exceptional and one of the most popular gems in the gemstone industry. Like its appearance, the stone embodies a tiger's characteristics and strength. It is worn to either welcome incredibly good luck or ward off bad luck. The more an individual learns about this gem, the more they are drawn towards it. The stone has a significant meaning, powerful attributes and a captivating look. What's not to like?

Tiger Eye
Image by starbright from Pixabay 

What is Tiger's Eye Stone?

Tiger Eye is a red-colored metamorphic rock. It comes from the Chalcedony family, a silica's cryptocrystalline form. It is made up of Quartz and moganite. The gem's golden tint accentuates its luster displaying brown and yellow stripes giving it the effect of the tiger's eye. 

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

The gem is extracted from the mineral crocidolite and oxidized to obtain its golden hue. The wearer of this semi-precious stone makes them brim with brightness, boldness and an incredible amount of patience. It is also said that soldiers relied on this stone to provide them with tiger-like qualities. 

Tiger Eye Stone Meaning

Tiger Stone Meaning
Image by samccrackengilbert from Pixabay

The properties and strengths of this gemstone take after its name. The tiger eye radiates strong and brave energy making the wearer constantly on the go mode, ready to shift perspective and establish emotional balance whenever required. The golden-colored stone is capable of a lot, but its primary focus is building the self-confidence and inner strength of the wearer. 

Sometimes people fail to see the positives in themselves due to past difficulties and challenges encountered; these issues creep up later in life and create a subconscious fear that hinders their future growth. Tiger's eye helps eliminate self-doubt, destructive behaviors and self-loathing and puts you on the right track to becoming a positive and rounded person. 

Who Should Wear Tiger's Eye?

Wear Tiger Eye Stone
Image by Klaus Beyer from Pixabay

Tiger's eye is the birthstone of Geminis (Mithun) and is associated with Sun and Mars planet. Astrologers recommend this powerful stone to people with weak Sun or Mars signs in their birth chart. It can also help individuals struggling with self-confidence, emotional confusion, anxiety, sadness and high-stress levels. 

The stone helps foster optimism, transform one's perspective and enable one to live a joyful and positive life. Furthermore, people who wish to connect to their higher self, higher level of intuition and unlock psychic powers can also seek help from this stone. 

What are the Tiger Eye Benefits?

Tiger Eye Stone Benefits
Image by karmaandluck

Success Benefits: The stone eliminates low self-esteem, mental limitations, barriers, and other toxic energies that plague one's mind and stop one from achieving their goals. Removing these negative thoughts automatically lets the positive one’s flow through the mind and yield excellent results. 

Physical Healing: Tiger's eye is exceptionally beneficial for people who suffer from lethargy and seasonal depression, helping them get out of that slump and offering high energy, drive, metabolism, and aligned hormones. The gem maintains the Sun's heat, brightening gloomy and tedious days. 

Spiritual Healing: Tiger's eye can also help people reach higher vibrations. Individuals who are down to earth, feel stable enough on the ground and want to soar higher to explore substantial spiritual realms can pursue this stone. It can eliminate toxic energies and amplify positivity. 

Emotional Healing: The stone is well-known for its emotional healing benefits. It can eliminate negative emotions, mental blockages, and lack of motivation. It helps the wearer build confidence, stay focused and strong, and remain rooted in their inner self no matter what. 

Astrological Benefits: Tiger's eye benefits Geminis and people born on the 2nd or 7th day of any month. It shields from the evil eye, boots confidence, concentration, inner strength and fosters good luck. It also has some therapeutic properties that help manage chronic pain. 

How to Wear Tiger's Eye?

Tiger Eye Meaning
Image by jiomart

As said earlier, the Tiger eye is a powerful and beneficial gemstone with a solid association with the Sun, earth and fire that significantly influence our lives. These elements decide how an individual reacts to emotions and challenges. Thus, one must wear it carefully, observing a procedure (Vidhi).

Cleanse and Activate - To cleanse and activate the stone, emerge it in holy water (Ganga Jal) with flowers, turmeric (Haldi), honey, curd (Dahi) and ghee (Clarified butter).

The Best Day - The best day to wear a tiger's eye is Thursday during "Shukla Paksha", or the waxing moon.

Auspicious Time - The best time to wear the gem is between 5 AM and 8 AM. 

Metal - It is best to wear it with silver or gold for maximum astrological benefits. 

Finger - The stone can be worn on either ring or middle finger or as the astrologer suggests. 

Mantra - The chanting mantra for this stone is "Aum Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Ketuve Namaha" 108 times. 

Buy Tiger's Eye at GemsRoot!

Tiger's eye is a high-vibrational stone, meaning it can amplify the effects of other gemstones. Also, Zodiac signs, including Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, are suggested to stay away from this stone. 

Hence, it is advised to wear a tiger's eye only after consulting an astrologer to avoid adverse tiger eye stone effects. At GemsRoot, you can not only shop from our exclusive gemstone collection, but you can also consult our expert astrologers. 

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