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Lucky Stones for Gemini Zodiac Sign

Lucky Stones for Gemini Zodiac Sign

  • Posted by: Admin

As spring gives way to summer and the air begins to warm up, enter the Gemini zodiac sign season! If you were born between 21st May and 21st June, you would fall under the twin sign, Mithun Rashi. It is the third zodiac out of the 12 signs. Air is its element, Mercury is its representative, and a pair of twins is its symbol.

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

If you are a twin zodiac sign, there are a plethora of Gemini birthstones and other stones you can adorn. In this blog, we will uncover 5 lucky gemstones for Gemini that can help attract great luck, prosperity, health, wealth, and success.

So, grab the snack of your choice and scroll down to read more interesting traits of your sign and every suitable gemstone in detail.

Gemini Personality Traits and Characteristics 

People praise the air sign for having one of the greatest minds on earth but sometimes fear it because of its dual nature. Nonetheless, they are delightful individuals to be around. They are affectionate, gentle, adaptable, curious, expressive, and quick-witted. Geminis are always ready to exchange ideas and are up for good times.

The sign is friendly and communicative. Mithun Rashis can talk to anybody, and that's why friends surround them. They are predominantly intellectual, hardworking, emotionally intelligent, and honest but can also get serious, restless, indecisive, and inconsistent. The Gemini natives can often get caught up in negative feelings like anxiety, fear, self-doubt, nervousness, etc.

Wearing your birthstone can offer significant blessings and advantages as you navigate life's journey as a Gemini. The air zodiac sign constantly feels discontent and yearns for more balance in life. Having lucky stones by your side can help you attain the harmony you crave.

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Gemstones for Gemini

If you are wondering what is Gemini birthstone and gems? The list is long. Agate, Emerald, Alexandrite, Pearl, Moonstone, Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Serpentine, Tourmaline, Tiger's Eye , Citrine, Amethyst, Blue Sapphire  etc., are all suitable for the Mithun Rashi. However, this vast number of gems can overwhelm anyone, especially if you are new to gemstone therapy. 

So, we have made a concise list of stones that expert astrologers mainly suggest according to Vedic astrology. You can easily get your hands on these beneficial gems at GemsRoot!

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Emerald: As a May birthstone, Emerald  is excellent for Geminis. The same planet, Mercury, represents the stone and the zodiac, which makes it even better. Wearing it can help the air sign enhance their oration and intellect twofold. It can take the Gemini out of the slump and inconsistency the zodiac tends to get into.


Blue sapphire: Blue Sapphire is another treasured gem for the Mithun Rashis. Wearing it can bring auspicious returns for the native sign. Neelam may result in good fortune, money, wealth, material happiness, a close relationship with one's father, spiritual advancement, and a strong support of nature. However, one must consult an expert before wearing the Neelam Ratna.

Blue SapphireAgate: Gemini natives have a duality in nature, like light and dark, which Agate can help bring balance to. The stone also brings peace, calm, and serenity to anxious people with scattered minds. Wearing it can also foster grounding and transmuting energies that help transform negatives into positives. 

Alexandrite: Alexandrite is a stone that offers support to its wearer. Gemini individuals often face low self-esteem, confidence, and image. Wearing it can help detoxify these negative emotions and foster courage that helps attain life goals. It can also bring good luck, fortune, and joy into the wearer's life.

Moonstone: Mithun Rashi often feels indecisive, inconsistent, and lost. Wearing a Moonstone can help the zodiac sign as they bring the clarity required to make wise decisions. If you are someone who struggles to regulate their emotions, then Chandrakant stone is best! Adorn this to restore your lost emotional balance.

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All the gemstones mentioned will bring forth everything you have felt is missing. Regardless of which Gemini stone you choose. However, different traditions and astrologers may consider different stones lucky for Mithun Rashi. So, if you wish to wear the one which suits you best, contact our gem experts at GemsRoot

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