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An Expert Guide to Aquarius Birthstones & Their Benefits

An Expert Guide to Aquarius Birthstones & Their Benefits

  • Posted by: Admin

Aquarians, if you want to positively transform your 2024, consider wearing Aquarius Birthstones! The Aquarius zodiac sign or Kumbh Rashi is the 11th sign in the zodiac wheel. Their ruling planet is Saturn, also known as Shani and their element is air. Their zodiac symbol is a "water bearer" that depicts a man carrying a water pot or emptying it.

The water bearer represents the sign's inclination towards nurturing and improving mankind. Aquarians are innovative, intellectual, practical, upfront, and truthful with pure intentions. They are modern, independent, visionaries, adventurers, and freedom-lovers. They have a keen eye to recognize lies, betrayal and deception. Besides, they're known for leadership skills, sincerity, philosophical attitude, and unbiased approach.

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

Yet, we must remember that no one's perfect. Like other signs, Aquarians too have little room for improvement. Sometimes they come off as condescending, cold or aloof. And that's because they often don't communicate or bottle up their emotions. It can rub up the people around them the wrong way. In this blog, we've covered all the suitable birthstones of Aquarius.

These gemstones will help the sign improve their communication and manage mood swings. They will also help them connect with people who bring balance and healing energies. So, if you were born between 20th January and 18th February, scroll down to explore your birthstone.

What are the Aquarius Birthstones?

As per Vedic astrology, the ultimate birthstone for Aquarians is the Blue Sapphire. It's also known as Neelam stone. The gemstone acts fast and brings instant results into the wearer's life. Wearing it can help manage the ill effects of a malefic Saturn. Besides, the blue-colored stone with regal history can help uplift the sign's spirit. They are prone to retreat into contemplation, and wearing Neelam can help them regain emotional well-being.

As per Western astrology, the suitable Aquarius Birthstone is Amethyst or Jamunia. It's a powerful amulet that offers strong protective energies to the zodiac. Wearing Amethyst can help the sign awaken their highest spiritual potential. It can enhance their innate understanding and sharpen their intuition. Besides, the Jamunia stone can bring profound peace, mental clarity, intellect, and wisdom.

Birthstone for Aquarius Woman 

The fortunate birthstone for Aquarius woman is Blue Sapphire (Neelam). Wearing it helps the Kumbh Rashi woman to achieve instant desired results. It removes obstacles between them and a successful, prosperous, and fulfilling life. The stone will help transform their physical, emotional, and spiritual life aspects. Besides, it protects Aquarius women from any harm or danger.

Birthstone for Aquarius Man 

The lucky birthstone for Aquarius Man is also Blue Sapphire. Wearing Neelam brings personal and professional progress into their lives. It helps them gain prosperity, positive energy, popularity, balance, and well-being. The gemstone affects the Kumbh Rashi men in the most mystic ways. It can make them soft, calm, and composed. Furthermore, if you want to gain blessings from Shani, consider wearing Blue Sapphire.

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Other Lucky Stones for Aquarius Sign 

Blue Sapphire and Amethyst, both are sure to bring healing, benefits, and positivity. But if you're searching for a specific Aquarius gemstone or Aquarian sun sign birthstone that addresses a certain problem, consider the one given below.

Lapis Lazuli

The first lucky stone for Aquarius besides its traditional birthstone is Lapis Lazuli. It is also known as the Lajward stone in Hindi. It is a deep, blue-colored stone with golden specks. Throughout history, the stone has been popular for its spiritual and healing properties. Aquarians can wear it to enhance wisdom, intellect, intuition, and spirituality. It aligns well with the zodiac's forward-thinking nature.

Lapis Lazuli

Blue Topaz

The next auspicious gemstone for Kumbh Rashi is Blue Topaz. The semi-precious stone has many benefits and healing properties. Wearing it can help clear the mental, emotional, and spiritual blockage in Aquarians. It can bring success and prosperity to those struggling with their business. It blesses the wearer with better judgement skills that lead to better decisions. Besides, it can help deal with stress and insomnia.

Blue Topaz


Another Aquarius gemstone to consider is Kyanite. It is a crown chakra stone that can balance all 7 chakras. Wearing Kyanite for the Aquarius zodiac can have many benefits. The gemstone has high vibrations and frequencies. It can help clear blockages, facilitate meditation, and enhance truthfulness, intuition, peace, and calmness. Also, it can help the wearer strengthen their manifestations.



Iolite is another suitable stone for the air zodiac sign. It's also known as "Neeli" or "Kaka Nili." Wearing it brings a significant improvement in Saturn's position in someone's horoscope. As per Vedic astrology, it can help overcome Shani Dasha, Shani-Sade Sati and Mahadasha. It brings settling and balancing energies, great anxiety, depression, and disorientation. Also, if you are seeking new opportunities, wear Neeli.



Emerald, also known as Panna stone, is an excellent Aquarius gemstone. It can offer significant benefits to the zodiac, especially to Aquarius women. Wearing Emerald gemstones can bless them with wisdom, love, popularity, and good health. The stone's green hue represents nature and the power of the mind's ability to work together. But we advise Aquarians to consult an expert astrologer before wearing a Panna stone.



Finally, we have Hessonite, also known as Gomed for Kumbh Rashi individuals. Wearing Gomed can help heal illnesses associated with Shani's and Rahu's malefic influences. When the sign undergoes stress, Hessonite's calming energies can help restore balance. It can remove repressed worries and help the zodiac rediscover contentment. Also, it will help the individuals attract financial abundance and positivity.


Note: The stones mentioned above are full of healing properties and benefits. But they are not fruitful for all. To garner the best astrological benefits and results, consult an expert astrologer.

Where to Buy Birthstones of Aquarius Zodiac Sign? 

Aquarians are simple yet interesting individuals! They like to embrace a life that's full of adventures and new opportunities. They always speak the truth, seek justice, and think about freedom. Besides, they are an amazing company to be with. The Lucky Stones for Aquarius Sign discussed above supports the "living big" mindset. They're bright and unshakeable like Aquarians themselves.

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