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8 Gemstones for Pride Month

8 Gemstones for Pride Month

  • Posted by: Admin

June calls for colorful parades, festivals, and love! After all, it's #PrideMonth. We commemorate the accomplishments of the LGBTQ community during this month and honor their long battle for equal rights. At GemsRoot, we celebrate every color of love and in honor of Pride Month, we will break down what the colors of the Pride flag mean with an interesting twist: Gemstones!

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

So, scroll down to read about gemstones that reflect the colors of the LGBTQ+ flag and their meanings.

LGBTQ Gemstones for Pride Month 2024

The rainbow flag has been representing the LGBTQ+ society for a long time. But it wasn't until 1994 that it became recognized as a symbol of the Pride community. Gilbert Baker, a Vietnam War veteran, artist, and designer, was designated to create the flag. The original PRIDE flag consists of eight colors.

In this blog, we will discuss gems reflecting every color, their meaning and how they can help the LGBTQ+ community on a deeper level.


Hot Pink: Rubellite

The first color of the flag is hot pink, and the stone is Rubellite. Rubellite symbolizes Emotions and wearing it can help balance an individual's emotions. It eliminates negative energies and fosters positive ones making the person optimistic. It also alleviates fear, anxiety, and depression while enhancing strength to fight physical and mental hardships. 

Red: Ruby 

Next comes red, the color of love and passion.The gemstone that resonates with the Pride flag's red is Ruby. Ruby stones represent Love, passion, courage, and life. Wearing the gem can help achieve the essence of the LGBTQ movement: self-acceptance, self-love, and better loving relationships with others.


Orange: Carnelian

The next color on the flag is orange, and the associated gem is Carnelian. Orange colour and Carnelian stand for Healing. Wearing the gemstone can help heal an individual from within and build protection against homophobia and intolerance, which is much needed in the community. It can also help boost creativity, sexuality, relationships, and emotions.

Yellow: Yellow Sapphire

The following flag color is yellow; what's a better gemstone to denote it than Yellow Sapphire? Pukhraj is the stone for knowledge, abundance, prosperity, and wisdom. Wearing the gemstone can help social standing in society and help build a rapport with everyone around. Additionally, it can boost an individual's willpower to take the bull by the horns.

Yellow Sapphire

 Green: Emerald

After yellow comes green, the color of nature and Emerald. Like nature, Emerald gemstone promotes expression, a relaxed mind, self-acceptance, improved senses, rejuvenation, and tolerance. Wearing the green stone or Panna instils youth, new beginnings, hope, harmony, future, growth and more. These are excellent positives that people of the LGBTQ+ community can take help from.

Turquoise: Turquoise

Next up is turquoise color and turquoise gemstone. The shade represents magic and art, whereas the stone signifies a sacred stone. Therefore, wearing Firoza or turquoise gem can bring luck, positivity, wealth, happiness, and good health. Moreover, if an LGBTQ+ person wears the auspicious stone, it can uplift their social standing and lifestyle.


Indigo: Tanzanite

The second last color of the flag is indigo which stands for serenity. A gemstone that resonates with the spirit of indigo is Tanzanite. It is well-known for blessing the wearer with intuition, calmness, energy, and joy. Wearing the stone has numerous benefits, like enhanced safety, self-esteem, and healing. If you struggle with fear, stress and trust, Tanzanite is for you.

Violet: Amethyst

The Pride flag's last color is Violet, representing the community's spirit. A gemstone that aligns with spirit is Amethyst! The stone has magical properties that bring balance, calmness, and peace into one's life. Wearing Amethyst stone fosters intuition, inspiration, and a will to find a more profound inner peace by activating the crown chakra.


Every color of the Pride flag has a story to tell, and gemstones help us express their more profound meaning. LGBTQ gemstone is a remarkable way to celebrate Pride Month and connect to people with love, acceptance, compassion, and empowerment.

As we observe Pride Month and all it stands for, let's remember the powerful symbolism of the Pride flag. The LGBTQ+ community is diverse and strong; each color on the flag symbolizes something meaningful.

Everybody is unique and priceless in their way, just like gemstones. So let gems serve as reminders of the incredible journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance many LGBTQ+ individuals have embarked upon.

GemsRoot wishes a Happy Pride Month to all! May the vibrant colors of the Pride flag and the precious qualities of gemstones inspire us to embrace diversity, spread love, and create a world where everyone can shine brightly.

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