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Lucky Stones & Birthstone for Scorpio Sign

Lucky Stones & Birthstone for Scorpio Sign

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There's one zodiac sign that you can either love or hate but cannot ignore, Scorpio! Scorpios are strong, intense, enigmatic, and independent individuals with equal parts of charisma. They might hold a lot of potential that remains unknown to others. It's because they love privacy, mystery, extremes, and darkness. If you were born between October 23rd and November 21st then you're a Scorpio. Consider wearing a Birthstone for Scorpio to firmly transform your life.

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

Scorpio is the 8th zodiac sign with water as its element. Its ruling planet is Mars, and a scorpion is its celestial spirit animal. Like a scorpion, you wait in silence and strike when no one's anticipating it. You are smart, stoic, shrewd and loyal. Your charming, thrilling, intense and risky personality is attractive to everyone. Yet, it is one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs.

Scroll down to explore the birthstone and other lucky stones for Scorpios. They can promote personal development and healing.

Birthstone for Scorpio as Per Vedic and Western Astrology 

As per Vedic astrology, Red Coral  is a suitable birthstone for Scorpio zodiac sign. It is because the zodiac's and the stone's ruling planet is the same - Mars. Wearing Red Coral or Moonga can bring great astrological benefits to Vrishchik Rashi.

It's known as the "warrior stone", and it reminds us of the beauty and capabilities we have within us. The stone brings good health, professional success, and healthy relationships. It helps the Scorpio natives keep their negative emotions in check. Finally, it can help cope with failures and tragedies in life.

Whereas as per Western astrology, Topaz  is the best Scorpio birthstone. It is a magical match for the zodiac signs Topaz regulates action and communication. Scorpios don't like sitting ideally and are always in search of some action and adventure. They tend to overwhelm themselves with their actions.

Wearing Topaz gemstone ensures there's a balance of actions. Also, the sign can sometimes be harsh with their words. Topaz can help regulate their throat chakra. It makes them maintain a gentle tone when conversing with others. Finally, it also improves relationships while keeping the zodiac from their jealousy traits.

Birthstone for Scorpio Woman: Citrine (Sunela) is the best Birthstone for Scorpio women. It can transform personality and lives in a positive manner. Citrine is a quartz variety. Its color ranges between pale yellow to brownish orange. Wearing Sunela stone can eliminate all the negativities and fear from the mind. Vrishchik Rashi women can achieve huge success wearing this lucky stone.

Birthstone for Scorpio Man: For Scorpio men, the lucky birthstone is Topaz. It's a stone that can inspire and influence Vrishchik Rashi men. It can encourage them to transform their overall energy on a spiritual level. It can also bless them with vitality and charisma. Wearing Topaz brings many benefits for Scorpio men its ruling planet is also Mars.

Other Lucky Gemstones for Scorpio Zodiac Sign  

The gemstones discussed above are sure to bring good health, prosperity, and joy. But if those stones don't resonate with you or catch your eye, consider the stones below.

Red Coral: As discussed, Red Coral  is a fortunate gemstone for Scorpios. Wearing it can help boost the positive characteristics while removing the negative ones. Donning Moonga stone in the form of a ring can bring endless benefits. It enhances passion, confidence, health, wealth, and luck. It acts as a steady source of determination and strength for life. Other lucky red stones for the water sign are Carnelian , Bloodstone and Red Jasper.

Red Coral

Yellow Sapphire: Another stone that offers astrological benefits to Scorpios is Yellow Sapphire. It's also known as Pukhraj Stone, and it holds significant value in the realm of astrology. Wearing it helps attract abundant prosperity and wealth for Vrishchik Rashi individuals. It can remove difficulties around finances, career, marriage, and other important life aspects. Some good alternatives of Pukhraj are Citrine, Yellow Topaz, and Yellow Beryl (Heliodor).

Yellow Sapphire

Ruby: While Scorpios are full of passion to begin with, Ruby  stone helps raise the bar of passion even further. Besides, it also helps balance it as it relates to the heart chakra. Wearing Ruby or Manik Stone can foster power, self-control, and protection. Additionally, it also reinforces a person's financial condition and marital life. Besides Manikya Stone, the sign can also opt for Red Garnet , Sunstone and Star Ruby.

Ruby stone

Pearl: Finally, we have Pearl , also popularly known as Moti. Wearing Pearl can help Scorpio natives enhance their psychic abilities, creativity, and communication. As per Vedic astrology, Moti can help strengthen the Moon. It can make Scorpios psychologically healthy and emotionally gentle. A perfect astrological stone alternative for Pearl is Moonstone (Backlink) which is equally beneficial.


Monthly Birthstones for Scorpio 

October and November months each have their assigned birthstones, Opal , and Topaz, respectively. But Scorpio natives born in either month share the same birthstone. And the stone discussed in the blog are all suitable options for Vrishchik Rashi people. It's interesting that despite the month change, the zodiac across both months resonates with same gemstone set. It displays every unique and versatile aspect of these fortunate gems.

Benefits of Scorpio Birthstone & Other Lucky Gemstones

According to Vedic astrology, wearing Scorpio zodiac gemstone and birthstone is advantageous. The stones have multiple benefits and properties that can bring substantial life transformations. Here are some of the top benefits of wearing Scorpio Birthstone.

  • Wearing the stones helps balance different chakras in the body.
  • They help attract prosperity, wealth, and financial success.
  • They help manage stress and anxiety.
  • The stones offer high self-esteem, confidence, and passion.
  • They also enhance physical vitality.

Where to Buy Your Birthstone?

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