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All You Need to Know About Panna Stone

All You Need to Know About Panna Stone

  • Posted by: Admin

The Panna Stone is one of the most captivating and beneficial gemstones ever! It's a part of the big three gemstones, alongside Ruby and Sapphire. The gem's stunning beauty, rarity and green color have brought it an esteemed status among cultures worldwide. Even Cleopatra, the ancient Egyptian queen, fell in love with the Panna Stone. She claimed all the Panna mines in ancient Egypt as her own. 

panna stone

It was high in demand among the rich, royals and elite. Likewise, the maharajas in India had it set in their crowns and statement jewellery pieces. Besides, as per Vedic science, it has huge significance in astrology.

It's associated with the planet Mercury which oversees communication, intelligence, and logic. Wearing it can bring intelligence, wisdom, communication skills, mental clarity, prosperity, joy and more.

In this blog, we'll be uncovering all that you must know about Panna Stone, from its fascinating facts, astrological benefits, and prices to its substitutes.

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

Scroll down to know why it continues to captivate people with its beauty, healing powers and benefits globally in present times. 

What is Panna Stone? 

Panna Stone is a precious green gem hailing from the beryl mineral family. It's also known as Maragatham, Marakata Stone, Pachu Stone, Panna Ratna, Panna Nag, Marathakam Stone or Budh Stone.

Panna Stone in English is called Emerald. It's one of the most sought-after gems worldwide for its vibrant green color and rarity. It gets its green hue from the presence of trace elements - chromium, vanadium, and iron.

The varying presence of these three trace elements gives the gem its range of colour. High levels of chromium and vanadium create an intense green colour. Whereas the presence of iron gives the stone a slight bluish tint

.A vibrant pure green Emerald with no visible overtones is considered the finest. Now the question is where is Panna Stone found?

The finest quality Emeralds come from Colombia, followed by Zambia and Brazil. Some other sources are Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the United States. Colombian Emeralds exhibit a pure, bright, and saturated green hue.  

Insights From Vedic Astrology - Wearing an Emerald stone can bless the wearer with myriad healing properties and benefits. Let's look at its benefits below. 

Panna Stone Benefits 

panna stone benefits

We know that Emerald is renowned for its aesthetic appearance. The gem's sparkling green color can make anyone fall in love with it in an instant. Be it the royals or the common men, no one's untouched by its charm and attraction.

But, why to wear Panna Stone or what is the use of Panna Stone? To know the answer to these questions, let's understand the Panna Stone benefits

As per Vedic astrology, the Emerald's ruling planet is Mercury, also known as Budh. It's associated with knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence. A malefic or weak Mercury can result in low confidence, poor communication, and stage fright. It can also increase the possibility of getting cheated on or breaks in education or career. Wearing an Emerald stone can help overcome the adversities of an afflicted Mercury. 

Here are the popular benefits of Emerald Stone below: 

Improves Oration: Wearing an Emerald can improve the oration and communication skills of the wearer. As per the Vedas, it's regarded as Vaani Karaka. It regulates the speech factor, so wearing it enhances confidence and better expression. Individuals working in media, PR or mass communication roles can benefit a lot from wearing it.

Wisdom & Intellect: Its ruling planet is Budh which governs intellect and wisdom. As per astrologers, wearing the gem can help the wearer become wiser and more intelligent. It's excellent for students preparing for higher education or competitive exams.

Creativity: The stone promotes mental clarity, creativity, and imagination. It enables the wearer to ideate and innovate efficiently. It's great for people seeking success in creative ventures. It is also good for artists, writers, media representatives, etc.

Prosperity: It's also popular as the "stone of prosperity." It represents constant renewal, growth, and vitality. Wearing an original Panna Stone can help attract wealth and prosperity. The wearer can receive new income opportunities and financial growth. People working in domains like banking, finance, or trading can consider wearing it.

Marital Bliss: Astrologers often suggest wearing Emerald to people struggling in relationships. The stone's harmonious energies promote understanding and positivity between couples. This leads to marital harmony. Besides, it also enhances healthy progeny in women.

Physical Health: Finally, its healing properties offer physical health benefits too. An Emerald can help relieve eye, skin, ear, or nerve-related issues. It can also help overcome speech disorders and respiratory-related allergies. 

Who Can Wear Panna Stone? /Panna Stone for Which Rashi? 

Now that we know the benefits of wearing Emerald, can everyone wear it? It might be an auspicious stone as per Vedic astrology, yet it's not beneficial for all. To wear it as a jewellery piece and to wear it to gain astrological benefits are two different things. Anyone can wear it for ornamental purposes, but it's not the same when it comes to astrology.

So, which zodiac signs can wear Emerald Stone? In general, as per experts, the zodiac signs including Gemini and Virgo can wear the Pachu Stone.

Besides them, the ascendants of Taurus, Libra, Aquarius, and Capricorn can also adorn it. But it's best to consult a learned astrologer before wearing any gemstone. They will recommend the best stone as per your Kundali/birth chart. Our Vedic Astro expert at GemsRoot can give your gem advice based on your Kundali analysis.  

When to Wear Panna Stone? 

All the zodiac signs including Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Aquarius, Libra, and Capricorn can wear an Emerald. But can they wear it when they desire it or when there's a right time?

As per experts, astrological gemstones must be worn only when there's a circumstance in their birth chart demands it. Or there's a certain situation or problem that they can overcome using that stone.

Panna Ratna is recommended to people with weak or afflicted Mercury in their horoscope. When the planet is afflicted in one's horoscope, one might experience mental and physical health complications.

They can face difficulty in learning and expressing themselves and lack mental clarity. In such a case, wearing an Emerald is best to gain knowledge, wisdom, and intellect.

People who want to attract prosperity, popularity, creativity, and marital harmony can also wear the green stone. To check if an Emerald is lucky for you, you can use the gem recommendation tool at GemsRoot. You can also consult expert gemologists and astrologers to help you gain the most benefits.

How to Wear Panna Stone?

Once you find out if an Emerald is lucky for you, it's essential to consider its wearing procedure. Following a Vedic ritual will activate and enhance the gem's astrological benefits.

Let's see how to wear the Panna stone below. It's An Expert Guide to Wear Emerald Stone and will help you wear the stone in the best possible manner.

Auspicious Day - Wednesday 

Ideal Metal - Gold or Silver 

Best Time - 5 AM - 7:30 AM 

Ideal Finger - Little finger 

Mantra - Chant "Om Budhaye Namha"/"ॐ बुधाय नमः", for 108 times.      

Panna Stone Price 

It's tough to refrain from buying such a magnificent lush green stone. But before buying, it's important to know the original Panna Stone price. It's a high in demand stone, and some fine-quality Emeralds can be very expensive. Some may try to demand unfair prices from buyers who are unaware of the current Panna Stone Price in India.

So, here's An Emerald Stone Price Guide by Experts. Remember the prices may vary depending on several factors such as the 4Cs, origin and treatment. 

  • On average, an Emerald's price can range between INR 10,000/- to INR 1,00,000/- plus.
  • Zambian and Colombian Panna prices can start from INR 3500/- and go up to INR 50,000/- per carat plus (approximately).
  • Rare Panjshir and Swat Valley Panna prices of decent quality can start from INR 25,000/- per carat (approximately).
  • A Brazilian Panna can cost around INR 1100/- per carat to INR 3500/- per carat (approximately).

How to Check Panna Stone? 

Emerald's popularity has one drawback. That is, it has given rise to the manufacturing and sale of fake or intimation Emeralds. You might know everything including the current market prices of Emerald, but how do you know you're paying for what it's worth?

Recognizing a genuine gemstone requires the eyes of an expert. But here are a few tips that can help you distinguish between a real and fake Emerald gemstone.

Look at the Color: Color is one of the most significant factors of an original Emerald. A quality Emerald will exhibit a true, vivid, and saturated green colour. Some tints of blue are okay. 

Check Inclusions: Inclusions are natural and common in the Budh Stone. But if you find one that is too transparent, chances are high that it's a fake one. 

Look for Sparkle: It doesn't exhibit a fire under light. So, if the stone displays bright rainbow colours under bright light, it's most likely fake. 

Check Facets: If the facets of the gemstone appear worn down or like an orange peel, it might not be real. 

Check for Doublets and Triplets: Doublets and triplets are ways to fool the buyer. Sellers often cut an original stone and back it onto another material like glass or plastic. 

Consider the Price: Its prices can be between INR 10,000/- to INR 1,00,000/- plus (approximately). But, if a seller is demanding a much higher price, they're trying to sell you a fake or a low-quality gem at an original price. 

Remember these tips come with certain limitations. But you can always get help from a professional. They are equipped with the proper knowledge to tell apart a real and synthetic Emerald.

They also have special tools and techniques to confirm the gem's authenticity. If you're second-guessing your stone's authenticity, here's An Expert Guide on How to Tell If an Emerald Stone Is Real.     

How to Clean Panna Stone? 

If buying an original Emerald gemstone, you must know the right process to clean and maintain it. With daily use, stones also tend to get dirty and not cleaning them leads to losing their luster and shine.

Panna scores 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale and is good for everyday wearing. Yet, it's not as durable as diamond, ruby or sapphire. That's why it's important to clean it in regular intervals. 

To clean the gem, take a dry soft cloth and wipe off any dirt on it. If that doesn't work, take lukewarm water, dip the soft cloth into it and wipe the stone. To tackle tough dirt, scrub using the same cloth with gentle hands.

After cleaning, ensuring patting the stone dry using a lint-free cloth. For more details on how to clean Panna Stone, read our Guide on How to Clean Emeralds Gemstone.    

Which Panna Stone is Best? 

The best Emerald is the one which has true, vibrant, and saturated green colour. It also has good clarity, fewer inclusions, and an excellent cut. The finest Emeralds come from Colombia and Zambia.

Colombian Emeralds display a yellowish to true green color. Whereas, Zambian Emeralds have a dark green color with a slightly bluish tint.

Yet, the origin doesn't guarantee a high-quality stone every time. So, we must consider every factor before determining the best Pachu Stone. An Expert Guide on How to Buy Finest Quality Emerald Stone can help you identify the best Emerald stone.

Substitute of Panna Stone 

Emerald gemstone captures the hearts of elites and the common man alike! But unfortunately, it's not affordable for everyone. It can be expensive for some people as its price can go up to 1,00,000/- per carat (approximately).

Yet, there's a way through which Emerald lovers can attain Emerald-like beauty and benefits. That is through its substitutes! The substitutes of Panna can offer similar aesthetic appeal and benefits. 

Here are the 9 Best Substitutes of Emerald Stone as follows:

There are only a few stones that come close to the beauty of an Emerald! Wearing it can bring transformational changes into the wearer's life. But remember one must not wear it without an expert consultation. We hope our exhaustive guide will be able to cover everything one must know about Emerald Stone. 

If you want to buy Panna Stone online at the best price, visit GemsRoot.com! We are a trusted online platform offering 100% natural gemstones and gem advice based on date of birth, Kundali analysis and Lagna. Our gems are authentic, ethical, sustainable, conflict-free and GRS lab-certified. Contact us to buy an original Panna stone and other services today!          

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