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An Expert Guide on How to Buy Finest Quality Emerald Stone

An Expert Guide on How to Buy Finest Quality Emerald Stone

  • Posted by: Admin

There's nothing quite like Natural Emeralds! They display a rich, royal, vivid, and gorgeous appearance which captivates viewer's hearts. They're also known as the May birthstone, symbolizing wit, faith, eloquence, and foresight. These gems are sought-after not only for jewelry but also for astrological purposes. Wearing an  can bring good health, wealth, popularity, wisdom, and intelligence.

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

Besides, they can bring marital bliss and healthy progeny. But to gain the most benefits of wearing an Emerald, one must wear an authentic one. So, some questions arise - How to buy an Emerald Stone? How does one know whether they're buying a quality Panna stone? and so on. This blog will answer all these queries in detail. Scroll down to learn significant factors that help make better gemstone buying decisions.

Factors to Remember When Buying Emerald Stone 

Like every we also assess Emeralds on four major factors - the 4 Cs. The 4 Cs stand for color, cut, clarity and carat. These are the most basic and essential factors that influence a gem's value. And if someone wants to buy a quality stone, they must check the 4 Cs without any compromise.

Let's see how to test the Emerald stone's quality using the 4 Cs below.

Color: The most significant factor influencing the Panna stone's value is color. This single element drives the whole Emerald industry. It's also a very complex element because it has many variations. The most desirable Emerald comes in a bluish to pure green color with no eye-visible color zoning. The color must be vivid and saturated with even distribution. Also, they should be transparent and have no dark tones.

Emerald stone's

Image Credits : pinterest.com

Besides, they also come in a yellowish green color. But too much yellow is enough to classify the stone as green beryl. To understand the color element better, let's break it down into three components - hue, tone, and saturation.

Emerald Hue: Most people understand hue as color. While Emeralds don't come in a wide color range. By definition, they must be pure green. Not blue, yellow, or orange will pass as an Emerald gemstone. Although, slight blue or yellow tints are acceptable; slight being the key point here. Too much of a blue or yellow tint in the stone also disqualifies as Emeralds.

Emerald Tone: Like colors, there aren't many tones of Emerald. The industry considers a stone with a medium to dark tone as Panna. While stones with light tones are no longer Panna and are classified as green beryl. Distinguishing tones can be challenging. All the tones might appear the same until the saturation factor comes in.

Emerald Saturation: The Panna stone's saturation is nothing but color purity. A stone with vivid and intense saturation is ideal and valuable. There are gems with brownish or greyish saturations. Although, they are not put up for sale by dealers. It's because they don't appeal well to the customer compared to their vivid equivalents.

Clarity: The next essential factor is clarity. Most Emeralds have inclusions in them. Inclusions are nothing but mineral cavities or crystals filled with solid, gas or liquid substances. These inclusions are widely accepted if they don’t affect the gemstone’s beauty. Stones with no inclusions and premium clarity are a rare find and expensive.

emerald ring

Image Credits : pinterest.com

The green stone can have inclusions in various forms. First, is a three-phase inclusion with liquid, gas or solid. Second, are needle-like fractures or growth tubes, known as "Jardin". Third is crystal-like inclusions.

Cut: Then comes the cut factor. Emerald's cut is important as it enhances clarity. A good cut will brighten the stone while adding sparkles. It will also lessen the appearance of inclusions and fissures. The gem cutters decide the cut after studying the stone from different angles.

The most common Emerald cuts are round, cushion, pear, princess and emerald. Finally, the most desirable cut enhances clarity, and light reflection and minimizes inclusions. It must improve the overall strength of Emerald gemstones.

Carat: The last of 4 Cs is carat which is a weight measurement. The carat estimates the stone's rarity. The significance of the carat depends on the buying purpose. If you're buying Emerald for astrological purposes, then carat plays a huge role.

One must buy the exact carat weight/Ratti suggested by the astrologer. In general, an Emerald gemstone must be 1/12th of your total body weight. For instance, if a person's body weight is 60 kg, they should wear a 5 Ratti Panna Stone (60 x 1/12 = 5).

Other Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Emerald Stone 

Origin: The stone's origin also affects its quality and value. Although we can find Panna worldwide, certain locations are special. The most popular and finest emerald-producing locations are Zambia and Colombia. The following locations are Brazil, Afghanistan, Russia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, and Ethiopia.

Authenticity: Checking the stone's authenticity is non-negotiable, irrespective of where you're buying it. The seller must prove Emerald's originality with a government lab certificate. The certificate authenticates the gem's original color, origin, and carat weight. Today, there are many dealers selling gemstone dupes in the market. It's getting difficult for normal buyers to recognize and buy Emeralds that are real. If you want to don't forget to ask for authenticity certificates.

Buy Panna Online

Image Credits : pinterest.com

Treatments: It's common for gemstones to undergo various beauty-enhancing treatments. But Emeralds are different. Unlike Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires, heat treatments aren't suitable for them. So, most treatments they undergo are oil treatments. Besides oil, there is another treatment gaining popularity, known as polymer resin treatment. The gemstone and jewelry industries are both standard treatments for Panna.

Price: The Panna stone price differs based on various factors. It depends on the features discussed above including the 4 Cs, origin, authenticity, and treatments. In general, a good quality Emerald's price can start from 2,500/- and the range can also go over 40,000/- per carat. Also, remember the rarer a gemstone, the more expensive it gets.

Astrological Suitability: Finally, consulting an  gem astrologer and checking Emerald suitability is a must. Wearing Panna stone can bring multiple healing properties and benefits. But they're not beneficial to all zodiac signs. As per Vedic astrology, only a few zodiac signs can wear the stone. Besides, Mercury's position in someone's birth chart can also create a need to wear a Panna stone. It raises a significant question, that is - who can wear Emerald stone?

Who Can Wear Emerald Stone? 

All the factors discussed above are essential to make informed purchases. But who are the zodiac signs or individuals that can wear the stone to gain its benefits? According to Vedic astrology, the Emerald's ruling planet is Mercury. So, people struggling with malefic Mercury can wear the gemstone.

Besides, they're auspicious for Gemini and Virgo zodiac natives. Some ascendant zodiacs that can adorn it too are Taurus, Libra, Aquarius, and Capricorn. f you want to know about it in detail.

Where to Buy Emerald Stone Online? 

Choosing a high-quality Emerald is important. And so is buying them from fair trade brands such as GemsRoot! We offer 100% natural Emeralds at the best prices. Our Emeralds and other precious and semi-precious stones are sustainable, ethical, and conflict-free. Besides, our stones are also GRS lab certified. We always share the authenticity certificates with our buyers. So, if you want to buy Panna online or learn about Emerald Stone's price, contact us  today.

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