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An Emerald Stone Price Guide by Experts

An Emerald Stone Price Guide by Experts

  • Posted by: Admin

Emerald is one of the most sought-after gems worldwide! It's a part of the "big 4" stones including Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond. From Cleopatra, Greeks, Romans to Egyptians, all revered it as a source of truth, love, hope and eternal life. Its symbolism has changed today. And it still manages to turn the heads of gem collectors, jewelers, and astrologers alike. But what's the Emerald Stone Price?

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

There's no doubt that the lush, green, and serene stone is magnificent. It's popular for jewelry, holds astrological significance and is also a May birthstone. Besides, the Emerald Stone is the 20th and 35th wedding anniversary gemstone. Before one starts shopping for the same, it's better to get to know Emerald gemstone price. In this guide, we'll discuss everything from Emerald price to the factors affecting it.


Significance and Benefits of Emerald Stone 

  1. Emerald is a popular pick for engagement rings, red carpet jewelry and bridal jewelry. But if there's another realm besides jewelry where it holds a higher significance, it's in astrology. As per Vedic astrology, the Panna stone's ruling planet is Mercury, so the gem has all the qualities of the planet. A person suffering from the malefic effects of Mercury can wear a Panna to manage them.

According to the zodiac, signs including Gemini and Virgo can wear it. Besides, ascendant signs like Taurus, Libra, Aquarius, and Capricorn can also adorn it. Our expert guide on Which Zodiac Signs Can Wear Emerald Stone? gives a deeper understanding of the same. Wearing an Emerald stone can bring a plethora of mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. Some benefits of wearing Emeralds are -

  • It boosts oration and communication skills.
  • Enhances wisdom, intellect, and arithmetic skills.
  • Sharpens minds and boosts creativity.
  • Brings prosperity and success in business ventures.
  • Helps overcome stress, fear, and anxiety.
  • Soothes eyes, nerves, and skin-related issues.
  • Brings marital harmony and healthy progeny.

You can read the Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone  blog if you want to know about the Emerald benefits in detail.

Factors Influencing Emerald Stone Price

Before we dive into knowing what Emerald stone cost, let's understand the factors influencing it. Like every gemstone, we assess Emerald's value through the 4 C's and other important factors. The 4 Cs are color, clarity, cut and carat of the stone. Other aspects include authenticity, origin, and treatments. Let's look at each factor in brief for better understanding.

Color: Emerald's color is one of the most important points that influence its value. The most desirable color is a vivid and true green with no tints of blue or green.

Clarity: Next is the stone's clarity. All Emeralds consist of some inclusions that are acceptable if they don't affect the gem's beauty. But the fewer the inclusions the better.

Cut: The Panna stone's cut is also an essential factor to consider. A good cut will further enhance the gemstone's clarity and overall appearance.

Carat: The 4 C to assess is the carat weight. Carat plays a huge role and values more with rich color, high clarity, and professional cut.

Origin: The market considers some Emerald mining locations more precious, such as Colombia. So, imagine if there are two stones with equal qualities, but the first is from Colombia and the latter is from Zambia. On the grounds of origin, the Colombian emeralds will be valued much higher than the Zambian ones.

Treatments: Gemstones undergo different treatments to enhance beauty. For example, oil treatment is a common practice used to enhance Emerald's beauty. But no treatment Emeralds value high and are also a rare find.

Current Emerald Stone Price in India

Now that we understand the factors influencing prices, let's know the current natural emerald stone price. A Brazilian Emerald can approximately cost around INR 1100/- per carat to INR 3500/- per carat. Zambian and Colombian Emerald prices can start from INR 3500/- and go up to INR 50,000/- per carat plus (Approximately).

Besides, Panjshir and Swat Valley Emeralds are rare but decent quality stones that can start from INR 25,000/- per carat. The prices can also go up to INR 1 Lakh per carat plus. Remember sometimes Panna stones can also be worth more than Diamonds because they're rarer. Their grading systems are also similar with more emphasis on Emerald's color.

That's why, a small Panna stone with rich color will cost more than a large yet cloudy Diamond. In the case of Emeralds, it all boils down to the factors discussed above in the blog - the 4 Cs, origin, and treatments. That being said, around 99% of Panna stones are treated with oil or resin to enhance beauty. No oil Emeralds are exceptional and value a lot more.

What is the Emerald Cost Per Carat?

As discussed, the Emerald Cost Per Carat depends on an individual stone's color, clarity, cut and carat. On average, the approximate price range can fall between INR 10,000/- to INR 1,00,000/- plus.

Tips to Remember If You Want to Buy Emerald Stone

If you want to buy Emerald Stone ensure considering all the factors including the 4 Cs, origin, and treatments discussed above. And as far as Emerald Green Stone price is concerned, it all depends on your budget. Do the right research and you'll find a suitable Panna stone within your budget.

Free Gem Recommendation 

If not, it's better to get professional help. GemsRoot helps buyers choose high-quality stones within their budget, be it for jewelry or astrological purpose. You can also read An Expert Guide on How to Buy Finest Quality Emerald Stone , it'll help you further to make informed buying decisions.

Where to Buy Emerald Stone Online? 

Emerald Stone is a stunning creation of Mother Nature full of healing properties and benefits. If you want to buy and know Panna Stone price in India, contact GemsRoot! We offer 100% natural gemstones at the best prices. Our Emeralds are authentic, sustainable, ethical, and conflict-free. Besides, they are GRS lab-certified, so buyers receive an authenticity certificate on every purchase. Contact our experts and astrologers for further assistance today! 

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