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Lucky Wedding Dates 2024 and More

Lucky Wedding Dates 2024 and More

  • Posted by: Admin

Indian weddings are grand and no less than a festival! They consist of multi-day affairs with intricate ceremonies. In India, we believe that marriage is a sacred bond between two families, and not just the bride and groom. And such a pious event needs an auspicious time to perform the deeds. If you're planning a wedding, here are the most auspicious wedding dates in 2024, according to Drik Panchang.

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone
We've also put together a bridal wedding jewelry look book considering gemstones and their benefits. So, scroll down to explore lucky Wedding Saya dates and gemstone jewelry.

January 2024 Wedding Dates   

16th January (Tuesday)

17th January (Wednesday)

20th January (Saturday)

21st January (Sunday)

22nd January (Monday)

27th January (Saturday)

28th January (Sunday)

30th January (Tuesday)

31st January (Wednesday)

January 2024 Wedding Dates
Image Source: instagram.com / pinterest.com

January is an excellent month to tie the knot! The new year can be a great kickstart to new beginnings. And if you want a winter wedding, then it's a cherry on top. It reminds us of the deep cherry red jewelry the brides-to-be can wear. Pastel lehengas with rubies and diamond jewelry are a trend this season.

Without bridal jewelry the bridal look is incomplete. And to the ladies getting married in January 2024, you can go for ruby gemstone  jewelry. Rubies, known as the "king of gemstones", add a regal touch to the wedding look. It brings love, passion, enthusiasm, and vitality into the newlywed's life.

February 2024 Wedding Dates 

4th February (Sunday)

6th February (Tuesday)

7th February (Wednesday)

8th February (Thursday)

12th February (Monday)

13th February (Tuesday)

17th February (Saturday)

24th February (Saturday)

25th February (Sunday)

26th February (Monday)

29th February (Thursday)

February 2024 Wedding Dates

Image Source: instagram.com / pinterest.com

According to the Hindu calendar, February is also a favorable month for marriages. It's also a love month with Valentine's Day falling on the 14th of February. As the weather transitions from cold to spring, the colors also transition from red to orange. The brides can consider wearing orange wedding jewelry on their big day.

Some orangish precious gemstone options are orange sapphire, padparadscha, Citrine  and orange garnets. Orange gemstones can enhance charisma and confidence. Wearing jewelry made using these stones on your wedding day can balance the sacral chakra. You can bring a balance to your emotions and fully enjoy the day and life ahead.

March 2024 Wedding Dates 

1st March (Friday)

2nd March (Saturday)

3rd March (Sunday)

4th March (Monday)

5th March (Tuesday)

6th March (Wednesday)

7th March (Thursday)

10th March (Sunday)

11th March (Monday)

12th March (Tuesday)

March 2024 Wedding Dates

Image Source: instagram.com / pinterest.com

March marks the beginning of summer, bringing sunshine and warmth. It's a pleasant month for weddings with fun festivals like Holi. Yellow color suits March month and March brides as well. If the ladies are looking for bridal jewelry inspo, check out Yellow Sapphire  jewelry. They're not only stunning but also beneficial.

Yellow sapphire or Pukhraj helps new love relationships blossom. Wearing it on your special day can ensure a strong bond between you and your better half. It can fill your marriage with positivity and marital bliss. It's also excellent for people facing delays in marriage.

April 2024 Wedding Dates

18th April (Thursday)

19th April (Friday)

20th April (Saturday)

April 2024 Wedding Dates
Image Source: instagram.com / pinterest.com

With April approaching, the summer season is in full swing. The bride, groom and their family members can deck up in pastel breezy outfits. Now that you know the best wedding date in April 2024, it's time to choose a wedding day gem. Early spring-summer days remind us of lush green hues of Emeralds

Emeralds or Panna stones are popular among designers for bridal jewelry. We adore them for their beauty and the deep meaning they hold. The precious gemstone symbolizes youth, hope, growth, and renewal. Wearing Panna jewelry will stir your and your partner's soul like spring's heart. It'll bring the love, harmony, and compassion that both are seeking.

May 2024 Wedding Dates

May 2024 Wedding Dates
Image Source: instagram.com / pinterest.com

There are no wedding Saya dates in the May month as per the wedding calendar 2024 and astrology. But, if you still decide to marry in May, the occasion of Buddha Purnima (23rd May) is ideal. It's a fortunate timing for weddings and sacred rituals in Hinduism.

As far as choosing the best gemstone jewelry goes, choose the vibrant and bright - Peridot !  It has been associated with sun, sky, and fire for a long time. Nature-loving brides can embrace Peridot jewelry at their engagement, wedding or even reception. It helps improve relationships while bringing happiness to life.

June 2024 Wedding Dates 

June 2024 Wedding Dates
Image Source: instagram.com / pinterest.com

The wedding season slows down with June as it does not have many mahurats for marriage. Yet, you can use this month in the best possible way and have a beautiful ceremony. There are two unique dates to consider 21st June (Friday) and 22nd June (Saturday).

It's an excellent time for a garden wedding. Sorbet lehengas paired with light-colored gem jewelry will be an ethereal wedding look. Brides can incorporate elegant pearls and diamond jewelry. Pearls symbolize femininity, purity, and innocence. Whereas diamonds symbolize a timeless base for a couple to build a future together.

July 2024 Wedding Dates

9th July (Tuesday)

11th July (Thursday)

12th July (Friday)

13th July (Saturday)

14th July (Sunday)

15th July (Monday)

July 2024 Wedding Dates
Image Source: instagram.com / pinterest.com

The wedding season picks up its pace again in July month. This month also brings in the monsoon season. So, if having a cool monsoon wedding excites you, then the dates above are perfect for you. Brides and grooms can wear shades of pink for a romantic and refreshing ceremony.

Consider wearing pink vintage jewelry made of rose quartz, pink sapphires, or pink tourmaline. It's great for people who want something other than the traditional red. Pink jewelry also fits the occasion as it promotes love, joy, and harmony. Wearing rose quartz, pink sapphire or tourmaline will bring unconditional nurturing and love.

August 2024 Wedding Dates 

August 2024 Wedding Dates
Image Source: instagram.com / pinterest.com

August month may not be full of wedding Saya dates, but it still has a few other auspicious dates. If you're keen to tie the knot in August, consider Friendship Day and Janmashtami. They fall on the 4th (Sunday) and the 26th of August (Monday) respectively. Brides can go for a light blue color scheme this month.

Incorporate gems like Aquamarine . It's a popular choice because of its versatility to look stunning in multiple designs and occasions. It's a beautiful birthstone symbolizing hope, health, youth, and fidelity. Couples can also display their enduring commitment to each other through Aquamarine.

September 2024 Wedding Dates 

September 2024 Wedding Dates
Image Source: instagram.com / pinterest.com

According to Drik Panchang, there are no dates for marriages in September. Nonetheless, you can still plan it on Ganesh Chaturthi. The pious occasion falls on 7th September, Saturday. The color palette shifts from light to dark blue in September. Brides can keep all the darker shades of blue in their minds.

They can go for Blue Sapphire or Tanzanite jewelry options. These precious stones are a fitting promise for marriage. Especially, gems like Blue Sapphire  symbolize honesty, purity, loyalty, and trust. Beautifully made vintage gemstone jewelry using Neelam or Tanzanite will have the bride feeling like a princess.

October 2024 Wedding Dates 

October 2024 Wedding Dates
Image Source: instagram.com / pinterest.com

October does not have such mahurats for marriages, but it does have festivities. This month is full of pious festivals. Couples who don't go by the book can wed between 9th to 13th October during Durga Puja. With the seasons transitioning in October, the only perfect gemstone we can think of is Alexandrite.

Alexandrite transforms its colors under different lights. It can appear green to red depending on the light. It is an excellent gem for balancing the heart chakra. Wearing it on your big day can bring fortune and good luck. The rare gem also romances between couples.

November 2024 Wedding Dates

12th November (Tuesday)

13th November (Wednesday)

16th November (Saturday)

17th November (Sunday)

18th November (Monday)

22nd November (Friday)

23rd November (Saturday)

25th November (Monday)

26th November (Tuesday)

28th November (Thursday)

29th November (Friday)

November 2024 Wedding Dates
Image Source: instagram.com / pinterest.com

After three months of suitable dates hiatus, November brings a long list of lucky wedding dates. The month is excellent for delightful ceremonies as it is neither too hot nor too cold. It's pleasant, and if brides are looking for something simple yet stunning, choose Opal with Fire. 

The one-of-a-kind gem is for the unique brides. It symbolizes love, hope, truth, purity, passion, and loyalty. With the kaleidoscope of shifting colors, the bride-to-be can look and feel magical. The stone's fire can bring joy and love into your new wedded life.

December 2024 Wedding Dates 

4th December (Wednesday)

5th December (Thursday)

9th December (Monday)

10th December (Tuesday)

14th December (Saturday)

December 2024 Wedding Dates
Image Source: instagram.com / pinterest.com

The wedding season peaks with the entrance of December. The month allows for a stunning, enjoyable, and whimsical wedding. It brings a celebration spirit with the year ending and hope for new beginnings. Such a vibrant time needs something brilliant when it comes to wedding outfits and jewels.

Like effects jewelry - wearing all the gems at once can create a powerful energy. Energy can ward off negative energies, foes, and evil eyes. As per Vedic astrology, it will strengthen the positive effects of the planets in the birth chart. Additionally, the person can also receive positive energy.

Our experts at GemsRoot predict that the wedding calendar 2024 is going to be full of celebrations and love. We hope couples find their ideal wedding dates after this blog. And brides, if you're on your wedding shopping soiree for Gemstone studded bridal jewellery, connect with us.

At GemsRoot, we deal in lab-certified, conflict-free and 100% natural gemstones at the best prices. Contact our experts to check which stone is suitable for you. We cannot wait to be a part of your wedding journey!

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