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An Emerald Stone is one of the rarest gemstones ever. Its uniqueness, striking colour and captivating history make it an exclusive gem. Be it the royalties or common men, no one remains untouched by Emerald's allure.

The adoration for its looks and mystical properties transcends time. That's why it's still popular in the astrology and high-fashion jewellery realm.

In general, people prefer wearing Panna stone rings. But if you want something different, consider wearing Emerald Bracelets. The bracelet looks good on your hand while blessing you with unimaginable benefits.

Wearing Emerald bracelets offers a plethora of benefits. The May birthstone also has other names including Panna, Pachu stone, Budh Ratna and more. According to Vedic astrology, the Emerald gemstone's ruling planet is Mercury (Budh). It has a significant influence on the native's life. A weak Mercury placement in one's horoscope can lead to various adversities. The person may experience poor decision-making, low confidence, skin problems, and nervous disorders.

Some may also experience throat infections, learning difficulties, poor memory, and more. To overcome these challenges, consider wearing a real Emerald bracelet. It will help strengthen the planet's position in one's birth chart. The gemstone will help you attract prosperity, success, name, fame, love and much more. Want to gain the astrological benefits of wearing a Panna stone bracelet? Consult an expert gemologist and astrologer. Let's look at the benefits in detail below.

  • Communication Skills: The green stone bracelet enhances the native's oration and communication skills. It can help overcome speech difficulties such as lisp, stuttering, ataxia and so on. It also boosts self-esteem and confidence which further contributes to better communication abilities.
  • Professional Benefits: The stone can offer various professional benefits too. Students appearing for competitive exams can consider wearing an Emerald crystal bracelet. Bankers, auditors, brokers, mathematicians, and engineers also try it. Besides, businessmen can wear bracelets for success in creative business ventures.
  • Financial Benefit :A Panna is well-known as a prosperity stone. It helps attract wealth, new income, and investment opportunities. The native can make better financial decisions. These sound decisions can also increase the chances of success in business ventures.
  • Spiritual Benefits: The gem is also a "life-affirming stone." It is associated with the heart chakra and spirituality. Wearing it can open the chakra and promote balance, patience, wisdom, and inspiration. If you're willing to connect to your higher self, choose an Emerald to guide your path.
  • Health Bliss : The serene green stone has many physical and mental health benefits. It can help calm and relax one's mind, body, and senses. Besides, it can provide relief from eyes, ear, nerve, and skin-related issues.
  • Marital Benefits For men and women real Emerald bracelet is excellent for marriage. The crystal can promote peace, friendship, harmony and understanding in the relationship. Panna helps both individuals to give and receive unconditional love.

Emerald Bracelets are a stylish way to adorn the astrological benefitting gemstone. As not everyone prefers to wear rings or pendants, bracelets are a unique and stylish option. At GemsRoot, you can choose from various Emerald Bracelet designs. Our collection offers everything ranging from vintage to modern designs. You can also select the metal for your bracelet. We offer different choices including gold, silver, white gold, rose gold, platinum and panchdhatu. Contact us for a custom Men emerald bracelet at GemsRoot.

Want to buy Emerald bracelets? It's essential to check the quality before purchasing. Panna gemstones are one of the most sought-after stones worldwide. Unfortunately, this also gives rise to the sale of imitation or fake Panna stones. So, it's crucial to check the authenticity before buying an Emerald bracelet white gold. The value of the bracelet depends on the stone embedded in it. Here are the factors that determine Panna's authenticity.

Origin: The Emerald's origin plays a huge role in determining its quality. The finest quality Emeralds come from Colombia and Zambia. Some other origins are Brazil, Pakistan (Swat Valley), Afghanistan (Panjshir Valley) and Ethiopia.

Color : The next big factor is the gemstone's Color. Emeralds are popular for their bright, vivid, and saturated hue. When buying make sure the color is between pure bright green and bluish green. Also, ensure there's an even distribution of color and no eye-visible color-zoning.

Clarity : It's common for the stone to have some minor inclusions. These inclusions can be liquid films, gaseous bubbles, and solid crystals. If the inclusions don't affect the gem's beauty, they are acceptable.

Carat :It's essential to consider the carat if you're buying for astrological reasons. Astrologers suggest wearing a Panna that's 1/12th of one's body weight. For instance, if a person weighs about 60 KG, he or she must wear a 5-carat Panna stone (60 x 1/12 = 5).

Cut :Cut is another important factor as a good cut can enhance a stone's beauty. An excellent cut by expert gem cutters adds brightness and sparkles to the gem. But the final choice depends on personal taste and preference.

Treatments: A good-quality stone doesn't need treatment. Yet, some oil treatments are common in the case of Panna gemstones.

Certifications: Make sure to ask for authenticity certificates from the seller before buying. At GemsRoot, our entire gemstone collection is GRS lab certified.

As we know, an Emerald is a highly coveted gemstone. Jewelry makers, astrologers, gem collectors and common men value it alike. Its rarity, vivid color and astrological benefits command a high price in the market. A great quality Emerald's price can range between 2,500/- to 40,000/- or more per carat. Also, remember certain factors that influence the stone's price. These factors can be the gemstone's origin, 4Cs, treatments and authenticity. Contact us to buy emerald bracelet silver at the best prices.

A real Emerald bracelet needs meticulous care and cleaning. The metal might not need that much care, but the stone does. The gemstone has an above-average score of 7.5 - 8 on the hardness scale. But if one doesn't take proper care, it can lose its brilliant luster, shine, and charm. One would not want to lose the beauty of Emerald bracelet gold. So, here are some simple tips to clean and care for your bracelet.

Basic Cleaning: A regular basic cleaning needs soft and dry cloth. Use the cloth to wipe off any dust or dirt accumulated on the Emerald stone.

Deep Cleaning :For the deep cleaning of Panna stone, one can use lukewarm water to wash off dust and grime. Afterwards, use a dry and soft cloth to pat it dry. Make sure to wipe using a lint-free cloth. Besides, you can also contact an expert for your gemstone jewelry cleaning.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Emerald Bracelet?

Wearing an Emerald bracelet offers various healing properties and benefits. It can bless the wearer with financial, professional, and marital success. Also, it can help overcome ear, eyes, skin, and nerve-related issues.

Which Hand Do You Wear an Emerald Bracelet On?

In general, astrologers suggest wearing an Emerald on the little/ring finger of the right hand. So, one can wear an Emerald bracelet on the right hand or as suggested by an astrologer.

What Happens After Wearing Emerald?

Wearing an Emerald can bring all the benefits of Mercury. It rules over intelligence, communication, analytical skills and more. So, wearing it can bless the wearer with all these positive traits.

In which Metal Emerald Should be Worn?

One can wear Emeralds in any metal, it all comes down to preference and budget. Panna stones are suitable with gold, white gold, silver, Panchdhatu, platinum and rose gold.

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