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Dhanteras 2023: Buy and Gift these Lucky Gemstones

Dhanteras 2023: Buy and Gift these Lucky Gemstones

  • Posted by: Admin

Dhanteras 2023 marks the commencement of five-day-long celebrations - Diwali! People all over India celebrate the auspicious festival with utmost fervor and devotion. On the occasion of Dhanteras, devotees worship Goddess Laxmi and Lord Dhanvantri alongside Lord Kuber. Worshipping them both on this favorable day brings wealth, prosperity, riches, and success.

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone
It is a common tradition to buy precious metals like gold or silver on Dhanteras. This year, how about you consider buying a gemstone? As Diwali marks the victory of light over darkness, let gemstones light up your life. They are precious and beautiful, with mystical healing properties and benefits. They bring genuine happiness, fortune, and achievements into people's lives.

Buy gemstones on Dhanteras for yourself to gain their astrological benefits. Or even better, you can give them to your friends and family. They will value and cherish such an ideal present for the rest of their lives. We always hope for a joyous and prosperous Diwali. So, scroll down to explore the stones you can buy to attract the deity of prosperity's blessings.


When is Dhanteras 2023?

The Dhanteras 2023 date is 10th November 2023. In the word Dhanteras, "Dhan" means money or wealth and "Teras" means thirteen. The festival also goes by other names like Dhantrayodashi and Dhanvantri Jayanti. According to the Hindu calendar, the occasion falls on the 13th day of Kartik month (October - November). Check out the puja's date, time and shubh muhurat below.

Dhanteras date 2023 

10th November 2023 

Dhanteras Shubh Muhurat 

5:47 PM - 7:43 PM 

Pradosh Kaal 

5:30 PM - 8:08 PM 

Vrishabh Kaal 

5:47 PM - 7:43 PM 

Trayodashi Tithi Begins 

12:35 PM on 10th November 2023 

Trayodashi Tithi Ends 

1:57 PM on 11th November 2023 

Significance of Dhanteras 

Like other Hindu festivals, Diwali is also associated with some popular Hindu mythologies. There's one legendary folklore that's associated with Goddess Lakshmi. According to Hindu mythologies, Goddess Laxmi emerged through Samudra Manthan. She was sitting on a lotus flower with a vessel full of gold. She symbolizes happiness, prosperity, wealth, and success. That's why devotees worship and seek her blessings on this day.

The Dhanteras celebrations are grand. People deck up in their best attire, make beautiful rangolis and light up divas in their homes. Besides, families also consider their daughters as an avatar of Goddess Laxmi. It is a belief that if they leave their footprints using Kumkum at the house entrance, it brings good luck, prosperity, and success for all.

Gemstones to Buy on Dhanteras 2023 

There's a plethora of gemstone options to choose from. But we must remember that not every stone benefits everyone equally. That's why we have curated a gemstone list appropriate for different zodiac signs. Read on to learn which stone/stones can help you lead a happy, luxurious, and successful life.

Ruby: The first on our list is Ruby or Manik Stone. Wearing Ruby Stone  can do wonders for an individual. It helps enhance confidence, courage, willpower, and spirit. Donning it will attract good health, wealth, social status, and authority. It also protects the wearer from negative energies. According to expert gemstone recommendations, Leo zodiac sign natives can wear the Manikya stone.

ruby stone

Emerald: The next lucky gem is Emerald  or Panna Stone. Astrologers often refer to it as the "prosperity stone." Wearing Emeralds can help in the growth and progress of career, business, and focus. It is ideal for people working in the fields of mass media, creative art and logical science. Zodiac signs including Gemini and Virgo can wear it for continuous income flow.

emerald stone

Blue Sapphire: You can also buy one of the most powerful gemstones, Blue Sapphire . Wearing Blue Sapphire or Neelam can help boost intelligence, self-esteem, and fortune. It is best for people who are lawyers, judges, tradesmen, and other businessmen. Besides wealth, it can also improve the wearer's health. Wearing Neelam stone can be highly beneficial for Aquarius and Capricorn natives.

blue sapphire
Yellow Sapphire: According to Vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter represents luck and prosperity. The stone that is associated with Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire . So, wearing Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj can help attract good fortune and a happy marriage. It can rapidly improve a person's financial position and social standing. Zodiac signs including Pisces and Sagittarius can achieve Rajyog wearing the Pukhraj stone.
yellow sapphire

 Hessonite: The next stone is Hessonite, also known as Gomed. If a person has a negative Rahu in their birth chart, wearing Hessonite can help. It can cut the malefic effects of Rahu and keep misfortunes and accidents at bay. It can help the wearer develop patience and bless them with success in business ventures. If you're an Aquarius, wear Hessonite on the middle finger.

hessonite stone

 Red Coral: A stone that will help you win against your enemies and foes is Red Coral . Wearing Moonga stone can make one feel more confident and secure. Newfound self-esteem and security can help the wearer work towards their goals better. It is a suitable stone for people working in the real estate sector. If you're an Aries or Scorpio, buy Red Coral.

red coral stone

 Amethyst: Wearing Amethyst can also bring achievement, riches, and success. Besides, it can bring a sense of spirituality, modesty, and mental peace. Amethyst or Jamunia is excellent for Lawyers, oil suppliers and coal dealers. It can also help individuals who work with machines daily like mechanics and engineers. According to Jyotish Shastra, Capricorn natives or Makar Rashi, people can wear it.

Amethyst stone

 Pearl: The Queen of Gemstones, Pearl  or Moti, is another good gem to invest in. As per Vedic astrology, it is associated with the Moon. Wearing it can bring good fortune and luck to a person. It is an ideal gemstone for people working in artistic or creative pursuits. If your zodiac sign is Cancer, then Pearl is for you.

pearl stone

Cat's Eye: Donning a Cat's Eye  or Lahsuniya stone can help revive lost wealth and prosperity. It can also help restart a business venture previously shut down. Professionals in investment, trading and the stock market can wear the Cat's Eye Stone. It is also known to remove the evil eye. Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac natives can wear the Lahsuniya stone and reap its benefits.

cat's eyw stone

 White Sapphire: Finally, White Sapphire  or Safed Pukhraj is also one of the gemstones to buy on Dhanteras. Wearing it gives an individual a new opportunity to attract money and happiness. It will boost an individual's financial and social status directly. The White Sapphire is a powerful stone for people born under the Taurus, Gemini, and Libra zodiac signs.

white sapphire

Where to Buy Gemstones on Dhanteras Online? 

The festival is just around the corner! And as you start prepping for the celebrations, you might be wondering, "Where to buy gemstones on Dhanteras online?" Look no further than GemsRoot. With our 100% natural gemstone collection, we stand out as the best place to buy gems on this occasion. Our stones are 100% genuine, lab-certified, ethical, and conflict-free at the best prices. Contact our experts today!

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