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An Emerald Pendant is a gemstone jewellery piece with a lot of goodness. It not only adds to your style but also showers various blessings upon you. The combination of rich colour and mystical properties makes green Emerald stone a covetable one. The kings and queens, including Queen Cleopatra, have adorned the gem alike. If you want something other than a ring, then a genuine Emerald pendant is the best choice. To garner the benefits of Emerald green gemstone, contact an expert astrologer at GemsRoot.

Wearing an original Emerald stone pendant offers various benefits. The green gemstone has other names including - Panna, Pachu stone, Maragatham, Marakata, Marathakam Stone and Budh Ratna. It's also known as the "stone of prosperity” and is a May birthstone. It represents royalty, eloquence, wit, and foresight. Wearing a Colombian Emerald Stone Pendant bestows many blessings upon the wearer. These blessings can be spiritual, professional, financial, and health-wise.

According to Vedic astrology, the gemstone's ruling planet is Mercury/Budh. The planet rules over communication, rationality, mentality, thinking patterns, variability, and adaptability. If Mercury's not in a benefic position in someone's horoscope, they must consider wearing an Emerald pendant. It can bring positive life transformations into the wearer's life. Let's look at the benefits of a genuine Emerald pendant below.

  • Enhances Communication: Wearing a real Emerald pendant can help improve oration and communication skills. It can also help people overcome speech impediments such as stuttering, lisp and more. It's best for people working in marketing, sales, telecommunication, and other such professions.
  • Professional Benefits: Panna enhances a wearer's wisdom, intellect, critical thinking, creativity, and focus. All these positive traits help the person gain professional success. It can also help with creative business ventures. Bankers, auditors, brokers, engineers, and mathematicians must wear this stone.
  • Financial Benefit :The green Emerald stone can help attract fortune and prosperity. The gemstone ensures the wearer gets new income and financial growth opportunities.
  • Health Benefits : Wearing an Emerald green pendant necklace offers many health benefits too. It can help soothe issues related to the eyes, ears, skin, and nerves. Besides, it can provide relief from some respiratory allergies.
  • Marital BenefitsFinally, the gemstone can foster love, hope and understanding between couples. It is also associated with the heart chakra, wearing it can open and balance the chakra to both give and receive love. Giving an original emerald stone pendant to your better half can help give rise to a new love

An Emerald pendant is another way to wear the stone beside rings. It's a good option because it looks like an accessory while blessing the wearer with healing properties and benefits. At GemsRoot, we offer different women's and men's Emerald pendant designs. You can choose a metal and design to customize it as per your needs. We offer a wide range of metal choices including - gold, silver, panchdhatu, platinum, white gold and rose gold. Visit our collection to know the Emerald gold pendant cost and place an order.

Want to buy a gold or silver Emerald pendant? It's essential to check its quality before purchasing. Panna gemstones are one of the most coveted stones worldwide. Unfortunately, this also gives rise to the sale of fake or imitation Emeralds. So, it's important to check the gem's authenticity before buying an Emerald pendant. The value of the pendant depends on the stone studded in it. Here are the factors that determine Panna's authenticity.

Origin: The Emerald's origin plays a huge role in determining its quality. The best quality Panna stones come from Colombia and Zambia. Some other origins are Brazil, Afghanistan (Panjshir Valley), Pakistan (Swat Valley) and Ethiopia.

Color : The next big factor is the gemstone's Color. Emeralds are popular for their bright, vivid, and saturated hue. When buying make sure the color is between pure bright green and bluish green. Also, ensure there's an even distribution of color and no color-zoning is visible.

Clarity : It's common for the gemstone to have some inclusions. These inclusions can be gaseous bubbles, liquid films, and solid crystals. If the inclusions don't influence the stone's beauty, they are acceptable.

Carat :It's essential to consider the carat if you're buying for astrological reasons. Astrologers suggest wearing a Panna that's 1/12th of one's body weight. For example, if an individual weighs 60 KG he or she must wear a 5-Ratti Panna stone (60 x 1/12 = 5).

Cut : Cut is another important factor as a good cut can enhance a stone's beauty. An excellent cut by expert gem cutters adds brightness and sparkles to the gem. However, the final choice depends on personal taste and preference.

Treatments: A good quality stone doesn't need treatment. Yet, some oil treatments are common in the case of Panna gemstones.

Certifications: Make sure to ask for authenticity certificates from the seller before buying. At GemsRoot, our entire collection is GRS lab-certified.

Besides these, other factors must be taken into consideration. These factors include treatments, authenticity, and price. Make sure to ask for authenticity certifications from the seller before any purchase.

Emeralds command a high value in the marketplace. They are in demand for both high-fashion jewelry and astrological purposes. In general, a good quality Panna can range between 2,500/- and 40,000/- per carat or more. Remember various factors influence the stone price. The factors can be the origin, rarity, color, clarity, carat, cut, treatments and more. For women's Emerald pendant at the best prices, contact us.

The Emerald green pendant necklace needs meticulous care and cleaning. The gemstone has an above-average score of 7.5 - 8 on the hardness scale. But if one doesn't take proper care, it can lose its brilliant lustre, shine, and charm. Here are some simple tips to clean and care for your Panna pendant.

Basic Cleaning: A regular basic cleaning needs soft and dry cloth. Using the cloth, wipe off any dust or dirt accumulated on the stone.

Deep Cleaning :For a deep clean, one can use lukewarm water to wash off dust. Afterwards, use a dry and soft cloth to pat it dry. Make sure to wipe using a lint-free cloth. Besides, you can also contact an expert for your gemstone jewellery cleaning.

Which Rashi Should Wear Emerald?

Vedic astrology suggests wearing Emeralds to Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius. Besides, people with a weak Mercury in their horoscope can wear it after consultation.

Can Emerald be Worn as a Pendant?

Yes, one can wear an Emerald as a pendant. The stone works well with various metals including gold, silver, white gold, platinum and panchdhatu.

What are the Effects of Emerald Pendant?

Wearing an Emerald pendant has many positive effects. It enhances wisdom, intellect, creativity, rationality and much more. It also brings marital bliss and healthy progeny to couples.

How Do You Style an Emerald Pendant?

You can wear an Emerald pendant any way you want. But, if you want colours that best complement the green hue, choose your outfit as per the colour wheel. Go for reds, pinks, maroons, dark purple and pinks.

Can You Wear an Emerald Necklace every day?

Yes, one can wear an Emerald necklace every day. It does not have durability issues, meaning it's fit for day-to-day use.

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