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Zambian Vs Colombian Emeralds: Which One is the Best?

Zambian Vs Colombian Emeralds: Which One is the Best?

  • Posted by: Admin

Emerald stone is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the industry. It's known for its rarity, clarity, and stunning green hue. It takes millions of years to form. That's why Emerald is relatively rare compared to other stones. Yet, we find it in many places, Zambia and Colombia being the top locations. Let's explore Zambian Vs Colombian Emeralds in detail to help you choose better.

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

As far as the world production of loose Emeralds goes, the biggest contributor is Zambia. About 37% of the world's Panna comes from Zambia followed by Colombia with 33%. The third country is Brazil with 15%. Then comes Russia, Pakistan (Swat Valley), Afghanistan (Panjshir Valley), Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe with a 5% production rate. So, scroll down to learn about the top two Emeralds and what makes each of them brilliant.


What is the Zambian Emerald? 

Zambian Emeralds are emerging as the finest quality Panna stones after Colombia. Zambia, officially known as the Republic of Zambia, lies in South Africa. Large-scale mining began in the region around 1976. Since then, green gemstones have been a striking geological discovery.

Zambian Emerald

These stones display a deeper and more saturated green shade. They have fewer inclusions, stronger structure, and more clarity. The mixture of iron, chromium, beryllium, and vanadium gives them their bluish tint. The bluish tint is what adds depth and uniqueness to the magnificent Zambian Emerald.

Benefits of Zambian Emeralds 

Emeralds from Zambia are excellent for jewelry and astrology. As per Vedic astrology, it's an influential and significant astrological stone. Wearing a Zambian Emerald can benefit people under the influence of the planet, Mercury. It is because the Panna stone represents Mercury (Budh) which is the "Karaka of Intellect."

So, wearing a genuine gemstones can improve oration, creativity, memory and learning speed. Our experts say the gem can also boost the wearer's confidence and cognitive and communication abilities. It helps soothe eyes, nerves, and skin-related issues. Additionally, it can also help overcome fear, anxiety, and depression.

Did You Know?

Out of all the Emeralds worldwide, Rockefeller Emerald is the largest flawless Emerald ever. It is the most expensive Emerald priced at a whopping 5.5 million USD.

What is the Colombian Emerald? 

Emeralds from Colombia are of exceptional quality. They even had a market monopoly at one time. Muzo and Chivor mines are essential mining sites for the Colombian Panna. They exhibit a vibrant color ranging from yellowish to bright green. The region has been producing premium and expensive quality stones for over 4,000 years.

Emerald (Colombia)

Colombian Emerald beads are available at higher prices than gems from other origins with the same qualities. It is because of the reputation the gem has gained. They have less traces of iron and more of chromium. The higher chromium content gives them a bright and pure green shade, making them a highly respected gem.

Benefits of Colombian Emeralds 

Emeralds from Colombia are more prized for fashion jewelry making. But they still possess astrological benefits. The May birthstone symbolizes rebirth, youth, growth, balance, peace, and good fortune. The ancient Veda writings testify to it as the "stone of prosperity." Our experts at GemsRoot suggest wearing Panna gems to Gemini and Virgo natives.

The astrological significance of the stone lies in its clarity and rich color. Consider wearing the gem if you desire mental, financial, and creative growth. Emerald gems represent the planet of intelligence, Mercury. So, it can improve overall mental health. They are ideal for people working in banking, arts, mass media, journalism, and public relations.

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The Major Differences between Zambian Vs Colombian Emeralds

Sl. No 


Zambian Emeralds 

Colombian Emeralds 



Zambian Panna stones have a dark green hue with a slight bluish tint. The color ranges from dark green to bluish green. The high iron component gives the gem its unique bluish undertones. 

Colombian Panna stones are yellowish to bright green. Market standards consider it the benchmark for other Emeralds from different origins. The high chromium content gives them a bright, rich, and saturated green shade. 



We can regard natural Zambian Emeralds as a good option close to "eye-clean" stones. Even though eye-clean gems are rare finds. They do offer stunning clarity compared to other origins. 

Emeralds from Colombia also offer excellent clarity. But they do include more inclusions than Zambian. The vibrant color makes the inclusions more prominently visible. 



When cutting Zambian stone, it is necessary to opt for a technique that saves most carat weight. Gem cutters prefer oval, rectangular, emerald, square and octagonal cuts for the same. 

Gem cutters like going for an emerald cut when cutting Colombian stones. It hides the visibility of natural internal fractures. Another cut is oval, it helps mask inclusions without wasting the stone. 



They consist of fewer inclusions than gems from another origin. Remember, it is nearly impossible to find stones with zero obvious inclusions.  

They contain more natural inclusions compared to Zambian ones. 



Prices can start from 2,500/- and the range can also go over 40,000/- per carat.  

Price can start from 3,200/- and can go over 40,000/- per carat.  



Panna stones from Zambia are more ethically and sustainably sourced.  

Muzo and Chivor mines have been supplying Emeralds for a long time. They claim to be committed to sustainable mining.   


Trace Element 

The trace element is iron.  

Its trace element is chromium.  


Oil Drop Effect 




Zambian or Colombian Emerald: Which is Better to Buy?

Both Zambian and Colombian Emeralds have their unique features. They're varieties of the beryl mineral with some differences in color, quality, and price. They're both beautiful options, but astrologically it all comes down to personal preference and budget. So, if you want to explore various Emerald options, check out our premium Emerald collection at GemsRoot.

Our wide range consists of high-quality Zambian and Colombian Panna stones at reasonable prices. We deal in lab-certified, conflict-free and 100% natural Emeralds at the best prices. The Emerald stone supply has been great over the years. But it's essential to find sustainable alternate sources. Sources that meet current demands without causing irreversible environmental damage.

And at GemsRoot, we offer exactly that - ethical and genuinely beautiful stones. Contact us today

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