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Heated Vs Unheated Yellow Sapphire: Which One is the Best?

Heated Vs Unheated Yellow Sapphire: Which One is the Best?

  • Posted by: Admin

Yellow Sapphire is a precious gemstone that’s highly coveted! It’s revered by the ancient and today's humankind alike. The stone is popular for its rarity, stunning yellow color, and astrological significance. But there are two kinds of Yellow Sapphire available in the market, heated and unheated. There's an ongoing debate over which one is a better choice.yellow sapphire stone

Some say that the unheated ones are more potent, whilst this depends on personal beliefs. In this blog, we attempt to clarify the ongoing debate among gemstone lovers. We will explore the differences between the two types and their merits. We're sure this blog will help you make informed decisions when buying a Yellow Sapphire gemstone. Let's get started! 

What is Yellow Sapphire Stone? 

Yellow Sapphire is one of the most in-demand gems in the gemstone realm. It's also known as Pukhraj Stone, Peetmani, or Pushparag in Hindi. It hails from the corundum mineral family, the same as the Ruby Stone and Blue Sapphire. It's renowned worldwide for its rich yellow hue, brilliance, and luster. The stone gets its color from the presence of iron and chromium. As per Vedic astrology, wearing it brings wisdom, prosperity, good health, and spirituality. But which one should you buy - heated or unheated Pukhraj Stone?

What is the Benefit of Yellow Sapphire?

Before understanding heated versus unheated Pukhraj, let's get to know its benefits. As per Vedic science, there are myriad benefits of Yellow Sapphire. Its ruling planet is Jupiter, also known as Brihaspati in Hindi. Astrologers suggest wearing it to natives with a malefic Jupiter. It helps strengthen the planet's position in one's birth chart. Besides strengthening Jupiter, it brings intellect, wealth, health, spirituality, harmonious relationships and more. Zodiac signs including Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio can wear Peetmani.

Heated Yellow Sapphire

Heated Yellow Sapphire undergoes a heat treatment to enhance colour and clarity. Heat treatments are a standard occurrence in the gemstone industry. The procedure involves exposing the gem to high temperatures under a controlled environment. The temperature can go up to 1800 degrees Celsius for varying periods. They are heated until the desired color and clarity are achieved. The stones are then slowly cooled to avoid forming cracks or fractures.

The heating procedure can result in fewer impurities and less visible inclusions. Furthermore, it creates brighter, more intense, and vibrant Pushparag. Remember, the procedure doesn't involve the use of any coloring agents or artificial dyes. It doesn't devalue the gemstone in any way. People prefer them over unheated ones due to their color, clarity, and affordability. But not all Pukhraj Stones are fit for heating, and this can affect stone's value. It's important to seek expert advice before buying the stone.

Unheated Yellow Sapphire

Unheated Yellow Sapphire is natural, pure, and untouched. This variety has not been subject to heat treatments. The stones are mined and cut into various shapes without artificial enhancements. According to industry standards, they are of the highest quality. They exhibit natural color, clarity, intensity, and brilliance. Their beauty lies in their authenticity and each stone has a unique color and inclusions. The rarity and originality contribute to their high price tags.
Some unheated Pukhraj Stones come from Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand, and Tanzania. The color can range from pale lemon to deep golden yellow. But the most desirable color in the gemstone industry is canary yellow. Many people prefer buying unheated over heated ones. They believe the former has more powerful astrological benefits. It's best to consult an expert gemologist and astrologer who can guide you on the stone's quality and origin.

Difference Between Heated and Unheated Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire gemstone can either be heated or unheated. Both have their unique merits and drawbacks. Let's look at some major differences between the two below. We hope this helps clarify gemstone lovers ' wrangling over which one is a better choice.

Heated Yellow Sapphire Unheated Yellow Sapphire 
  • Heated Pukhraj stones tend to appear more uniform, vivid, and saturated in terms of color.
  • They also have fewer inclusions due to the heat treatment.
  • Unheated Pukhraj exhibits a natural and unique appearance.
  • Its color is also eye-catching with inclusions that enhance its beauty and character. 
Astrological Benefits 
  • As per some beliefs, heat treatments often affect the stone’s astrological benefits.
  • One must inspect an individual stone to determine its merits.
  • It’s best to consult an expert if you’re considering buying the gem for astrological purposes. 
  • According to expert astrologers, unheated gemstones are the best.
  • As they are in their natural and untreated form, they hold the most astrological benefits.
  • To harness the most benefits, get in touch with a learned astrologer. 
  • Heated gemstones are often priced lower compared to natural ones due to their treatment history.  

  • Unheated stones are considered valuable and rare. Thus, they are often priced high.  
  • The heat treatment doesn’t compromise with the stone’s value.
  • However, the industry standards consider it less valuable compared to unheated Peetmani.
  • Due to their natural properties, they are highly valued.
  • Their color, clarity, brilliance, and luster are all natural and beautiful without any enhancements. 
  • Both heated and unheated gemstones are hard enough for everyday wear.
  • The treatment does not affect its durability. 
  • Both heated and unheated gemstones are hard enough for everyday wear.
  • The treatment does not affect its durability.

5 Best Tips to Identify Heated Vs Unheated Yellow Sapphire 

Identifying the difference between an unheated and heated stone needs expertise. Yet, there are some signs that an amateur can look for to determine if the gem has been heated or not. Here are some tips to tell apart unheated and heated Peetamani.

Color Saturation: Heated Pukhraj stone displays an unnatural color saturation. The color appears to be intensely uneven, vivid, and concentrated. If the stone seems to be brighter and more saturated than usual, it may show the involvement of heat treatment.

Color Concentration: Heated gemstones often exhibit even color throughout. There are no colorless or lighter areas. Whereas unheated ones consist of areas of uneven, lighter, or colorless patches. Look for color uniformity and you'll be able to tell apart between the two.

Silk Inclusions: Natural Pukhraj stone features needle-like inclusions also known as silk. In general, they appear to be in clusters and are whitish. Heating treatments often lead to the dissolving of silk inclusions. Thus, the complete absence of silk inclusions indicates the involvement of enhancement treatment using heat.

Surface Pitting: Unheated stones display small cavities, pits, and surface aberrations caused during crystal formation. Upon heating, these imperfections are smoothened out. So, if you notice an unusually smooth and glossy surface, it's a clear sign of heat treatment.

Expert Consultation: Determining whether a gem has been heated or not can be challenging without advanced testing. That's why it's best to contact experts. Certified gemologists and astrologers can check the stone and tell if any enhancement has been made to the gem or not.

Heated or Unheated Yellow Sapphire: Which One Should You Buy?  

The ultimate choice between heated and unheated Pukhraj depends on preference and budget. A heated Pukhraj offers vivid and intense color at lower costs compared to an unheated one. Also, some believe its astrological benefits are minimized or altered due to heat treatment. Whereas unheated Pukhraj is rare and valued for its natural appearance. As per beliefs, it also has more potent astrological benefits and healing properties.

Whether you go for a heated or unheated stone, you must feel secure about your gemstone purchase. The best way to do this is to buy gemstones from reliable brands such as GemsRoot.com! We offer a wide selection of Yellow Sapphire stones, catering to different needs, preferences, and budgets. Our gems are real, ethical, sustainable, lab-certified, and conflict-free. Browse through our website and contact us for 100% natural gemstones, Astro consultation and tarot reading services today! 

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