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The Best Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas: Ruby or Emerald?

The Best Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas: Ruby or Emerald?

  • Posted by: Admin

The season of love, Valentine's Day is upon us! It's a great opportunity to show your significant others how much you care about them. This year don't depend on last-minute gift shopping and put in effort. And remember to ditch the flowers and chocolates. Instead, give a gift that lasts and keeps on giving. Have any Valentine's Day gifts ideas? How about some sparkling gemstones?

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

There's no better Valentine's Day gift than gemstone jewelry. They are not only beautiful, but they're also a romantic and meaningful gift. There are many stones for success in love, marital harmony, and even moving on. But, when it comes to gemstones for love, Ruby and Emerald are our favorites. So, the dilemma is, what to gift on Valentine's Day? Rubies or Emeralds.

In this blog, let's decide what is the best gift for Valentine's Day. We hope by the end of this post, you know whether to give Rubies or Emeralds this V-day.

Ruby - The Color of Love

Ruby stone, also known as Manik Stone, is considered the symbol of true love. The stone's history, significance and unique properties go way beyond mere aesthetics. It's a captivating and revered gift choice to express love, care, and devotion. But why has it been the most cherished symbol of passionate love for ages? First, Ruby has a long history that dates to classical times.

Many cultures wore Ruby as a talisman of power, protection, and passion. It was also associated with life forces and vitality. No wonder they were a popular choice for adornments and jewelry even then. Second, Ruby stone has a striking, intense, and alluring red color. Its deep and vivid red hue is believed to have the power to kindle love, passion, and romance.

One can gift Ruby to their significant other to ignite the flames of desire. It ensures the heart's love keeps burning bright. Today, Rubies continue to hold their significance in the love and romance realm. They're often the first choice for engagement rings, representing passionate love between couples. Also, wearing Manikya has many astrological love benefits.

It can promote emotional healing, balance hormones, and strengthen relationships. Besides, it also energizes and balances the heart chakra. If you're thinking of unique Valentine Day gifts ideas, Ruby is great for such significant milestones. Whether you're looking for gemstone jewelry or want to appreciate its benefits, Ruby will continue to captivate hearts.

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Emerald - The Symphony of Love

Next, we have the stunning, green-colored gemstone, Emerald! It is an equally romantic gem which is also known as the "stone of successful love." It often symbolizes hope and eternal love between two people. Emerald or Panna Stone has been a source of fascination in various cultures. It was worshipped and honored for its beauty and mystical benefits by the Inca and Cleopatra.

If you want meaningful Valentine Day gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend, consider giving them an Emerald stone. The beautiful green stone can bring love, loyalty, positivity, and compassion to couples. It can also strengthen existing relationships and marriages. It nurtures the heart and the heart chakra. Enduring relationships are built on the grounds of unconditional love, faith and understanding. And Emeralds help you do that.

According to Vedic astrology, the Panna stone's ruling planet is Mercury. It has a huge influence on relationships, especially between a man and a woman. It also influences a person's communication which has a direct impact on relationships. Emerald can help improve eloquent communication which can further contribute to stronger relationships. The gem can regenerate love, compassion, hope, trust, and vitality.

Free Online Gemstone Recommendation Tool

An Emerald ring is a go-to gift option, if you want something that symbolizes your love's strength. It's not only breathtaking and classy, it represents a couple's unbreakable bond. For a love that gives, sacrifices, and completes, choose Panna Stone. Interestingly, it's also a traditional gemstone for the 55th wedding anniversary, also known as the Emerald anniversary.

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Matching Gem with Zodiac Signs

Ruby and Emerald are thoughtful gifts to give. But, if you also want to consider its astrological aspect, make sure to check your partner's zodiac compatibility with the stone. As per Vedic astrology, the natives of Leo, Aries, Scorpio, and Sagittarius can wear Ruby. Whereas the natives of Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Libra, Aquarius, and Capricorn can wear a Panna. Wearing gemstones that best suit your significant other's zodiac sign can bring life-changing transformations into their lives.

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Celebrity-Inspired Gemstone Jewelry for Valentine's Day

Skip the obvious heart box full of chocolates! Give something special and everlasting this love season. If you decide on getting gemstone jewelry for him or her, let celebrities be your inspiration.

Katy Perry's Engagement Ring

               Jessica Simpson's Engagement Ring 

Megan Fox's Engagement Ring 

Victoria Beckham's Emerald Ring 

Looking for Valentine's Day Gifts Online?

No matter which gemstone for love you choose to give on Valentine's, make sure to give it with a sincere heart. Rubies and Emeralds are both wonderful options, but it all comes down to taste and budget. When you've finally made your decision, contact us at GemsRoot.com!

We offer natural and high-quality gemstones at the best prices. Our gem collection is also sustainable, ethical, conflict-free, and lab-certified. Give a gift of eternity to your forever bond with timeless treasures. Contact us today! 

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