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9 Best Crystals for Protection of Your Home

9 Best Crystals for Protection of Your Home

  • Posted by: Admin

Your home is your haven; a place where you can unwind, relax, and recharge. It must have a positive, protective, and nurturing aura that uplifts you every time. As the outside world can often get chaotic, coming back home should feel like a healing retreat. Yet, sometimes, our home can absorb negative energies and emotions. It is where the crystals for protection come in!

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Our home is like an extension of us and when it soaks up negative vibes, we're affected. People living in a space with negativity can feel fear, discomfort, anxiety, or sadness. It can affect their overall health and well-being. Not to forget, negativity also multiplies and contributes to further imbalance. That's why it's essential to reclaim your space and protection stones can help you do that.

In this blog post, we'll explore 9 powerful crystals that can help remove negativity from home. These gemstones will help you restore boundaries and fill them with positivity. Scroll down to see which healing stones can bring love, abundance, and joy into your abode.

What is Negative Energy? 

Before knowing about the crystals for negativity, let's understand what negative energy is. Negative energy is like a negative frequency or feeling that humans can sense. There's no scientific equipment to measure it, still, we all know how it feels like. It can come from your surroundings, people or even your thoughts. It can also perpetuate and create more negativity. Its presence can lead to people's physical and mental exhaustion.

What Attracts Negative Energy to Your Home?

We now know that our house can pick up on bad vibes, but what exactly causes this? Various factors can attract and contribute to adversity. It's crucial to identify and remove them from your space to create a harmonious one. Let's look at some factors that can be the reason for the negative vibes in your house.

Unresolved Conflicts - If there's an unresolved conflict, negativity from it can linger in the house.

Clutter - An unorganized and cluttered space can lead to negativity.

Poor Energy Flow - When there's a lot of bad energy inflow, it attracts bad vibes into your house. The bad flow could be due to negative people coming to your house too.

Negative Past Events - Bad energy can linger in a house that recently had a traumatic or negative event.

Geopathic Stress - It is the stress that emanates from the Earth such as ley lines or underground streams. Besides, negative vibes can also come from Vaastu Dosha.

Identify Signs of Negative Energy in Your Home

Remember the quicker you remove the negatives from your home the better. Bad vibes like to cling to people who encounter them in hopes they can stay. So, here are some quick ways to detect if there are bad energies in your house. If you're experiencing anything mentioned below, it is time to act.

Feeling Emotional for No Reason - Sometimes, people feel emotional for no clear reason at all. It often means that there are bad energy sources in the house.

Feeling Exhausted & Confused - If there's a constant feeling of exhaustion, confusion, and lack of motivation, it's a clear indication of bad vibes.

Sudden Infestation - It's a telltale sign that something is wrong if there's a sudden infestation in the house. If you have never had an issue with insects, cockroaches, or bugs, but you have one out of nowhere, it's time to clear your home's energy.

That Specific Room - Be aware of how you feel in each room, it must feel welcoming. If there's a specific room that feels heavy or it's often where fights break out, there's negativity that needs to be cleansed.

Everything Going Wrong at Once - If there is a series of bad events occurring in a short period, the chances of having negativity in your house are high. One can experience sudden financial losses, repetitive mishappening or accidents.

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Most Powerful Crystals for Protection and Good Luck 

Now that we know the factors that can cause negativity and ways to identify them, let's look at the crystals for protection. These crystals/gemstones can help dispel bad energies from your home. They can make you feel confident, comfortable, and energized in your space again. We hope through these crystals you can create a space to rest easily, recharge and switch off from the world outside.


Amethyst, also known as Jamunia, is the best stone for protection from negative energy. Its purple color represents "purity of spirits." It's believed to carry purifying effects that help soothe suffering. It can help shake off any stress and anxiety and promote a serene space. The crystal ensures that you're feeling strong, secure, and connected to your spirituality. Also, it's an excellent stone to promote inner peace.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is full of grounding and positive energy. It ensures sending the negative vibes straight out of the door. The healing crystal acts like a sponge, absorbing all the bad vibes. It ensures every time you step foot into your home, you feel safe, secure, and grounded. Besides, it can help keep psychic attacks and negative entities at bay.


Another recommended crystal for home cleansing is Obsidian. It is also known as "molten magic." It has many protective and grounding properties that can act as a shield against negative vibes. It's an excellent cleanser for adversities. The stone not only cleanses your surroundings but also clears your mind of negative thoughts such as - jealousy, anger, resentment, and greed.


Pyrite, also known as “fool’s gold”, is a wonderful addition to your home. The sparkly crystal is stable and strong and can help you grow. Keeping it in your space can improve your health, wealth, and mindset. It promotes individual's living in the light of pure thinking. It ensures that the bad energy is sent back its way and doors are open to welcome luck, abundance, and well-being.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a master healer that can help cleanse and finetune your space. It is perfect to set your intentions and transform them into reality. It means whatever energy you want to manifest for your home will become its reality. Also, clear quartz/Sphatic helps boost self-love and confidence. Choose this clear-headed gemstone to cleanse yourself and your surroundings of toxic energies.


Labradorite has many mystical properties and benefits. One of them is to keep you connected to your inner self and thoughts. It promotes a deeper relationship with yourself and nurtures your third eye and throat chakra. This amazing stone can make your space a safe place for communication. It means you can be yourself without any hesitations. Correctly use this stone and restore the positive energy.


Having Amber in your house is like having the Sun as your bodyguard. The crystals harbor a warm light and beam that can clear away any negativity around you. It's also popular as a protective talisman that dispels bad vibes and heals people around it. Keep Amber near you to not only detoxify your space but also cleanse your mind, body, and soul.


You can also consider Fluorite when looking for protection stones. It works like an energy vacuum cleaner. It cleanses your space, mind, body and spirit of stress, anxiety, bad vibes, and other negative energies. Few people know this, but Fluorite is excellent for energy clearing. Having it around you will stabilize your aura and safeguard you from psychic manipulations. You can also keep it at your work desk to combat bad vibes.

Red Jasper

Finally, we have Red Jasper. It is well-known to soak up negative energy. According to ancient Chinese traditions too, keeping Red Jasper can help clear spaces of any bad energy. Various cultures use it as a protection amulet. Besides, it helps boost people's mental clarity and problem-solving skills.

How to Use Crystals for Protection? 

Now that we know the various crystals to use to get rid of negative energy, let's understand how to use them. There are different ways to use them, and it all depends on one's preference. And no matter which method you select, these healing stones are bound to safeguard you from further adversities. Here are some easy ways to put the crystals to use.

Meditate & Visualize - The first method is to meditate using your chosen crystal. Take the crystal in your hand and visualize negative energies leaving your house. Also, welcome positive vibes while you're practicing it.

Target Areas - The second method is to place the crystal at certain points. You can place it on windowsills, entry points and doorways. It is the quickest way to ensure bad energy is dispelled before it even enters your space.

Build an Alter - The Third is to create alters. You can create a sacred space within your home with crystals, incense, and other positive energy icons.

Build a Crystal Grid - Finally, you can also create a crystal grid using your chosen crystals. It's an excellent and powerful way to manifest protection against adversities. Besides, you can use them to manifest your goals, dreams, and intentions.

Where to Buy Crystals for Protection? 

Removing bad energy from your home can get tedious, yet we hope that this blog helps you find a suitable gemstone/crystal. These crystals for protection are all about creating a grounding, safe and relaxing space. They'll help you grow authentically and build healthy relations and boundaries with others.

By bringing these stones, you're not only safeguarding your home, but you’re also safeguarding your soul. So, to buy crystals for protection and good luck, always choose GemsRoot.com! We offer 100% natural crystals and gemstones at the best prices. Our products are ethical, sustainable, conflict-free, and lab-certified. If you want to create a harmonious and positive living space, contact our experts today. 

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