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Which Metal is the Best for Your Emerald Ring?

Which Metal is the Best for Your Emerald Ring?

  • Posted by: Admin

A part of the big four gemstones, the Emerald, is one of the most irresistible stones ever. It's highly coveted because of its allure, rarity, and rich green color. As per Vedic astrology, it offers many healing properties and mystical benefits. Wearing it can enhance communication, wisdom, intellect, finances, creativity, health, and marital harmony. If you want to buy Panna stone online, make sure to select the right metal.

As per the sacred texts, each gemstone has an assigned metal that helps bring better results. Also, every stone is ruled by a planet out of the nine planets. For instance, Emerald's ruling planet is Mercury (Budh). To remove the ruling planet's malefic effects, wear the stone with a suitable metal. So, the question arises - which is the best metal for a natural emerald gemstone? Silver or gold?

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

In this blog, we'll answer all these questions. Scroll down to know which metal to select for your next Emerald jewelry.

The Benefits of Emerald Stone

Before we get to know what Emerald’s, suitable metal, is, let’s look at the benefits of a Panna Stone. The reasons why astrologers suggest, and people wear it are many. First, its ruling planet is Mercury, which has a huge influence on individual lives. When it's in a malefic positive in someone's birth chart, they can feel adverse effects.

Some effects include irrationality, unstable mind, speech disorders, learning difficulties and more. Wearing a Panna Stone can help remove all these negative influences. Second, it can bring positive influences such as improvement in speech. It boosts wisdom, intellect, creativity, finances, and health. It can also bring positivity and understanding between couples. As per Vedic astrology, zodiac signs including Gemini and Virgo can wear it.

If you want to know Panna Stone's benefits in detail, read - Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Metal 

As discussed, the sacred texts assign a metal to every gemstone. Wearing a stone combined with its compatible metal yields the most benefits. Also, each gem is ruled by a planet. So, the metal acts like the stone's throne. Both help strengthen the planet's position in an individual's birth chart. Emerald is ruled by Mercury and astrologers often suggest wearing it in gold.

However, Emerald has a neutral planet. It has both feminine and masculine characteristics. It's neither too aggressive nor too soft. Overall, it's a balanced planet. So, it means that one can wear a Panna in any metal. In the end, it all comes down to preference, budget, and expert astrologer's recommendation. Let's see the various metal options to make your Emerald jewelry below.

Suitable Metal Options for Emerald Gemstone 

Though most astrologers suggest wearing an Emerald Stone in gold or Silver. One can wear it in any choice of metal. When buying certified emeralds online, ensure considering the stone's color, skin tone, and design. etc. We have listed the most popular metals for Panna below.


The most popular metal that astrologers suggest for Panna is gold. It's a traditional choice for astrological and high-end jewelry. This is because of gold's durability and luxurious appeal and appearance. Wearing it in gold can sharpen the wearer's intellect and wisdom. It can also bless the wearer with marketing, business, and logical skills.


Silver is an affordable option if someone can't go for gold. Astrologers often recommend silver as an alternative option to gold. But it is just as beneficial. If Emerald's color goes better with a silver ring, then go with it. Wearing it can bless the wearer with creativity, arithmetic skills, and reasoning ability.


Many astrologers suggest wearing a Panna with Panchdhatu. It's also compatible with astrological gemstones in many ways. This metal is a combination of five holy metals including gold, silver, iron, copper, and lead. Wear it to achieve financial growth and better income opportunities. Make sure to wear it in a manner that the gemstone touches the skin.


If one has enough budget to buy emerald online in a Platinum ring, they can go ahead. It is a luxurious metal and looks stunning with Emeralds. Wear it to garner the blessing of Lord Budh and strengthen Mercury. It can improve the wearer's thinking abilities and facilitate the expression of thoughts.

White Gold

One can also wear a Panna with white gold. It can give you positive thoughts and psychological benefits. They can expect all the benefits of the stone to come into their lives. Everything from intellect, growth, and success to new opportunities will be on your way. Remember to examine Mercury's position in your birth chart before wearing it.

Rose Gold

Finally, one can Emerald gemstones in rose gold too. It's a popular metal for jewellery. Wear the stone in a rose gold ring to promote loyalty, love, and harmony in relationships. It can also improve the wearer's wisdom, knowledge, creativity, growth, and overall well-being.

Did You Know? 

In ancient times, people wore Panna stone in metals like Ashtadhatu. The Ashta-dhatu comprises eight metals. It consists of gold, silver, lead, copper, zinc, iron, tin, and mercury.

Buy Certified Panna Stone Online 

Emerald is also known as the "stone of success." There's no doubt that it offers a plethora of astrological benefits. And it's suitable with most metals. So, if you want to buy Panna Stone online, choose none other than GemsRoot.com. We offer 100% natural gemstones at the best prices! We also customize rings/jewelry in the metal of your choice.

Our gemstones are sustainable, ethical, conflict-free, and lab-certified. Besides, our astrologers recommend suitable stones after a thorough reading of your birth chart. So, contact us for certified Panna stone with your preferred metal today. 

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