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7 Best Ways to Know If Yellow Sapphire Suits You

7 Best Ways to Know If Yellow Sapphire Suits You

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Yellow Sapphire is one of the most revered stones among the Navratnas! Its brilliant glow, fascinating history and celestial astrological benefits draw everyone towards it. It's also known as Pukhraj Stone, Peetamani, Pushparagam Stone and Kanakapushyaragam Stone. As per Vedic science, its ruling planet is Jupiter (Brihaspati). Zodiac natives of Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo, Cancer, Aries, and Scorpio can wear the stone.

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Yet, one must check its suitability before wearing it. If a Pukhraj Ratna is befitting for you, it will bring worldly blessings and success. If not, then the wearer can experience its adverse effects. If you want to wear a Pukhraj Stone or are already wearing one, here are the best tips to help you know if it suits you or not. 

Benefits of Wearing Pukhraj 

Before knowing about gemstone suitability, let's understand the benefits of wearing Pukhraj. Yellow Sapphire gemstone holds a huge significance in the world of astrology. Its ruling planet Jupiter has a great influence on the natives' lives. Wearing it can help strengthen a weak Jupiter in one's horoscope. The awe-inspiring stone can bring prosperity, intelligence, good health, success, and spirituality. Besides, it can bring marital harmony and help align chakras. If you also want to harness these benefits, consult an expert, and check gem suitability. 

How Do You Know If Yellow Sapphire Suits You? 

Only a learned astrologer can tell if a gemstone suits the wearer or not. But there are a few tips that can help us check its suitability too. Let's look at each pointer, one at a time.

Astro Consultation: The best way to check if a Pukhraj Ratna suits you is to consult an astrologer. They can recommend you your lucky stone after examining your birth chart. If Peetamani is beneficial for you, they can also suggest the right gem carat, metal, and finger to wear. Besides, they will tell you the auspicious time and correct ritual to wear the gemstone.

Good Health: If you are wearing it and you don't feel any negative effects on your health, it means it's suiting you. You can feel your immune system getting stronger and health issues resolved. The wearer can experience better blood circulation and refreshed vitality.

Positive Changes: You will notice many positive transformations in your life. Be it personal, professional, or financial aspect, you'll be soaring to new heights everywhere.

No Adverse Effects: If you haven't seen any adverse effects, it means it suits you. In general, if a gemstone is unsuitable, its ill effects start to show within 3 days of wearing it.

Success: You begin gaining success in all aspects of life. You may get an increment, promotion, new source of income or success in business ventures. Any kind of professional or financial success is a clear sign of the stone working.

Improved Decision-Making: The wearer becomes a great decision-maker, even in confusing situations. You become wise, intelligent, and confident enough to get rid of indecisiveness.

Good News: After donning the gem, if you feel good news is coming your way; then best believe that the gem's working. 

How Do You Know If Pukhraj Is Not Suiting You? 

We now know how to tell if a natural Pukhraj stone is working. But what are the signs of it not suiting an individual? Let's look at the pointers that suggest the stone is unsuitable. As per Vedic science, it's best to consult an astrologer as soon as you notice the signs below.

Gemstone Breakage: If you notice sudden cracks on the gem's surface, it means it is not suiting you. You must speak to an astrologer and discuss this immediately.

Uneasiness: If you begin to feel uneasy, anxious, or nervous after wearing the stone, it's not meant for you. Some people also begin to have nightmares or are unable to sleep.

Health Issues: You may start adopting unhealthy habits and a poor lifestyle. You may also suffer from new health issues that you didn't have earlier.

Mental Health Issues: The wearer might also experience sudden mental health problems. There can be a lot of ambiguities in the native's mind. This leads to a lack of wisdom, poor decision-making and much more.

Negative Effects: You don't see any benefits but only negatives coming your way. There's a degradation in personal, professional, and financial life aspects. Everything that should improve begins to deteriorate more than it already was. 

Best Ways to Overcome Adversities of Yellow Sapphire 

The signs discussed above attest to the fact the gemstone is unsuitable. Here are some ways in which you can avoid the ill effects of an unsuitable stone. Ensure you follow them before and after wearing the stone to maximize its benefits. 

Consult an Expert Astrologer 

It's best to talk to a learned astrologer when buying and wearing a natural Yellow Sapphire. They are qualified to give the right stone recommendation after examining one's horoscope. It might be an auspicious stone but remember it's not suitable for all. You can contact experts at GemsRoot or try our free gemstone recommendations tool. We not only suggest the best gem but also tell you the right remedies, Vedic procedures, mantras and much more. 

Follow the Right Procedure to Wear Yellow Sapphire 

Once you're sure that Peetamani is good for you, make sure to follow the correct wearing process. To harness the most benefits from the gem, following the Vidhi is essential. Also, ensure to select the right carat weight and metal for the gemstone. If you want to know more about the correct wearing procedure, here's How to Wear a Pukhraj Stone? 

Remember to Clean and Maintain the Stone  

It is crucial to clean and re-energize Yellow Sapphire to maintain its benefits. The stone can get soiled due to everyday wear and use. The dirt and grime on it can block the blessings from reaching the wearer. For easy cleaning, use a soft damp cloth to wipe off the gemstone clean. If you want to know more about taking care of Pukhraj, here are the best Ways to Clean and Maintain Your Yellow Sapphire Stone

Buy a Pukhraj Stone Online at GemsRoot! 

Pukhraj Ratna is an excellent gemstone packed with myriad astrological benefits! It's power enough to either make or break the life of a wearer. If you want to buy a natural Yellow Sapphire online or offline, remember to consult an expert astrologer. At GemsRoot.com, we offer the best gem recommendation services and gemstones ever. We offer Yellow Sapphire at the best prices! Our gems are 100% natural, ethical, sustainable, lab-certified, and conflict-free. Contact us for more information or guidance today! 

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