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Ways to Clean and Maintain Your Yellow Sapphire Stone

Ways to Clean and Maintain Your Yellow Sapphire Stone

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Yellow Sapphire, also known as the Pukhraj Stone, has fascinated humans for centuries. It is a rare gemstone that hails from the corundum mineral family. Its vibrant yellow colour, rarity, clarity, and celestial benefits make it a highly coveted stone. Men and women around the world adore it alike. Expert astrologers suggest wearing the Yellow Sapphire Stone after analysing their birth chart.

In general, it best suits the natives of Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac signs. One can wear the stone as a ring, pendant, bracelet, or any other jewellery item. Wearing Pukhraj Stone every day can help the wearer rope in many astrological benefits. It can attract abundance, prosperity, wisdom, spirituality, and success in life. But when one wears it regularly, it can start getting dirty.

yellow sapphire stone

The gemstone comes in contact with dirt, sweat, food, and other foreign particles. So, cleaning it at regular intervals becomes non-negotiable. Besides, cleaning can not only preserve the stone's beauty but also re-energize its powers. Let's look at the tips to clean and maintain a Pukhraj Ratna below. 

Benefits of Pukhraj Gemstone 

Before we learn how to clean and care for Yellow Sapphire gemstones, let's dive into its benefits. It holds great significance in the gemstone and astrology world. It blesses the wearer with astrological, metaphysical, and spiritual benefits. Remember, despite it being an auspicious gem, wear it only after an expert consultation. Here are some top benefits of Yellow Sapphire stone below.

Strengthen Jupiter: The stone's ruling planet is Jupiter. It is also known as Guru or Brihaspati. Pukhraj Ratna can remove its malefic effects while attracting positive ones. Wear it to attract growth, prosperity, miracles, and healing.

Attract Prosperity: It can promote financial growth and success in business and jobs.

Mental Clarity: The stone helps clear your mind of any negative thoughts. The person experiences better focus, creativity, and imagination abilities.

Physical Benefits: Wearing an original Yellow Sapphire has various health benefits. It can help overcome fatigue and rejuvenate your energy. Besides, it can also cure stomach-related issues.

Spiritual Awakening: If you want to connect with your higher self, consider this stone. Wearing it daily can open your path towards spirituality.

Balance Chakras: Finally, the gem is also associated with the solar plexus chakra. An open and balanced chakra will give you self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of control.

Best Methods to Clean Yellow Sapphire Stone

Pukhraj Stone scores a solid 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. It's one of the hardest gemstones ever known to humankind. It might not be affected by cleaning, but we must be gentle while doing so. Here are some best ways to clean and care for a Peetmani.

Under Running Water

The fastest method to clean a Pukhraj Ratna is to clean it under running water. If the stone is not that dirty, this is the best and the gentlest way of cleaning. Hold the gem under the running water while scrubbing it with your fingers. Afterwards, pat it with a soft and dry cloth. Remember the water temperature must be normal, not too hot, or too cold.

Lukewarm Water

If the gemstone is dirtier than usual, it might need a deep cleaning. For this, take lukewarm water in a bowl and add some mild detergent to it. Mix them well to create a soapy mixture and put the Pukhraj Stone in the mixture for 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, take the gem out and use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt.

Once clean, use normal water to wash off the remaining soap and pat it dry using a soft cloth. Sometimes, people are skeptical about submerging their stone into a soapy mixture. If you also don't want to, use a soft cloth to dip in the mixture and use that to clean off the gemstone. You can wear your gem once it has dried off completely. 

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Things to Avoid When Cleaning Yellow Sapphire Stone 

We saw simple methods to clean Yellow Sapphire gemstones at home. Now let's look at some things to avoid doing when cleaning the stone.

  • Avoid using too hold or too cold water to clean, the water be normal or lukewarm.
  • Do not use a harsh bristle brush to scrub the gemstone.
  • Don't use harsh detergents for cleaning.
  • Avoid using a dirty cloth to clean or wipe off the gem.
  • Avoid bringing the stone near perfumes, hairsprays, and chlorine. 

How to Energize an Original Yellow Sapphire?  

Besides cleaning an original Yellow Sapphire, re-energizing it before wearing it is also essential. It is necessary to maintain the positive effects of the gemstone. Here are some easy ways to re-activate your gem at home.

Under the Sun

The first method to energise the stone is through the sun. Take water, Ganga Jal and turmeric in a bowl and immerse the stone in that mixture. Place the bowl under direct sunlight for at least 2 hours. After 2 hours wash the ring clean with normal water and wear it as per the astrologer's suggestion. In general, experts recommend wearing a Pukhraj on the index finger on Thursday.

Under the Moonlight

The next best way to activate the stone is by placing it under the moonlight. For this method, take a bowl with water, Ganga Jal, and turmeric mixture. Immerse the gemstone ring in the bowl and place it under direct moonlight. This technique will help harness lunar energy. After activating the stone, wear it following a proper procedure.

GemsRoot Online Consult

Yellow Sapphire is an excellent astrological gemstone with myriad benefits. To gain those benefits, it's necessary to clean and re-energize them. And it's even more important to buy an original Yellow Sapphire stone. At GemsRoot.com, we offer 100% natural gemstones at the best prices. Our gemstones are genuine, sustainable, ethical, lab-certified, and conflict-free. Contact us for real gemstones, gem recommendations and tarot card reading today! 

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