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Diwali Gifts Ideas: Best Gemstones to Gift on Diwali 2023

Diwali Gifts Ideas: Best Gemstones to Gift on Diwali 2023

  • Posted by: Admin

Diwali is the festival of lights, celebration, joy, and exchange of gifts! It's a long-awaited Hindu festival that the Indian populace celebrates every autumn. And with the radiant occasion approaching, you might be looking for Diwali gifts ideas. This is where GemsRoot comes in with meaningful Diwali 2023 gifts for your loved ones.

This year Diwali falls on 12th November 2023 and as usual, gifting will be a huge part of it. The presents we give to our family and friends express our love, care, and best wishes for them. While there are numerous options available to choose from, consider gifting gemstones.

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone
Precious and semi-precious stones will make your dear one's Diwali truly special. They're a beautiful and special choice that promises to offer protection, prosperity, and well-being. So, when you give gemstones, you're not only showing affection but also better lives. Each gem has a unique set of benefits and healing properties.
So, scroll down to explore the various gemstone options below. We are sure you'll find the best Diwali gifts ideas to brighten up the festive spirit.

Benefits of Gifting Gemstones on Diwali 2023   

Diwali is a pious festival. It's a common belief that starting anything new or buying precious items during this time is auspicious. And gemstones are one of the best gifts one can give to oneself and others. They will make you and your dear one's Diwali and the life ahead joyous and prosperous.

Here are some benefits of wearing and gifting gemstones on Diwali 2023.

Attracts Prosperity: Certain astrological stones help attract prosperity. Astrologers suggest wearing and gifting Emerald or Yellow Sapphire. Both stones are well known for bringing new income opportunities and financial success. Besides, other stones help attract fortune which we'll be discussing soon.

Balances Chakras: Gems and crystals can help balance chakras. Different stones emit different vibrations that resonate with each chakra. They can be an excellent medium or tool if someone's trying to work on balancing their chakras. So, if opening chakras is your priority, consider the 7 Best Chakra Healing Stones  from GemsRoot.

Spiritual Awareness: Some stones can awaken our mind, body, and soul. They are the first step towards enlightenment and a spiritual journey. These gems enhance psychic abilities, spiritual wisdom and understanding. If you, your family, or your friend values spirituality then they make an excellent gift.

Promotes Healing: Gemstones can also promote healing, be it mental, emotional, or physical. Some stones and crystals help people grieving a loss, heartbreak, and other problems. The stones promote the flow of positive energies while draining negative ones out of your life.

Improves Health: Many precious stones possess mental and physical health benefits. They clear blockages in the body and promote a person's overall well-being. They can help with respiratory, digestive, eyes, skin, nervous, mental disorders, and other issues.

Eliminates Negativity: Wearing gemstones can surround your body with positive energy. They help keep negative energies at bay. Also, any misfortune or accident coming your way is prevented. Stones like Tiger's Eye and Lapis Lazuli are well-known for the same.

List of Gemstones Diwali Gifts Ideas 

Diwali celebrates the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile. Spiritually, it signifies the "victory of light over darkness." So, on this auspicious occasion, remove darkness and ignite light within through gemstones. Here are the best gift ideas if you're wondering what to give to Diwali.

Ruby: Gift a Ruby stone to oneself or a close one on a pious occasion. Wearing it offers multiple astrological benefits. It can improve paternal relationships, mental health, social standing, marital harmony and more. It can also help rejuvenate mental and physical health conditions.

Ruby stone

Emerald: Next is Emerald , also known as Panna Stone. Besides attracting financial growth, it also enhances various other life aspects. Wearing 100% natural emerald can improve oration, creativity, intellect, wisdom, and health. People who desire marital bliss can also consider wearing a Panna.

Emerald stone
Blue Sapphire: If you want to see instant results, consider buying and gifting Blue Sapphire . Neelam is one of the fastest-acting gemstones out there. Wearing it brings income surge, popularity, discipline, focus, and a healthy and luxurious lifestyle. Since it's a powerful gem, wear, or gift it only after consulting an expert astrologer.

Blue Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire: Another lucky stone for Deepawali is Yellow Sapphire . The Pukhraj stone symbolizes prosperity and abundance. If one wears it the right way, it can attract positive life transformations. Wear it to remove the malefic effects of Jupiter and protect against evil eyes.

Yellow Sapphire
White Sapphire: If one wants to amplify good health, wealth, intellect, and creativity, buy White Sapphire . Safed Pukhraj brings harmony and stability to relationships. Wearing it can also prove beneficial in adding charm to your personality. If you know someone who's a student, consider gifting them, Safed Pukhraj.

White Sapphire

Red Coral: If you or someone close lacks self-esteem and confidence, gift them Red Coral . It will boost their confidence, strength, and vitality tremendously. Also, if they're in the real estate business, rescue teams, sports, etc., can try wearing the Moonga stone.

Red Coral

Hessonite: If there's an amulet or talisman you wish to present that brings protection, give Hessonite . Gomed is best known for bringing good luck and protecting against negativity. Besides, it enhances a person's career and financial and social status. Couples who wish to bring peace and understanding into marriage can gift each other Hessonite.


Pearl: If a family or friend has been under stress a lot lately, present them with a Pearl . Sacha Moti is a soothing gem that can cure multiple issues. Wearing it can help manage anger, depression, anxiety, stress, and other disorders. Additionally, it can improve a person's confidence, memory, and intellect.


Cat's Eye: The Cat's Eye  stone is known to attract prosperity and wealth into life. Wearing it can also restore lost money. If you or someone else is struggling to get back life on track, consider wearing Cat's Eye. It helps regain health and well-being lost by poor lifestyle, disease, depression, abuse and more.

Cat's Eye
Amethyst: If your friend or any family member struggles with alcohol and drug addictions, give them Amethyst . It promotes calm and serenity. Wearing Amethyst can help release physical and psychological stress.


Citrine: A semi-precious stone that one can wear, or gift is Citrine  . Also known as Sunela, is a "success stone." It attracts good fortune, wealth, success, and abundance. It blesses the wearer with the confidence to work efficiently towards achieving their goals.


Opal: Finally, one can buy Opal  for oneself or as a gift. It is also known as "Dudhiya Pathar", and it carries positive energy with it. It is best for people searching for solidarity and harmony in relationships. Wearing it can bring steadiness and positivity into marriages.


Choose GemsRoot for the Best Diwali Gifts

With so many options and astrological benefits, there's no wonder gifting gemstones on Diwali is an excellent idea! We hope our guide to choosing the best Diwali gifts gave some useful insights into what gemstone you can gift to whom. They can wear the stone as a ring, pendant, or silver gemstone bracelet.

Finally, remember to buy natural and quality stones to gain the most benefits. GemsRoot offers 100% natural, ethical, sustainable, and lab-certified gems at the best prices. Our product range includes both precious and semi-precious stones. If you want to know if a stone is suitable for you or your dear one, contact our experts today.

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

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