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How to Charge Your Crystals at Home

11 Ways To Charge Your Crystals & Why It's So Important, From Experts

Crystals are beautiful and filled with positive, healing, energizing, uplifting, and calming vibrations. But if you want to achieve and heal something from these higher vibrations, you must take good care of crystals. We can't simply place them on our bedside table and wait for miracles to happen. One must cleanse and charge them frequently to get crystals to work.


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As crystals work with energy and vibrations, they tend to pick them up when put to use for an extended period. It means they can also pick up and retain negative energies, which one needs to eliminate to achieve the right intention and manifestation. Scroll down to learn different and easy ways to charge your crystals and give them an energetic boost.

Why We Need to Charge Crystals?

Need to Charge Crystals

Interestingly, crystals have a memory. They absorb and remember the energy of what's around them. They hold on to vibes from people handling or using them, locations they travel through, or places they have been kept at. For example, if you have just bought a new one, who knows where the crystal's been before it made its way to you? Or if you have been using it for a long time, chances are that the unwanted energies have your crystals all clogged up. These negative vibes might be blocking them from working as they should. Thus, periodically cleansing and charging your crystal will bring it to its natural state with higher vibrations. Then, you can use it to achieve your intentions.

Our gem expert Mr. Shilendra says, “Charge your crystals to maintain their energy so they can continue to assist you on your spiritual path.”

11 Crystal Charging Methods 

7 Crystal Charging Methods

Charge Crystals in Water 

Water is one of the most accessible sources which you can use to cleanse and charge your crystal. Simply place it under running water for a minute or so and pat it dry. If you want to go all out, you can search for a natural running water source like a stream or a river to do the same. However, ensure your crystal is a hard stone like Quartz, not a soft one like Selenite. 

Charge Crystals in Moonlight 

Another doable at-home crystal charging technique is using moonlight! Yes, place the crystals on your windowsill throughout the night for 12 hours, and the following day, you will have a fully energized crystal. If you want to attract some additional powerful vibrations, try doing the same procedure on a full moon when the mystical powers are at their strongest.  

Charge Crystals in the Sun

Charging crystals under the sun or the moon is primarily centered around the lunar or solar cycle. However, you can do it any day. Set your stone under the morning sun and bring it in before 11 a.m. This way, the stone will bathe in the sunlight and not get damaged due to extreme heat. Also, one should only use tumbled crystals for this method and no brittle gemstones like Amethyst, which can get damaged by rough weather.

Charge Crystals with Selenite

Fun fact: You can also use a crystal, like Selenite, to recharge other crystals! All you need to do is place your stones over Selenite and leave them for 24 hours to be energized again. Alternatively, you can use Selenite towers. Position your Selenite tower in an open space and put the stones you wish to charge around the tower in a circle, preferably touching the base.

Charge Crystals with Salt

Salt is another readily available household item that you can use to cleanse and charge your crystal friends. In a bowl, take some water, add rock salt, and mix it well, then fully submerge the stones in it for supercharged crystals. It is a plus if you live near the sea; take some seawater, repeat the process, and pat the gemstones dry. Remember, it is an excellent way to clean hard but not porous stones.

Charge Crystals with Dirt

What's better than charging your crystals by putting them where they originally came from? The Earth. You can dig a hole in your backyard, place your stones, and bury them for about a week. If you're uncomfortable leaving the stones outside, you can bring some dirt inside your home in a box and bury them in it. This way, they will absorb the healing energy of Mother Nature.

Charge Crystals with Incense

You can also cleanse and recharge the crystals using an incense stick, sage, or sacred herb. Burn the incense and pass your crystals through its smoke for two to three minutes. The plus point of this method is that you can use it for any stone, and it won't cause damage. Use this technique near an open window to let out the negative energies along with the smoke.

Charge Crystals with Breath

Charging crystal using your breath is another easy way. To follow this technique, first, you need to clear your thoughts. Then, strongly blow a breath over the crystal and quickly move your other hand over it. Repeat the process 4-5 times or until the gemstone feels lighter.

Charge Crystals in Sound Bath

Crystals hold frequencies that alter our energies for a better life. Using a sound bath with higher frequencies can help cleanse all the negativities and replace them with renewed energy. Hold the crystal above the sound bowl for 4-5 minutes to charge. Holding the crystal by hand or on a tea coaster above the bowl is a safer option, as some do not respond well when in contact with water.

Charge Crystals with Visualization

Another interesting method to charge your crystal is through visualization. All you need to do is keep your gemstone or crystal in hand and meditate. Visualize a bright light from the universe, cleansing all the negative energies and recharging them with positive ones. As you perform this method, you will feel gemstones getting lighter, which indicates being cleansed.

Charge Crystals with Your Spirit Guides

If a person follows a spiritual guide, they can meditate and pray for their spirit guides to connect with the crystals and request them to cleanse and re-energize them. You can describe your intentions and manifestations to them, and they can set it for you.

How Often Should You Purify and Charge Your Crystals?

Purify and Charge Your Crystals

There's no definitive answer to how frequently one should cleanse and charge their crystals. It all depends on how much you have been using it. When you first get a crystal, energizing it before using it is natural. After that, one has to gauge how much it has been around negative energy to need a cleansing. That being said, if you feel the stone requires purification, go ahead and do it.

There is no standard time to do the same. Our gemstone experts at GemsRoot suggest it's always a fair idea to clear all your stones at least once a month. It's always good to follow small rituals that help us be more mindful of how we interact with our crystals and intentions. If you need more insights on charging a crystal, contact our experts at GemsRoot today!

Our gem expert Mr. Shilendra says, “It's time to cleanse or revitalize your crystal when you feel like you can't connect with or feel their energy. It's beneficial to re-energize crystals every full moon, or after two weeks.”

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