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The Best Yellow Sapphire Substitutes You Must Know

The Best Yellow Sapphire Substitutes You Must Know

  • Posted by: Admin

Yellow Sapphire is one of the most significant stones in the gemstone realm! It's also known as the Pukhraj Stone, Pushparaj Stone, Peetmani, Pushparagam Stone and Kanakpushyaragam. Its vibrant yellow hue and noteworthy astrological benefits make it a sought-after gem. Its astronomical benefits can transform a wearer's quality of life in unimaginable ways. But not everyone can afford it. That's why finding Yellow Sapphire substitutes becomes vital.

A natural Yellow Sapphire with vibrant color, clarity and no inclusions is pricey. Besides, its rarity and limited supply further add to its expensive price tag. Fortunately, every cloud has a silver lining. The substitutes of Pukhraj stone are a sign of hope in such situations. These alternatives look identical and offer similar astrological benefits. Even though the advantages might not be exact, the substitute's price is a good deal.

yellow sapphire stone

In this blog, we'll discuss the top substitutes for a Yellow Sapphire gemstone. Buyers can consider these alternatives and save themselves from breaking their bank accounts. Let's get conversant with the gemstones one at a time below.

Top 5 Yellow Sapphire Substitutes  

The Yellow Sapphire can positively transform an individual's life. Its ruling planet is Jupiter, also known as Brihaspati or Guru. It's an influential planet in one's horoscope. Wearing the yellow stone can remove all the malefic effects of the planets.

According to Vedic astrology, the Sagittarius and Pisces natives can wear a Peetmani. Want to buy Pukhraj Stone but it's out of budget? We've jotted down some expert-approved substitutes for the same. These gemstones are excellent if you want to gain similar benefits under a budget.


The first and most common substitute is a Citrine stone. It's a yellow variety of quartz, also known as Sunela, Madeira and Bahia. It is also known as a "Merchant stone." It offers brilliant yellow color, clarity, and jaw-dropping benefits like a Pushparaj. The gemstone features a yellowish, warm, and sunny hue. Western astrology also assigns it as a November birthstone.

Citrine's ruling planet is the same as that of the Pukhraj - Jupiter. Wearing Sunela can help gain wisdom, knowledge, financial status, and success. According to Vedic astrology, Sagittarius (Dhanu) and Pisces (Meen) signs can wear it. Besides, Aries, Leo, Cancer, and Scorpio can wear it only after expert consultation. Here are some benefits of Citrine in detail below.

Prosperity: Sunela can help attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Wearing it promotes the wearer's financial growth and gives them new income opportunities. That's why it is a fitting choice for businessmen.

Mental Clarity: It enhances mental clarity, focus and decision-making to a great extent.

Creativity: The stone also boosts the native's creativity, imagination, and manifestation powers. It motivates them to be productive and proactive which leads to achieving their goals.

Emotional Balance: It removes negative feelings such as fear and anxiety from the mind. Thus, brings inner peace and emotional balance.

Vitality: Citrine gemstone also offers some physical benefits. It revitalizes the wearer's energy and stamina while removing fatigue. According to some traditional beliefs, it can also support the digestive system.

Align Chakra: It's associated with the solar plexus chakra. The chakra governs confidence, self-esteem, and personal power. Wear the gem to gain these positive qualities.

Yellow Topaz

The next best alternative is Yellow Topaz. It is also known as Peela Pukhraj or "Gem of the Sun." It has a different refractive index than Yellow Sapphire, yet it displays a similar color. Its ruling planet is also Jupiter, and its benefits are similar to that of Pukhraj Stone. As per astrology, wearing it can bring good wealth, education, career, and respect. Let's look at some of Yellow Topaz's benefits below.

Concentration Power: Wearing Peela Pukhraj can enhance one's concentration abilities. Besides, it can also make them more creative and good in academics. It further manages anger while bringing peace and joy.

Mental Health: It has many mental health benefits too. It can help overcome mental disorders such as suicidal tendencies and nervous breakdowns.

Physical Health: Wearing Citrine can help cure digestive related-issues, jaundice, and liver problems. It can also provide relief from cough and cold, fever and indigestion.

Relationship: People having trouble finding a life partner can also wear it. It can help you find a stable, mature, and enduring relationship.

Contentment: Finally, the gemstone offers feelings of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Yellow Zircon

Another affordable alternative to Yellow Sapphire is Yellow Zircon. It's a semi-precious stone hailing from the Nesosilicate mineral family. The appearance and benefits of the Pukhraj Stone and Yellow Zircon are alike. Many people use it for astrological purposes and healing therapies. Its ruling planet is Venus, but some astrologers also connect it to Jupiter. It is because of the gem's bright yellow color. Here are some benefits of Yellow Zircon.

Financial Prosperity: According to ancient scripts, Yellow Zircon is the stone of wealth. Wearing it can bring abundant prosperity and financial success into the wearer's life.

Wisdom: Wearing it also enhances the wisdom and intellectual abilities of the native. It also strengthens one's decision-making skills.

Honor: The stone can also help people achieve a great social reputation. As it's related to Venus, the ruler of luxury and beauty; it can bring social recognition, luck and fame.

Revitalizes Health: Wearing it can help overcome mental and emotional stress. It can also boost the immunity levels of the wearer.

Marital Bliss: If someone's facing a delay in marriage consider wearing Yellow Zircon. Besides, it can bring harmony into relationships and promote healthy progeny.

Yellow Beryl

Yellow Beryl is one of the most excellent yellow sapphire substitutes. It is also known as Heliodor, which means "gift from the Sun" in Latin. It is a premium quality beryl variety. As per experts, wearing it can ensure success in jobs, business, finances, and fortune. In general, the natives of Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac signs can wear the stone. Besides, people with benefic Jupiter in their horoscopes can gain the most benefits.

Protection: According to ancient scriptures, wearing Heliodor can protect from evil eyes. It can also avert dangers and mishaps when travelling.

Financial Gains: If you're facing money block, business loss or financial stress, consider wearing it. It's a stone for abundant wealth and prosperity.

Professional Success: The gemstone offers benevolent professional benefits. It brings enlightenment, positivity, and better opportunities to the wearer. It also strengthens the mental powers of an individual which helps them to materialize the opportunities.

Marital Harmony: Wearing it can also help resolve conflicts and disharmony in marriages. Also, people who are willing to get married fast can get help from this gemstone.

Physical Health: Wearing the stone can fasten the effects of conventional medicine. It can also aid ailments related to the stomach, liver, and kidney. It can cure issues such as jaundice and ulcers.

Golden Topaz

Finally, we have Golden Topaz as one of the best Yellow Sapphire substitutes. It's a golden-colored Topaz variety. It is a rare gemstone, but still more affordable than a Pukhraj Stone. The wearer of this stone gains the knowledge of ethics, law, wisdom, and wit. They can get to experience worldly happiness, peace, and serenity. Let's look at its benefits and healing properties below.

Anger Management: Golden Topaz can help the wearer control their anger and rage. It can make the individual calm, cheerful and peaceful.

Spiritual Awakening: Like Yellow Sapphire, it can also help with spiritual awakening. It will make the person's faith deeper and stronger.

Courage: It can remove negative feelings like fear, anxiety, despair and regret. Further, the stone promotes the person's courage and determination.

Financial Benefits: It can help the natives attract luck and prosperity. Ultimately helping them in creating a stable life.

Good Health: It has some excellent physical benefits too. People with stomach issues, diabetes, constant fatigue, muscle cramps and other such problems can try to wear Golden Topaz.

What to Buy Natural Yellow Sapphire Substitutes?

If you want to gain the benefits of Yellow Sapphire, but their high price tag is stopping you; consider its alternatives. Citrine, Yellow Topaz, Yellow Zircon, Yellow Beryl, and Golden Topaz are affordable substitutes. One can wear them after expert consultation and experience positive life changes. These stones are bound to bring prosperity, good health, spirituality and much more.

Online Gemstone Recommendation

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