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Top 7 Benefits of Opal Stone

Top 7 Benefits of Opal Stone

  • Posted by: Admin

Opal is one of the most mesmerizing gemstones known to humankind! It's also known as the "Queen of Gems," and it's a well-deserved title. The stone has gained this reputation over the years for its iridescent beauty. They’re also called Upala, Dudhiya Pathar and Kalimaya stone. An Opal gemstone can be transparent, translucent, or opaque. Some stones display an auroral color palette often referred to as a "play of color." 

Opal stone

This stunning and unique stone is revered for many reasons in the astrology realm. As per Vedic science, it has the mystical powers of Venus, its ruling planet. Wearing it can not only bless the wearer with its benefits but also bring healing in different ways. In this blog piece, let's understand the benefits of this semi-precious stone. We will also look at which zodiac signs can best use the Opal stone benefits.

What is an Opal?

Opal is a semi-precious gemstone, also popular as the October birthstone. The gem features every color of the spectrum. Its quality and intensity of colors can surpass even the fire of a diamond. There are many varieties of Upala including Fire Opal, Boulder Opal, and Common Opal. In ancient times, Romans considered it a noble gem and ranked it second to Emeralds.

Gemstone Opal
Other Names Uppal, Upala, Dudhiya Pathar, Kalimaya Stone 
Origin Australia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Mexico, Poland, Tanzania, and the United States  
Colors White, Pink, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Grey, Orange, Brown 
Ruling Planet Venus (Shukra) 
Associated Birth Month October 
Associated Zodiac Sign Libra (Tula Rashi) and Taurus (Vrishabha Rashi) 
Chemical Formula SiO₂·nH₂O  

Opal Stone Meaning - The word "Opal" comes from the Sanskrit term "Upala", meaning "Jewel". Unlike most gems, Opal stone isn't made of a mineral but is a crystalline or mineraloid form of silica. The semi-precious and precious gemstone can form in many colors, shapes, and sizes.

Like every gemstone, it also has astrological properties. Wearing can bless the wearer with its positive influences. So, if a person wears a genuine opal stone, it can present them with incredible benefits and healing. These benefits can be personal, professional, or financial.

Significance of Opal Stone

Opal gemstone holds different significance across different cultures. For centuries, it has been associated with royalty, luxury, and good luck. Ancient people believed it had characteristics of all gemstones. It often represented clarity, hope and truth. As per sources, Queen Victoria gifted Opal jewelry to her 5 daughters at their wedding. The stone's profound meaning made it a thoughtful gift choice.

According to Vedic astrology, one can wear Opal to harness benefits and healing. Its ruling planet is Venus, also known as Shukra. It's the planet of passion, romance, relationships, luxuries, and wealth. Venus is well-known to grant every wish of the wearer. It enhances confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. The stone can help gain mental clarity, reputation, and marital bliss. Besides, it can bless the wearer with a rich and luxurious lifestyle.

What are the Benefits of Opal Gemstones?

Opal stone has many astrological benefits. Its ruling planet Venus can bring worldly blessings to people wearing it. Especially, natives with a weak Shukra position in their horoscope. They can wear the Kalimaya Stone and strengthen Venus's position. After which they can experience a powerful, fulfilling, fascinating and fruitful life.

Improved Relationships: As discussed, it's a stone of love, passion, romance, and relationships. People seeking a suitable partner can consider wearing this gem. Also, couples willing to achieve harmony and happiness in marriage can wear it. It makes the wearer more loving, caring, and affectionate.

Mental Clarity: It can help gain mental clarity and remove confusion and anxiety. It makes the person more ambitious, creative, and focused. This leads them to use new opportunities better.

Financial Stability: The gemstone is well-known to bring riches and good fortune. Wearing it can speed up one's financial growth in many ways. To attract wealth and financial prosperity, wear this stone.

Cuts Negativity: It fosters happiness and positivity. While eliminating negative thoughts and blockages in the wearer's mind. The precious stone is also said to prevent you from visiting dangerous areas.

Physical Health: It helps boost immunity to fight illnesses. It's good for the eyes, hair, nails, digestive system, skin, migraines, and headaches. It also aids the women's reproductive system, menopause symptoms and PMS.

Spiritual Awakening: Opal gemstone opens a path to self-awareness and cosmic consciousness. It helps the wearer improve emotional stability and intuitiveness. It allows them to see things with utmost clarity.

Enhances Beauty: It is also well-known to enhance women's beauty. It can bring striking changes to one's appearance. Wearing it transmits powerful vibrations of the gem through the skin and into the body.

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Who Should Wear Opal?

It is common for Opal/Dudhiya Pathar to be worn as a jewelry piece. But if someone wants to harness its astrological benefits, one must wear it the right way. As per Western astrology, it is the October birthstone and people born in this month can adorn it. According to Vedic science, it's suitable for Libra birthstone and Taurus zodiac natives.

Other zodiac signs can also wear it, but only after Gem Astro consultation. Experts suggest it to people who want to strengthen Venus in their birth chart. Professionals in art, music, dance, acting and other such domains can also consider it.

How to Wear Opal?

Like every other gemstone, opal will only be helpful if worn in a correct manner. Follow the steps given below by our experts for the best results.

Cleanse & Activate: The ring must be cleansed and activated before wearing. To purify, use one spoonful of curd (Dahi), honey (Madhu), holy water (Ganga Jal), holy basil (Tulsi), and clarified butter (Ghee). It cleans, energizes, and activates the opal gemstone.

Timing - The auspicious time to wear Opal is on a Friday. It should be before noon on the night of any month's waning moon (Shukla Paksha).

Finger - Wear it on an ideal finger. An expert astrologist can best suggest on which finger one should wear - the index, middle or ring finger.

Metal - The best metal for Upala is platinum, gold, and silver.

Mantra - Before putting on the opal gemstone ring, chant, "Aum Shukraye Namaha", 108 times.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Wearing an Opal?

To reap the true benefits of the opal gemstone/ uppal , ensure the following:

  • Buy an original opal, free from any treatments that hamper the positive energies of the gem.
  • Consult an expert gemologist before buying the gemstone.
  • Consult an astrologer before deciding to wear the stone.
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If you're looking for certified opal gemstones online, buy from brands like GemsRoot. Opal is among the most effective gemstones that exist! Many people may know it for its beauty, but only a few recognize its astrological benefits. The stone offers blessings and healing properties that are far more fascinating. If you want to check its suitability, contact our experts at GemsRoot.com. We offer 100% natural gemstones, Gem Astro consultation and tarot reading services. Our gem collection is authentic, ethical, sustainable, conflict-free, and lab-certified. Contact us to buy Opal gemstones at the best prices today! 

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