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Opal: The Benefits of Iridescent Beauty

Opal: The Benefits of Iridescent Beauty

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Opal, also known as the "Queen of Gems", is a well-deserved title that this iridescent and multi-colored beauty has gained over the years in the semi-precious and precious stones world. The pearly white opal gemstone can be either transparent, translucent or opaque, displaying an auroral color palette, making it one of the most stunning and unique gemstones worldwide.

Opal Stone Meaning

The word "Opal" comes from the Sanskrit term "Upala", meaning "Jewel". Unlike most gemstones, opal stone isn't made of a mineral but is a crystalline or mineraloid form of silica. The semi-precious and precious gemstone can form in multiple colors, shapes and sizes.

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Just like every gemstone, opal also is said to possess astrological properties and bestows positive influences on the wearer. Therefore, if an individual properly wears a genuine opal stone, it can present the wearer with incredible benefits in personal, public and financial aspects of life.    

What is the Astrological Meaning of Opal? 

The opal gemstone has immense significance in astrology. This is because Opal gemstone has excellent astrological properties and powers. According to astrology, opal gemstone is ruled by the planet Venus (Shukra) and is a birthstone of people born in October.  

The people born in October with a weak Venus planet on their birth chart can wear the opal and treat the weak planet, experience power and fulfilment in life. The wearer of this semi-precious gemstone can reap the fascinating benefits to strive for a fruitful life.  

Who can Wear an Opal? 

Opal has been worn as jewelry for a long time and is preferred in fashion for its incredible beauty. Astrologically, opal stone is favorable for zodiacs, including Taurus (Vrish) and Libra (Tula). Expert astrologists highly suggest this powerful stone for individuals suffering from Antardasha or Mahadasha of Venus in their birth chart (Kundli). 

When Venus (Shukra) is in the first, second, seventh, ninth or tenth house of a person's Kundli, astrologers recommend wearing the opal gemstone. People working in music, art, dance, acting and other related domains can also pursue benefits from this gemstone.  

What are the Benefits of Wearing Opal Gemstones? 

The universe is run by energies, vibrations and celestial bodies connected to our souls, and they significantly impact our lives. According to astrology, each individual is born with a unique birth chart (Kundli) ruled by the position and movements of these celestial bodies, including stars and planets. 

The transition of the planets and stars affects various aspects of life. The shift can be either favorable or unfavorable, and the person can experience multiple events accordingly. With the help of astrologers and gemstones like opal, one can connect with their inner self and alter behavior and habits to improve every aspect of life.   

Benefits of wearing opal gemstone: 

Improved Relationships: People struggling to find love, stability in marriage, good luck, and happiness in relationships can seek help and treat these issues by wearing an opal gemstone.

Shields from Negativity: Opal fosters happiness and positivity, eliminating negative thoughts and blockages in the wearer's mind. The precious gemstone is also said to prevent you from visiting dangerous places.  

Physical Improvements: Wearing an opal is associated with multiple physical benefits. It helps boost immunity to fight illnesses; it is good for the eyes, hair, nails, skin, digestive system, migraines, and headaches. It also aids the female's reproductive system, PMS and menopause symptoms.  

Enhances Spirituality: Opal opens a path to self-awareness and cosmic consciousness. It helps the wearer improve emotional stability and intuitiveness, allowing them to see things with clarity.  

Offers Financial Stability: Opal gemstone instils creativity, ambitions, self-worth and esteem, helping the wearer eliminate confusion, anxiety and an unfocused mind to make better use of opportunities and live a luxurious lifestyle.  

How to Wear an Opal?

Like every other gemstone, opal will only be advantageous if worn correctly.

Cleanse & Activate - The ring must be cleansed and activated before wearing. To purify, use one spoonful of curd (Dahi), honey (Madhu), holy water (Ganga Jal), holy basil (Tulsi), and clarified butter (Ghee). It cleans, energizes and activates the opal gemstone.  

Timing - The opal gemstone must be worn on a Friday before noon on the night of any month's waning moon (Shukla Paksha).  

Finger - The opal gemstone cannot be worn on any finger. An expert astrologist can best suggest on which finger one should wear - the index, middle or ring finger. 

Metal - When wearing opal for astrological benefits, platinum, gold, and silver are considered the most suitable.  

Mantra - Before putting on the opal gemstone ring, recite a prayer, "Aum Shukraye Namaha", 108 times without fail.  

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How to Maximize the Benefits of Wearing an Opal? 

To reap the true benefits of the opal gemstone, ensure the following: 

  • Purchase an original opal, free from any treatments that hamper the positive energies of the gem.  
  • Consult an expert gemologist before buying the gemstone.
  • Consult an astrologer before deciding to wear the stone.
  • If you're searching for certified opal gemstones online, purchase from a trusted brand like GemsRoot.

Opal is among the most effective gemstones that exist! Numerous people may know it for its undeniable beauty, but only a few recognize the astrological benefits it offers that are far more fascinating.  

Before wearing opal, it is necessary to check if it goes well with your ascendents. Therefore, seek expert astrological guidance and buy natural opal stones online, only at GemsRoot.


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