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Lucky Gemstones for Taurus

Lucky Gemstones for Taurus

  • Posted by: Admin

As springtime and Instagram-worthy blooms pop up in our feeds, the Taurus season is in! It is the second sign in the modern zodiac wheel. Individuals born between 20th April and 20th May fall under this Rashi. The zodiac sign's element is Earth, and a bull represents it. So, if you are a Taurian have you wondered what are the lucky gemstones for Taurus zodiac sign?  


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So, we are all looking for solutions to eliminate bad luck, and gemstones help us do it. If one wears Taurus stones as suggested by an expert astrologer based on their birth chart, it will invite great luck in the wearer's life.

If you or someone close is a Taurian get ready to be amazed as we discuss lucky Taurus gemstones in today's blog! We will talk about how these stones can help amplify the positives and balance the negatives to improve your life.

Characteristics and Personality Traits of Taurus 

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, and it is the planet that governs beauty, love, and money. The natives of this zodiac enjoy comfort, luxuries, consistency, and stability. Their personality resembles moss; they are easygoing and enjoy life's little things. They usually are content with how things are.

Still, they understand the significance of money and hard work and are not afraid to roll up their sleeves if required. They get focused, ambitious, and resilient when they get into a groove of achieving success, materialistic possessions or pursuing a love interest. They also want security and stability in every aspect of life.

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However, the native's determination can often turn into stubbornness. Once they set their mind on achieving something, they tend to get cold to other people's needs in front of theirs. In relationships, their stubbornness makes it hard to listen to others; they go on tirelessly to prove a point and can look past the person's feelings.

Taurus individuals embody stability. Their celestial animal bull perceives it as a red flag if something threatens their stability. They are all-or-nothing kind of people who don't understand moderation. Once they decide on something, they go all in, or if Taurus gets too comfortable, they tend to forget what's important.

Taurus Stones that Attract Luck 

Being human, each one of us has positive and negative traits. No one is free of flaws. All we can do is enhance our strengths and balance our weaknesses. We can do this in various ways, and wearing gemstones is one of the best routes.

Consider wearing the stones below to invoke your inner energy and spiritual power. Wearing these Taurus Stones will invite all the goodness into the Taurus native's life.

Diamond: Diamonds are incredibly lucky for Vrishabh Rashi. It brings calm and peace to the zodiac sign. It boosts intelligence, intellect, creativity, health, and prosperity. It also relieves anxiety and over-thinking and connects the individual to a higher self. For instance, when Taurus gets too driven to achieve their worldly desires, a Diamond can help balance out the drive.


Image Credits- Arjiv Export on Pexels

White Sapphire :-White Sapphire is another stone that attracts luck for the Taurus zodiac sign. The native of this Rashi enjoy luxuries and stability in their relationships; wearing Safed Pukhraj  blesses them with luxuries and pure marital bliss. It also helps in overcoming rough times and attaining overall happiness.


White Zircon: Taurus individuals desire balance and stability on financial, professional, and personal fronts; wearing White Zircon helps strike a balance. It uproots all the negative energies and boosts positivity. Wearing the gemstone can also eliminate the malefic effects of Venus and strengthen its position in one's birth chart. 


Emerald: Emerald is also a Taurus birthstone making it a lucky gemstone for them. Panna also brings prosperity, peace, and intelligence to the wearer. It is a lucky stone for Taurus man. When Vrishabh Rashi wears this stone, they gain reasoning abilities, emotional sensibilities, and oration skills, which they often lose touch with within relationships if their peace is disturbed.


Blue Sapphire: The last but not the least lucky gemstone Taurus signs can adorn is Blue Sapphire . Wearing Neelam can help them overcome negative traits such as jealousy, possessiveness, inflexibility, and stubbornness. It can also bring kingly luck and prosperity into the life of the Vrishabh Rashi individuals. However, it is a quick-acting gem, and it is essential to consult an expert before wearing it.


Other Suitable Gemstones for Taurus Zodiac Sign 

Besides the stones mentioned above, other gems like Opal , Agate, Citrine, Amazonite, Amethyst, Tiger's Eye  and Carnelian are suitable for Taurus. However, before wearing a lucky Taurus stone, it is essential to consult a professional astrologer to check its suitability.

So, if you are inquisitive about which is the best stone for Taurus woman or man, contact our gem experts at GemsRoot . We can help you attain maximum benefits from gems, helping you eliminate negativities and live a life full of happiness.


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