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Green Sapphire Vs Emerald: The Ultimate Comparison by Experts

Green Sapphire Vs Emerald: The Ultimate Comparison by Experts

  • Posted by: Admin

Comparing two best things and giving one the winner's title has always been the norm. No realm has remained untouched from such comparisons, not even gemstones. Especially, similar color gemstones are more susceptible to comparisons like this. Green sapphire vs emerald stone is a perfect example of such comparative analysis.

 Green sapphire and emerald are among the most desired and valuable green gemstones. Both are popular for their alluring green color, unique properties, and astrological benefits. Plus, green is one of the most captivating and in demand color in the stone industry. The green hue represents new life, growth, vitality, vibrancy, and serenity. 

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

People seeking clarity, wisdom, peace, and liveliness in life usually go for green gems. Both emerald and green sapphire display rich to pale green hues but they are poles apart. In this blog, we will shed light on the differences between these two green stones. We will be exploring everything from the origin, properties, and price to astrological benefits. Let us get started! 

Green Sapphire 

Green sapphire is a rare sapphire type hailing from the corundum mineral family. This rare color of sapphire has been in nature for a long time but has recently picked up popularity. Green sapphire gets its green hue from the presence of iron and titanium. It can exhibit soft yellowish greens to intense bluish greens hues.

This stone forms in metamorphic and volcanic rocks. Some of it forms in sediments and is also found in alluvial deposits. Thailand, Australia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, China, Montana, and Madagascar are its sources. Green sapphire often has greater clarity compared to an emerald. Yet, some silk-like inclusions are still present in this gem.

This green gemstone in Hindi is also known as Green Safir or Green Pukhraj. Green Pukhraj is not that popular in the world of astrology. Sometimes, astrologers recommend it to people based on the planetary positions in their birth chart. Green Safir is also used as a substitute for emerald gemstones.

Green Sapphire Properties  

Let us look at the chemical and physical properties of green sapphire below. 

Mineral Composition Corundum variety 
Hardness 9 on the Mohs scale
Color Green with variations in hue and intensity 
Refractive Index1.762 - 1.778
Specific Gravity 3.98 - 4.1 
Density of Green Sapphire 3.98 
Cleavage None 
Source Locations Thailand, Australia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, China, Montana, and Madagascar

Emerald Stone 

Emerald stone needs no introduction, it is one of the most popular and valuable green gems ever. This green stone comes from the beryl mineral variety. It gets its green color from trace elements like chromium and vanadium. An emerald gemstone displays a richer, more saturated, and vivid green color. It also has characteristic inclusions such as "Jardins.”

Emerald in Hindi is also known as Panna Stone. Panna Stone forms in metamorphic and igneous rocks. It can also form in greisen deposits and hydrothermal veins. Panna's origin locations are Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, Pakistan, India, Russia, Zimbabwe, and Egypt. This is a gemstone that has been revered for millennia.

The Panna Stone is one of the most auspicious gemstones in astrology. As per Vedic astrology, emerald represents Mercury, which is why it is also known as "Budh Stone.” Wearing this green stone can fill a native's life with countless blessings. Panna can bring oration skills, wisdom, creativity, prosperity, success, health and much more. 

Do You Know? 
A 1-carat emerald stone appears bigger compared to a 1-carat diamond. This is because of emerald’s lower density. 

Emerald Stone Properties 

Here are the chemical and physical properties of emerald stone below.

Mineral Composition Beryl variety 
Hardness 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale
Color Rich and saturated green, ranging from pale to darker shades 
Refractive Index 1.565 - 1.602 
Specific Gravity 2.67 - 2.78 
Density of Green Sapphire 2.67 - 2.78
Cleavage Weak 
Source Locations Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, Pakistan, India, Russia, Zimbabwe, and Egypt 
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Green Sapphire Vs Emerald: What Are the Differences? 

Despite looking similar, emerald stone and green sapphire are vastly different. Both belong to distinct mineral families and have unique trace elements. Besides these, there are other dissimilarities too. Nonetheless, the two catch the eye with their unique identities and rich history. Learning about their heritage and features will make you value these treasures.

Also, it will enrich your knowledge to help you choose better gemstones. Let us understand everything that you need to know about emerald vs green sapphire below. 

SL.NO FactorsGreen Sapphire Emerald Stone 
1Geological Formation Green sapphire forms in metamorphic and volcanic rocks Emerald stone forms in metamorphic and igneous rocks 
2Source Locations Thailand, Australia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, China, Montana, and MadagascarColombia, Zambia, Brazil, Pakistan, India, Russia, Zimbabwe, and Egypt 
3Color Green with variations in hue and intensity Rich and saturated green, ranging from pale to darker shades 
4Hardness Green sapphire displays a harness of 9 on the Mohs scale Hardness of emerald on the Mohs scale ranges between 7.5 - 8 
5Durability Sapphire exhibits exceptional durability, making it a great option for everyday wear Panna is a hard gemstone, but it is not as durable as sapphire 
6Clarity & Inclusions 
  • Sapphire is renowned for its great clarity.
  • However, some might have needle-like inclusions known as “silk” 

  • Panna stone is revered for its inclusions like “Jardins”
  • They can look like crystal growth, liquid-filled pockets, and feather-like patterns
  • These inclusions are considered unique marks of Panna being authentic 
7Treatments Green sapphire is often enhanced using heat treatments 
  • Heat treatments are never used on emerald 
  • They are usually treatment using oil or resin

SymbolismSapphire symbolizes luxury, royalty, and romance Panna stands as a symbol of peace, prosperity, and rebirth 
9RarityGreen sapphire is rare, but as not rare as emerald Emerald gemstone is rare compared to Green Pukhraj, resulting in a higher price tag 
10Popularity Green sapphire has recently started getting popular Emerald has always been popular among different cultures for ages
  • Green sapphire price per carat can start from INR 3,000/- and can go up to INR 50,000/- per carat plus
  • The price can further increase with better color, clarity and quality
  • A decent quality emerald stone price can start from INR 4,000/- and can go up to INR 70,000/- per carat plus
  • No oil emerald that are of auction quality can cost in lakhs and even crores
12Astrological Significance 

Green Safir has many metaphysical benefits – 

  • This stone can enhance communication skills
  • Enhance analytical abilities and intellect
  • Offer numerous mental and physical health benefits

Panna Stone is full of cosmic powers and healing properties – 

  • Emerald can help improve oration, wisdom, intellect, reasoning, and creativity 
  • Besides, emerald stone is ideal for marital bliss and healthy progeny

  • Green Sapphire Vs Emerald: Choose Your Ideal Green Stone 

    Emerald and green sapphire are both special in their own right! Their beauty, charm, benefits, and healing properties can tempt anyone to buy both. You may get both gemstones for jewelry purposes. But, if you want to wear them for astrological gains, you must consider several factors. 

    You must choose a gem that is suitable and yields positive results in your life. So, if you are caught up between emerald vs green sapphire, here is how you can pick what is best for you. Remember the pointers below when buying an emerald or sapphire and you are good to go.

    Intended Use: The first point to keep in mind is the intended use of the gemstone. Whether you want to buy a stone for jewelry or astrological purpose plays a significant role. If you want to get a gem for astrological reasons, it is essential to check your suitability with the stone. Consider talking to gemologists and gem experts. They can offer gem advice based on your date of birth, birth chart and Lagna.

    Budget: The second factor worth considering is budget. Your budget has an enormous influence on your choices. Both emerald and sapphire offer a wide range of stone quality and price points. So, you will find a stone that suits your budget well. Remember that Panna Stone is usually priced higher than Green Pukhraj.

    Authenticity Certification: Remember to ask for a gemstone certificate from your seller. A certificate is necessary to authenticate a gem's origin, quality, and value. You must request a GRS, IGS or GIA certificate with every gemstone purchase from your seller.

    Personal Preference: Finally, the choice between emerald vs green sapphire boils down to personal preference. Some might find the rich history, alluring green color and inclusions of emerald more appealing. Whereas some might lean towards the clarity and wider color range of green sapphires.

    In the end, select the stone that clicks the most with you! Let their beauty, history, healing, and astrological benefits lead you to your decision.

    Want to learn more about how to buy emerald or sapphire? Read An Expert Guide on How to Buy Finest Quality Emerald Stone.  

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    Whether you go for a lush emerald or diverse green sapphire, both can transform your life. These two green gems are full of positive vibrations and frequencies. If you want to relish these priceless natural treasures, contact us at GemsRoot. We offer 100% natural gemstones at the best prices. Our gems are sustainable, ethical, conflict-free and GRS lab-certified.

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