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16 Gemstones for Health and Wealth

16 Gemstones for Health and Wealth

  • Posted by: Admin

The realm of gemstones goes beyond mere aesthetics! Civilizations worldwide have revered gemstones for their beauty and healing properties that promise to enhance our physical health and prosperity for centuries. This blog will explore traditionally rooted and carefully curated colored gemstones for health and wealth that hold the secret to your physical and financial well-being.

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

Gemstones and crystals possess frequencies and vibrations that can bring balance to the mind, body, and soul; they all play a significant role in maintaining our overall well-being. Wearing suggested stones can shift your vibrations from low to high, eliminating diseases, debts and more. GemsRoot brings forth a list of gems with unique powers and astrological benefits that will help you live a long and abundant life.

Gemstone for Health and Wealth

Gemstone for Health and Wealth

We have heard the saying, "Health is Wealth," at some point in our lives, which is true. To make a fortune, one must be fit to work for it; balancing health and money is essential to lead a healthy and comfortable life. Healing crystals with high vibrations is undoubtedly a promising investment you can make for both aspects. Scroll down to learn which stones attract good health and prosperity for many.

Gemstones and Crystals for Health

Gemstones and Crystals for Health

Blue Sapphire: According to Vedic astrology, Blue Sapphire, or Neelam is one of the fastest-acting stones. It can bring instant name, fame, prosperity, and success in an individual's life. Besides this, it also brings instant positive changes in physical and mental health. Wearing it alleviates anxiety, depression, confusion, arthritis, and joint pain and toughens your bone system.

Emerald: Next is a green-colored stone, Emerald  or Panna. The May birthstone has multiple astrological and health benefits. Wearing a Panna stone can help relax your mind, strengthen your senses and improve your skin. If a person has problems like nervous disorders, skin allergies, or eye and ear issues, it can provide relief from all.

Ruby: Ruby  or Manik is another auspicious stone, according to expert astrologers. There's a reason why the July birthstone is known as the "king of gemstones", one of the reasons being the health benefits. Wearing it can enhance blood circulation, cardiovascular support, and detoxification. It also restores your bone health, eyesight, concentration, motivation, etc.

Hessonite: Next is a honey-colored to deep brown stone, Hessonite , also known as Gomed. It has numerous health benefits; our experts at GemsRoot believe it is highly anti-inflammatory, improves circulation, reduces anxiety, boosts the respiratory system, and relieves gastric, indigestion and asthma problems. It's also beneficial in eliminating the adverse effects of the Rahu Mahadasha.

Cat's Eye: Cat's Eye or Lehsuniya is an excellent stone that can protect you from diseases or accidents occurring due to Ketu's malefic effects. When Ketu is wrongly placed in one's birth chart, it can lead to serious physical health issues needing surgeries. Wear the gem to shield yourself from evil eyes, unforeseen injuries, or road accidents.

Pearl: Pearl  or Moti is one of the organic gems that makes it to the list. In ancient Asian times, Pearls were used in medicines for treating infertility, digestive issues, heart problems and the circulatory system. Wearing it can help you fight water-borne diseases, control anger, and give you a calm mind, youthful skin, and bright eyes.

Amethyst: The gem with a serene purple color, Amethyst , brings creativity, courage, strength, and peace to the wearer. It has miraculous properties that promote healing both physically and emotionally. It is excellent for an individual who constantly suffers from stress, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, headaches, migraines, and drug, smoking or alcohol addictions. It also helps in getting a sound sleep and rest.

Aquamarine: Aquamarine  is a stunning gem with lots of traditional beliefs associated with it. When sailors were out on an adventure in the sea, they often brought Aquamarine with them as a stroke of luck. Wearing the stone can bring happiness and calm to the wearer and help with eye, dental or digestive issues.

What is the Best Way to Use Crystals for Good Health?

Gemstones and crystals can be used in various ways, depending on what works best for you. Meditations, practices, rituals, or simply wearing it as jewelry, etc., can help promote physical and emotional healing. Our GemsRoot experts recommend various ways to use their chosen benefitting stones and lead a healthy life ahead. We have listed the best methods below.

  • You can place the stone on the affected body part. For example, set it on your forehead if you constantly suffer from headaches or migraines and meditate with it,
  • Or place it beside your bed; it promotes healing when you are resting or asleep,
  • Or wear it as some form of jewelry, ensuring the gem touches your skin.

Gemstones and Crystals for Money
Gemstones and Crystals for Money

Yellow Sapphire: As per Vedic astrology, Yellow Sapphire  is one of the most effective gemstones to help attract prosperity. Pukhraj is associated with a powerful planet, Jupiter, representing wealth, knowledge, and wisdom. Wearing the stone can open new income streams, lifting you from the depths of debt and offering you multiple opportunities to create wealth.

Malachite: The healing properties of Malachite can also transform your financial status. It can offer you the clarity to study the spending patterns that obstruct you from saving and entering a life of abundance you desire. Since the stone represents growth, wearing it can easily manifest your financial growth and freedom if you have been eyeing it for a while.

Tiger's Eye: Tiger's Eye  is a multidimensional stone that allows you to see from different perspectives. Wearing it can provide a fresh outlook to see a situation and realize there's not only one way to do certain things, especially finances. Tiger's Eye stone will eliminate fear, doubt and hesitation while replacing them with courage, determination, and willpower to strive for financial success.

Citrine: When people are not in the right mindset, they might spend more. If you want to shift your attitude towards the light, there's no better gem than Citrine  (Sunela). Citrine has higher vibrations that help you achieve your desired results faster. So, if you want to gain financial success, wear a 100% authentic Sunela stone from GemsRoot.

Garnet: Often, we don't get an opportunity because our energy is blocked. A gemstone like Garnet  (Rakt Mani) can help clear these energy blockages and get it flowing. It can re-energize your passion and commitment to work for prosperity. It can shift your energy and open new doors full of opportunities for you to welcome into your life.

Green Jade: Green Jade  is a wisdom, prosperity, and harmony-bringing stone. It can promote money flow into an individual's life while reminding you to stay wise and consistent and keep moving towards your financial goal. One cannot achieve anything overnight, requiring patience and constant hard work paired with a Green Jade gem!

Emerald: Besides having health benefits, Emerald also offers financial stability. It is an auspicious stone in Vedic astrology for money and success. People encountering a rough financial patch in life can wear a Panna gemstone to help them think critically and make better decisions in life that facilitate cash flow in their household. It also enhances focus on achieving long-term life goals.

Pearl: Pearl (Moti), the epitome of beauty, interestingly represents name, fame, luxurious and lavish lifestyle, and it can bring all of these into the wearer's life. Pearl also makes the person calm, peaceful and strong to pursue life goals and achieve incredible success in every life aspect including money. It can also help eliminate the ill effects of a malefic moon wrongly positioned in a birth chart.

How to Use Crystals for Wealth?

Remember to set your intentions after you have a gemstone or crystal for success and wealth. You need to activate and set intentions for your crystals to avoid ending up receiving outcomes other than financial growth, stability, and freedom. There are multiple ways to use the stones; however, our experts suggest some of the best methods, and we have listed them below

  • If you work from home, place the crystals at your home workspace or keep them at your office desk,
  • Or you can keep the stones in a small bag and carry them with your purse wherever you go,
  • Or you can meditate, holding the crystals in your hand, and send out messages to the universe,
  • Or you can wear the stones as rings, ensuring they touch your skin.

Want to Learn More About Gemstone for Health and Wealth?

We hope our readers better understand crystals for a healthy and prosperous life after learning about the health benefits of gemstones and, not to forget, financial miracles. However, if you want to know about the same in-depth or need help choosing a gem that suits you best, contact our experts at GemsRoot!

Our expert astrologers suggest each gem after carefully studying your birth chart. We offer only 100% authentic, untreated, conflict-free, and lab-certified gemstones from government-recognized labs. At GemsRoot, we not only help you get your best stone but also help you manifest your dream life, so contact us  today!

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