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Famous Celebrities Wearing Gemstones to Attract Luck

Famous Celebrities Wearing Gemstones to Attract Luck

  • Posted by: Admin

It is no secret that success in the Bollywood entertainment industry requires a dash of luck. It is commendable, yet it makes us wonder how some of our favorite stars manage to shine on and off screen. Bollywood is a dynamic industry with its box office highs and lows, but these celebrities always come out with flying colors. Have you ever thought the reason for their success, prosperity, health, and happiness can be precious stones?

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

Yes, many celebrities turn to wearing astrological gemstones in their quest for good fortune and destiny. Spirituality and faith continue to play a significant role in show business, even if we don’t see it upfront as it blends with glamour. In this blog, we will dive into the glittering world of showbiz and unveil the famous star's choice of talismans. Scroll down to read and find a gem that catches your eye. The stars are aligned, and the secrets await!

Amitabh Bachchan: Blue Sapphire

Amitabh Bachchan has a towering presence in the Bollywood industry! At one time, Big B's movies were out of business, his career went downhill, and his company went bankrupt. Fortunately, he sought a solution in astrology and gemstones, after which he began wearing  Blue Sapphire  or Neelam, as suggested by an expert astrologer.

Blue Sapphire

Today, even at 80, his career is going strong as ever. Wearing Neelam changed his fortune, luck, and whole life drastically. According to Vedic astrology, the Blue Sapphire stone is associated with the planet Saturn (Shani), so wearing it can eliminate the challenging period of Sade Sati. Lord Shani can bless you with abundant good health, wealth, and status.

Salman Khan: Turquoise

Salman Khan's Turquoise bracelet is as famous as him. He has been wearing it ever since we remember seeing him on screen. It is an integral part of his personality and his stardom worldwide. Turquoise Stone , or Firoza, is considered fortunate in some religions, and Salman, too, keeps it close to his heart and believes the gemstone to be his lucky charm.

Turquoise stone

Firoza is associated with the planet Jupiter (Guru), and as per Vedic astrology, wearing Turquoise can strengthen the planetary position of Jupiter in one's birth chart. It blesses the wearer with the motivation to move forward in their life, wisdom, financial success, and good health. The natives of Sagittarius or Dhanu Rashi can wear the gem and benefit from its mystical properties.

Ajay Devgan: Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire  (Pukhraj) is the gem you wear if you want the name, fame, prosperity, and a lot of luck. On the reel, we see our Bollywood Singham knocking out the bad guys, but in real life, he's one of the calmest, sorted, mature, and successful actors. However, it wasn't always this fortune for Mr. Devgan.

Yellow Sapphire stone

Before rising to where he is today in his career, there was a time when he had no films in his name. Directors did not consider him for good roles anymore until he saw hope in astrology. After Ajay Devgan started wearing a Yellow Sapphire Stone ring on recommendation, there has been no going back in his career. If you want to soar high, consider wearing Pukhraj.

Abhishek Bachchan: Blue Sapphire & Emerald

Being the son of Big B, a lot was expected from him acting-wise; However, early on, many did not find him as good. He has struggled to find stability in the industry. Fast forward to now, everything looks decent for him after wearing a Blue Sapphire and Emerald Stone  ring. The gemstones have been beneficial to him.

Blue Sapphire & Emerald

Junior Bachchan talks about how he has personally approached directors and producers, but nothing worked out for him. By wearing the two most powerful gems as per astrology, you can eliminate any hindrances that come your way. Remember to ensure they suit you well according to your birth chart and go ahead with wearing them.

Nita Ambani: Emerald

Nita Ambani is one of India's most famous, influential, and wealthy women. The wife of Mr. Mukesh Ambani is quite a multitasking businesswoman with many achievements. She wears an Emerald Stone ring, which is one of the reasons behind her incredible success, notoriety, and fortune. Emerald or Panna is associated with the planet Mercury (Budh), which regulates Karka or speech.

Emerald stone

If you aspire to be like the ambitious woman Nita Ambani is, try embracing an Emerald. Wearing a Panna stone will enhance your oration skills and knowledge and bring success in creative ventures, jobs, and business. Vedic astrology recommends the Emerald Stone for the natives of Gemini (Mithun Rashi) and Virgo (Kanya Rashi). It can help them eliminate the adverse effects of a weaker Mercury.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Blue Sapphire

Former Miss World 1994 and outstanding Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is seen flaunting her Blue Sapphire ring on multiple occasions. She began working at 16, and after winning the beauty pageant, she received many offers from the industry. Initially, her acting performance was not up to expectations, and her career suffered. Fortunately, she came across Blue Sapphire.

Blue Sapphire

The Neelam gemstone became a savior for her, and her career soared high. As we know, the stone has instant luck-transforming abilities; if you want to remove all negativities and obstructions from your path to good fortune, wear it. Like Aishwarya, it will give you a strong mind and senses to achieve your desired goals.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra: Emerald

Shilpa Shetty Kundra is a successful actress, businesswoman, and fitness icon. She owes a lot of her triumph, popularity, and fortune to the Emerald Stone ring she is seen wearing most of the time. After wearing the Panna, she got an IPL team and landed the Celebrity Big Brother British TV series. Wearing Emeralds has multiple astrological benefits, from emotional and physical to professional.

Emerald stone online

Panna can relax and calm your mind, senses, and skin. It is excellent if you come from mass communication, media, or public relations roles because it enhances oration and communication skills. According to Vedic astrology, it is one of the best stones you can wear to attract luck, health, and wealth.

Kareena Kapoor Khan: Red Coral & Pearl

Kareen Kapoor Khan is one of the most gorgeous actresses of Bollywood. She wears Red Coral  (Moonga) and Pearl (Backlink Pearl landing Page) (Moti) in many of her movies. She wears both to attain astrological benefits, and they work because of her reputation as an actress in the industry. Pearl Stone helps her manage her aggression, while Red Coral Stone keeps negative energies and enemies at bay.

Red Coral & Pearl stones

Moonga also promotes emotional and spiritual healing, and as we know, some parts of Kareena's life have been highly controversial. Red Coral is associated with Mars (Mangal); Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs can wear them. Whereas Moti is related to the Moon, natives of Cancer (Karka Rashi) can wear them to gain its blessings and healing properties.

A R Rehman: Blue Sapphire

Next on the list is the only musician to win an Oscar, A R Rehman. He is among the most talented singers, composers, and producers the Indian music industry has seen. He began gaining recognition because of his melodious, alluring voice since childhood, and Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is why he has always been on top of his career.

Blue Sapphire stone

Blue Sapphire represents the Planet Saturn (Shani) and is the fastest-acting gemstone ever. Wearing the stone can bring instant success, riches, and stardom into the wearer's life. The natives of Aquarius and Capricorn can wear it; however, Neelam is a powerful gem; wear it cautiously only after consulting an experienced astrologer.

Sanjay Dutt: Yellow Sapphire

Another talented actor on our list today is Sanjay Dutt. He has had a very controversial life, be it his love life or court cases. There's also a movie about it covering Dutt's ups and downs. After an extended period, there's finally stability in his life, and it's been possible because he believed in the Yellow Sapphire Stone.

Yellow Sapphire stone
Sanjay Dutt has been seen wearing Pukhraj on various occasions. Wearing the Pukhraj stone blessed Sanjay with professional prosperity and a blissful marriage. It can also help balance the Solar Plexus Chakra that makes people evaluate the world through their emotions and thoughts without fearing others. If you want to know whether Yellow Sapphire suits you, contact our experts at GemsRoot.

Sonu Nigam: Blue Sapphire

We are all familiar with Sonu Nigam and his soulful voice. His voice touches the hearts of millions. At the beginning of his career, some songs were a hit, and some were not. That is when he turned to astrology and began wearing Blue Sapphire. The Neelam stone helped him get the recognition, and he was given the National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire has helped many celebrities turn around their luck and fortune. That's why it is such a significant gemstone in Vedic astrology. If you desire surging riches, popularity, and success in independent projects, consider wearing Neelam. However, we suggest consulting an expert astrologer first to check if it suits you. It is not equally beneficial for all and can wreak havoc if unsuitable.

Emraan Hashmi: Opal

Emraan Hashmi is loved for his unique movies and super-hit songs. When he entered the Bollywood industry, he originally wanted to be a director, but life had other plans, and he began acting. As per sources, Emraan took an astrology consultation after a suggestion from his father. He wears an Opal Stone  on his ring finger, associated with the Planet Venus (Shukra).

Opal stone online

Opal helps overcome challenging situations by enhancing the spiritual powers of an individual. Wearing it can also improve one's outer beauty, emotional well-being, and financial status and bless with marriage harmony. The natives of Taurus (Vrishabh) and Libra (Tula Rashi) can wear this gem to attain its benefits.

Dilip Joshi: Ruby

The Tarak Mehta ka Oolta Chasma star Dilip Joshi kickstarted his acting career in Bollywood's most iconic films like "Hum Aapke Hain Kon" and "Maine Pyaar Kiya." Even after giving such an outstanding performance, he struggled to bag any work at one time. However, his career took a complete U-turn when TMKOC came along; the rest is history.

Ruby stone online

A piece of credit for his success goes to  Ruby Stone (Manik). Ruby, also known as the king of gemstones, can significantly transform the wearer's life. Wear a Manik stone if you want professional success and enhanced social and financial status. It can help maintain a luxurious lifestyle as it attracts the blessings of the sun.

Remember that the mysterious treasures of the Earth, gemstones, hold the key to luck, prosperity, and destiny as you admire the achievements of your favorite stars! If you want to learn which magical gem has the key to your bright future, contact our experts at GemsRoot, where we only offer 100% authentic, untreated, lab-certified, and ethically sourced gemstones based on your birth chart.

Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

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