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12 Lucky Birthstone for Virgo Zodiac Signs

12 Lucky Birthstone for Virgo Zodiac Signs

  • Posted by: Admin

Virgo zodiac sign (Kanya Rashi) is the sixth sign in the zodiac wheel. Its ruling planet is Mercury, the main element is the Earth and is represented by the maiden. If you were born between 23rd August - 22nd September, you are a Virgo native. This blog will unveil a lucky gemstone and birthstone for the Virgo zodiac sign!

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Virgos are kind, intelligent, gentle, down-to-earth, and self-sufficient. Also, they are perfectionists who don't like to miss out on any details. They value clear communication, honesty, loyalty, and a deep connection with nature. Their bond with the Earth aligns them well with its miraculous treasure - gemstones! Scroll down to uncover Gemstones for the Virgo Zodiac Sign that can transform lives.


What is the Birthstone for Virgo?

Western astrology assigns Blue Sapphire  (Neelam) as a Virgo Lifestone. Sapphires are the universal symbol of luxury, royalty, wisdom, innocence, sincerity, and truth. It is also known as the fastest-acting stone in the gemstone realm. Neelam Stone serves the Virgo zodiac sign's core values—selflessness, honesty, wisdom, resilience, strong will, and heart.

Birthstone for Virgo

However, according to Vedic astrology, a person's prosperity, notoriety, confidence, happiness, and health are determined by the Lagna or the Lord of Ascendant. As a result, choosing the birthstone for Virgo requires careful consideration of the birth chart's strong or weak Lagna. To choose the zodiac stone that would boost your Lagna, you must speak with a qualified astrologer.

How Do Characteristics of the Virgo Zodiac and Natural Neelam Stone Align?

The Virgo Zodiac Gemstone, Natural Neelam Stone, and the zodiac sit very well. The characteristics of both are quite similar, which explains their connection. Some key elements that tie Blue Sapphire with Kanya Rashi are wisdom, honesty, modesty, innocence, self-sufficiency, inner strength, peacefulness, and gentleness.

Virgo Zodiac

Although Virgos are typically modest, timid, supportive, and gentle, that does not mean they cannot be tough and stand up for themselves when necessary. Do not mistake their gentleness for weakness. They can overcome challenges if they have persistence and independence. Blue Sapphires are parallel to Virgos because, despite their first appearance as merely fascinating objects, they have a great deal of depth and substance underneath.

What are the Benefits of a Virgo Birthstone? 

Benefits of a Virgo Birthstone

The benefits of Virgo birthstone, Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone are many. It is a true representation of strength, loyalty, truth, wisdom, judgment, and wealth. Here are some benefits and uses of Virgo Birthstones:

  • Wearing it can positively influence emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • It can restore the sign's balance and concentration and help gain inner peace
  • Its physical benefits include eyesight enhancement, cell strengthening, and vitality.
  • Blue Sapphire can also help with throat and third eye chakra.
  • It can bless you with psychic abilities, self-cultivation, and integrity and connect you to the divine.

If you delve deep into additional benefits of Blue Sapphire, read - Blue Sapphire: Receive Instant Positive Life-changing Results! 

Astrological Gemstone for Virgo Zodiac Sign

While the blue-colored Sapphire has gained its popularity as Virgo's life stone or birthstone, other gemstones for Virgo Rashi are equally worth it as per gemstone astrology. Let's find out the stones in the list below.

Gemstone for Virgo Zodiac Sign

Garnet: The first beautiful stone on our list is Garnet , also known as Rakt Mani. Wearing Garnet can make the Virgo natives feel connected to their element, the Earth. It keeps them grounded and level-headed. It can also make the natives more aware of themselves, their energies, and intentions.

Citrine: Citrine  or Sunela can improve the attentive, usefulness, and analytical nature of the Kanya Rashis. The zodiac sign and Citrine share the same ruling planet Mercury which is why they align so well with one another. Wearing it has major health benefits like relief from sleep disorders, and heart, liver, and kidney diseases.

Diamond: Diamonds represent love, passion, luxury, and beauty. Wearing it can bless the person with all the above. It is excellent for Virgos with short tempers, overthinking, depression, and anxiety issues.

Zircon: Zircon  is another stone that Virgos can wear. They come in a range of colors and the Rashi can wear almost any color Zircon. Kanya Rashi individuals are focused, hardworking and practical and Zircon can enhance all these positive qualities while also boosting their motivation.

Carnelian: Carnelian stone offers exceptional support to Virgos who are already overflowing with love and creativity. It also aids in rekindling the lost fire and developing a strong sense of self. You can wear it, keep it as your work desk or incorporate it into your meditation practice.

Blue Topaz: Blue Topaz is known for its amazing metaphysical properties. It is said to improve the compassion and communication of Virgo natives. Wearing it can also promote truth, and forgiveness while relaxing the mind, body, and soul.

Peridot: Peridot  is also a significant stone for August borns. It is also known as the "Evening Emerald." Wearing it can enhance a person's mental ability and skills while blessing them with peace, wealth, and harmony.

Pearl: Pearl  or Moti offers an array of astrological benefits. It is excellent for Virgo women to wear Pearl as it is a feminine stone. Wearing it can help cure mental disorders and depression while boosting your memory and intelligence. It can also attract prosperity, fame, and a luxurious lifestyle.

Amethyst: Amethyst , also known as Jamunia, is a natural tranquilizer. Wearing it can help eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, anger, rage, and fear. It can also open your path toward spiritual awareness, psychic ability, and higher intuition.

Emerald: Emerald  or Panna is the last but not least on our list. It is also known as the "Stone of Prosperity." Wear a Panna stone to better your oration skills, income opportunities, and financial growth. If you want to know if Emerald suits you, contact our astrology and gem experts today.

Gemstone for Virgo Man

Neelam stone is the finest gemstone for Virgo man. Blue sapphire jewelry can be quite advantageous for males born under the Kanya Rashi because it aids in overcoming obstacles. It can assist them in enhancing their positive qualities while eradicating their shortcomings. The Virgo stone will assist the males in achieving quick success, money, prosperity, and balance.

Gemstone for Virgo Woman 

Blue Sapphire is an excellent gemstone for a Virgo woman. The Virgo gemstones support the emotional and mental balance and healing of the feminine natives. Additionally, it improves their capacity for communication and imagination. They will become more self-sufficient in attaining their goals, both personally and professionally, because of wearing the blue stone. It will increase their confidence and positive energy.

Best Gemstone for Virgo Moon Sign

Gemstone for Virgo Moon Sign

As per Vedic astrology, the best zodiac gemstone for the Virgo moon sign is Emerald. Your Moon sign is a reflection of your inner self, psychic senses, moods, and emotions. Wearing the Panna stone can greatly relax the mind and senses of an individual, making them think clearly. The clarity of thought further helps them achieve financial success.

Where to Buy Zodiac Birthstone or Gemstone? 

If you are considering buying your August Virgo birthstone or birthstone for Virgo September, ensure you are getting it from a genuine seller. At GemsRoot, we only offer 100% pure, authentic, ethically sourced, conflict-free, and government lab-certified gems. Explore our exquisite range of timeless and natural gemstones and   if you need assistance choosing your birthstone for Virgo.

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