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The Surprising Malachite Benefits and Healing Properties

The Surprising Malachite Benefits and Healing Properties

  • Posted by: Admin

Gemstones are well-known for their enchanting colors, striking patterns and cosmic powers, and one such exceptional and green-hued stone is the Malachite stone. Benefits such as fostering love, protection, compassion, and its unique and lively green appearance give it a place in countless crystal groups. 

What is Malachite Stone?

Malachite is a gem known for its vibrant green color and comes from the copper carbonate hydroxide family. The beautiful stone has been used as a gemstone for thousands of years. It is still famous to this day for its characteristics, including its exceptional green color, banding, bright polished luster and eye of the Malachite.

Malachite Crystal Meaning 

The name "Malachite" comes from the Greek word "Mallache", meaning "Green". The stone gets its name due to its appearance and resemblance to nature, representing plants, roots, trees, flowers and vegetation. The opaqueness of the stone demand respect and power, enchanting the viewer. 

Yet the flow, movement and vibrancy in its lines, circles and patterns alleviate and welcome. The Malachite meaning can be versatile; however, the primary purpose of this gorgeous stone is to facilitate positive change and transformation, stimulate life, draw out impurities, and promote physical and emotional healing. 

Astrological Significance of Malachite

Malachite gemstones have been a leading choice for jewelry pieces, but when we talk about its association with astrology, it is an excellent stone for Scorpios (Vrishchik) and Capricorns (Makar). 

Malachite is also called a "journey stone", and Scorpio is a water sign that always has an ever-changing go with the flow and heading out on a physical or spiritual adventure; thus, the stone and the zodiac go very well together. 

Capricorns, too, might feel closed and have difficulty opening up; the Malachite can offer them the courage to get out of their comfort zone and take chances of becoming a better version of themselves. When we think about a stone that wards off the evil eye, no better stone can symbolize that other than Malachite.

Who can Wear Malachite Gemstone?

Anyone can wear Malachite stone without encountering any side effects. However, one's desire to wear a Malachite may depend on their birth month, birth chart, the position of planets, profession, and emotional and physical health. Zodiac signs, including Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus and Libra, can wear and benefit significantly from the gem. 

Malachite is excellent for people who need to heal from either past experience, traumas, abuse in life or physical illnesses. In professional terms, it is best for people working in an environment with negative energies, as it would help purify and keep negative vibrations at bay. It also benefits people working in domains involving compassion and empathy. 

What are the Top Malachite Benefits?

Physical Benefits: The physical benefits bestowed by the Malachite on the wearer are multiple. It is said to cure illnesses like malaria, colds, bronchial asthma, gallstones, intestinal issues, kidney problems, blood pressure, vertigo, and epilepsy. It can also help revive swollen joints, fractures, growths, tumors, damaged bones and torn muscles.

Benefits for Women: Malachite is known as the "Midwife stone" because it has properties that effectively treat womanly issues and help women recover from past trauma. It helps regulate the menstrual cycle and cramps and eases labor pain. 

Emotional Benefits: Malachite is a transformation stone. It helps the wearer eliminate mental blocks, accept change and initiate risk-taking abilities. It facilitates the expression of feelings, alleviates shyness, combats depression, heals emotional abuse, supports friendships, and helps overcome the fear of the known. 

Protection Benefits: The Malachite absorbs more energy than it emits; that's why it is also called a "Protection stone". It can absorb toxic, harmful and negative energies from your surroundings and insides. It can soak up anger and change your perspective on life, making you an outgoing and risk-taking person. 

Spiritual Benefits: Malachite acts like a mirror, transforming the unconscious reflecting into a conscious one. An individual who feels is here on the earth for humanitarian purposes can seek help from this green gem to realize their visions, goals, and needs into a reality. 

Chakra Balancing: Malachite is associated with the heart chakra, said to clear blockages and help it re-balance. The green gemstone turns on the wearer's imagination and visualization and helps us realize our wishes and desires. With this stone's help, we can recognize the flow of our relationships and their cyclic nature and adjust accordingly. 

How to Wear and Attain Malachite Healing Properties?

Malachite is a gemstone that almost anyone can wear without facing any adverse effects. Instead, everyone who wears this beautiful green gem is bound to feel the positive and healing energies bestowed on them. So, there's no hard and fast rule or procedure to wear a Malachite. 

However, to ensure you're attaining genuine benefits, wear the Malachite on the middle finger to enhance its properties. Wear it on the left if you desire to gain emotional stability or on the right if you've reached emotional stability and realized your goal but need the courage to share it with the world. 

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