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Best Ways to Identify a Real Yellow Sapphire Stone

Best Ways to Identify a Real Yellow Sapphire Stone

  • Posted by: Admin

Gemstones are a mesmerizing creation of Mother Nature! Their exquisite beauty, perennial charm and healing powers fascinate humankind. Out of all gemstones, Yellow Sapphire, also known as the Pukhraj Stone, is one of the most striking gems. Its alluring yellow color can leave any person spellbound in no time. Besides, it's also a part of the big 4 gemstones along with Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond.

yellow sapphire stone

Natural Pukhraj Stone holds great significance in Vedic astrology. As per experts, wearing it brings wealth, fame, success, good health, marital bliss, and a lot more. It can also help fight against negativities and misfortunes. It can work wonders if it's an original gemstone. Unfortunately, only a few people are competent enough to tell if a Pukhraj Ratan is real or not.

It demands expertise and extensive experience to tell a real and fake gemstone apart. In this blog, we've jotted down 9 effective tips that can help effortlessly identify a real Pukhraj. These pointers to check Yellow Sapphire's originality are gemstone expert approved. Remember the usefulness of each tip varies in great measure. Let's go through every pointer to avoid fraudsters when buying gemstones online.

Top Benefits from Pukhraj Stone 

Before we learn to identify an original Pukhraj Stone, let's look at its miraculous benefits. The Yellow Sapphire gemstone has huge significance in the gemstone and astrology realm. It has immense power and positive effects that a person can gain upon wearing it. But, despite being an auspicious stone, one must wear it under an expert's guidance only. Remember to get your horoscope/birth chart analyzed at GemsRoot.com to check Pukhraj's suitability.

Let's look at some top benefits of Yellow Sapphire below.

Strengthen Jupiter: The Pukhraj Stone's ruling planet is Jupiter. It is also commonly known as Brihaspati or Guru. It's one of the most influential planets in the birth chart. The planet governs growth, expansion, prosperity, fortune, healing, and miracles. Besides, it also rules over long-distance travel, education, wealth, and business. Wearing the stone can help strengthen Jupiter in the wearer's Kundli. Further blessing the wearer with its positive influences.

Mental Clarity: The yellow-hued stone can bring mental clarity to the wearer. It enhances the person's concentration power which leads to better productivity. It also improves imagination and creative abilities.

Attract Prosperity: As per expert astrologers, an original Pukhraj stone can attract prosperity. It can help people dealing with big business ventures. Experts suggest lawyers, teachers, scholars, and judges wear the stone.

Spiritual Awareness: It can also promote spiritual awareness of the wearer. If one wants to connect to their higher self, a Pukhraj stone can help them with the same. Its yellow hue also stimulates one's mind and promotes positive thinking patterns.

Balance Chakras: Pukhraj Ratan is associated with the solar plexus chakra. It governs confidence and self-esteem. Wearing the stone can help open and balance the solar plexus chakra. If you want to feel in control in life, consider wearing the gemstone.

Physical Health: Finally, the gemstone offers many physical health benefits too. It can revitalize one's body and give them more energy. Besides, it can improve the wearer's circulation and boost the immune system.

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9 Tips to Identify a Real Yellow Sapphire  

Now that we know the benefits from pukhraj stone, let's understand how to identify a real Yellow Sapphire. If someone wants to buy Yellow Sapphire online or in-store, they must know a few important pointers. Since it's a highly coveted stone, the chances of it getting duplicated are high.

Many fraud vendors often offer buyers fake or imitation gemstones in the name of a natural one. It has become the responsibility of the buyer to be aware of such fraudulent practices. Also. learn ways to overcome these scammers when trying to buy Yellow Sapphire online. Let's go through 9 expert-approved tips to recognize a natural Pukhraj Stone below.

Check the Color

Color is one of the most essential factors to check when buying a gemstone. Yellow Sapphire gemstones can be in a wide range of hues. The colors can range from greenish to orangish-yellow and everything in between. An original Yellow Sapphire will exhibit a true yellow hue with notable clarity. As per the industry standards, the best Pukhraj stone is medium and vibrant canary yellow. The fakes and imitations have a similar color, but they're not as stunning as the original ones.

Check for Fillings

Finding an inclusion-free yellow gemstone is next to impossible. Almost all Pukhraj stones include some inclusion. In general, all gems undergo some treatment to reduce their imperfections for retail. Experienced gem cutters cut the stone in a way that minimizes the visibility of inclusion. If there are minor inclusions in a stone, cutters often leave it as it is because it's proof of authenticity.

Check for Bubbles

An original stone might have some small inclusions but they're not very prominent. If you notice a bubble, a cluster of bubbles with the naked eye, chances are that it's not real. Eye-visible Bubbles inside a gem are a clear sign of it being a dupe or imitation. The stone might be a plastic or glass-filled replica of a real stone.

Check for Scratches

Pukhraj Ratan is one of the hardest gemstones ever. It scores a 9 out of 10 on the hardness scale (Mohs scale). It has high resistance against scratches and other damage. So, it's best to do a scratch test to check its originality. Rub the stone against a harsh surface and see if any scratches appear. If you detect any scratches on the gemstone, it's not real.

Compare with a Yellow Glass

Yellow Sapphire and yellow glass often look identical and can fool an amateur's eye. To differentiate between the two, it's best to conduct a side-by-side visual comparison. When put beside one another, the distinction in the color of both is evident. The natural gemstone displays vibrant yellow hues and high clarity. Whereas yellow glass appears pale and lacks brilliance and depth.

Does It Have Grooves?

Most fake gemstones are not defined and have blunt facets. A high-quality and genuine gemstone will have a smooth surface and facets. If the Pukhraj stone has grooves, it is not real. The grooves mimic the look and feel of a vinyl record. To check for grooves, one needs a 10x magnifying loupe which is available at a jewelry or gemstone shop. If you want to check your stone for grooves, take it to an expert.

Is it Warm?

There's a simple method to check whether it's a fake or original Yellow Sapphire. A real one should impart a warm feeling when held in the palm. If you don't feel a slight warmth on your palms, chances are that the gemstone is a synthetic one.

The X Sign

Also, check for an X sign on the facets of the stone. The X sign is also known as the scissors cut, and its presence indicates that the stone is fake. The sign forms when it is manufactured and not original.

Ask for Gemstone Authenticity Certificates  

Finally, ask your gemstone vendor for authenticity certificates. There are many gemstone certifications including GIA, IGI, GRS, IGI-GTL, EGL, AGL and more. These certifications are proof that the Yellow Sapphire is 100% real. It comprises of information such as origin, treatments, refractive index, dimension, and other important pointers. Buyers can always refuse to buy from a vendor who refuses to give you the certificates. 

Want to Buy Yellow Sapphire Online? 

If you want to buy Yellow Sapphire online, it's best to contact a trusted seller like GemsRoot! The simple methods discussed above are effective up to a certain point only. One cannot claim them to be 100% accurate. Only certificates are complete proof of the stone's originality. We recommend following a comprehensive method to check Yellow Sapphire's originality.

Online Gemstone Recommendation

You can try the methods above and visit us for confirmation. Or you can contact us for 100% natural Yellow Sapphire. At GemsRoot.com, we offer genuine, ethical, sustainable, and conflict-free stones. If buyers are looking for real gemstones at the best prices, get in touch with us. We also offer other services such as gem recommendation and tarot reading services. Contact us today! 

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