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7 Best Crystals That Empower Women: International Women's Day 2024

7 Best Crystals That Empower Women: International Women's Day 2024

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Women are the driving forces of this world! They play different roles and juggle many tasks at once. When you open your heart to them, they'll listen to you, support you and take away your problems. They take care of everyone around them, often forgetting to focus on themselves. They put themselves, their energy, ego, and creativity on the line. Emerald: The Benefits of the Prosperity Stone

They co-create with others; they judge and are judged. It is mental, emotional, and personal work, that they do every day. That's why they need some divine protection such as crystals. They might be small, but they have mighty powers! In this blog, we'll discuss the best crystals for women's empowerment. These crystals and gemstones ensure women get the respect and opportunities they deserve.

A Pledge to Inspire Inclusion  

This year's International Women's Day 2024 campaign's theme is Inspire Inclusion. In a world full of individuals with diverse talents, perspectives, and ambitions, valuing diversity strengthens us. When women are inspired to be included, they demolish barriers, shatter stereotypes, and give voice to those whose voices have long been ignored. Let's work together to create a world that is more welcoming to women.

Image credits: internationalwomensday.com

We must question the absence of women in higher positions, call out poor practices, and act when women are not treated equally. On this International Women's Day, let's pledge to accept the diversity of women's race, age, faith, body image, ability, and how they identify. We must strive to take this movement beyond work, community, and home. At GemsRoot, we #InspireInclusion by offering knowledge, support, and encouragement to women.

Why are Crystals for Women Powerful for them?

The modern world puts a lot of pressure on women. Society expects them to excel both at work and at home. Crystals have powerful properties that make them a must-have energy tool. They are not just beautiful; they hold high vibrational frequencies. They help women build self-love, confidence, resilience, knowledge, and wisdom. They also offer emotional healing, grounding, spiritual and balancing energies.

Whether you're a homemaker, a team leader or simply learning the ways of the world. This Women's Day, be the woman you've always wanted to be independent, free, bold, courageous, and empowered. Challenge stereotypes, call out bias and strive for inclusivity with our empowering crystals. We have got the perfect Women's Day gift for you and your girlies.

If you're a man looking for Women's Day gift ideas for your mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend, you can also take a look at our Crystals for Women collection below.

Channel Your Inner Boss Lady this International Women's Day 2024 

Throughout history, gemstones and crystals have been used for different purposes. Many rituals such as healing, spiritual awakening and meditation involve their usage. Thus, they can support and uplift women's mental, emotional, and spiritual life aspects. If you want to enhance your self-expression, self-esteem, confidence, communication and much more, consider getting your hands on these crystals/gemstones below.

Emerald for Intelligence

The women of today must be wise, logical, practical, and intelligent. All these qualities are essential to survive and overcome modern challenges. Emerald Stone is an ideal gemstone that can help women become sharp. As per Vedic science, the ruling planet of Emerald or Panna Stone is Mercury. It is also known as Budh. Mercury is the planet of communication, intelligence, and logic.

It governs speech, learning skills, mental abilities, and writing. Besides, it also represents adaptability, curiosity, and a sense of humor. Wearing the Budh Stone can strengthen the planet's position in a woman's horoscope. It can make them brilliant, quick-witted, sharp, great orator and expressive individual. If these are the qualities you want to have in you, try wearing Emerald gemstone jewelry.

Ruby for Power

Women should feel powerful enough to tackle obstacles that come their way. Wearing a Ruby Stone can help them feel powerful and passionate. It's also known as Manik, Manikya, Ratnaraj, Manikam Stone, Chunni Stone or Kempu Stone in Hindi. According to Vedic astrology, its ruling planet is one of the mightiest ones - the Sun. It represents power, authority, leadership, confidence, and our sense of self.

By wearing a Ruby gemstone or having it as a crystal, women can gain the blessings of the Sun. It can serve as an inexhaustible source of power, authority, leadership, name, and fame. It can make their personality magnetic and win the admiration and hearts of the people. It can also help them build the courage to face life challenges with bravery.

Blue Sapphire for Patience

Life often keeps testing our patience, sometimes more when you are a woman. To have unwavering patience within, you need a Blue Sapphire stone. It is also known as Neelam, Indraneelam or Neelamadi in Hindi. Its ruling planet is Saturn, also known as Shani. Saturn is the planet of Karma, discipline, justice, and order. It also represents limitations, challenges, and delays in life.

Wearing a Neelam stone can strengthen Shani's position in one's birth chart. It teaches women the value of patience, perseverance, and hard work. It promotes a never-say-die attitude in them, encouraging them to never give up no matter what. It also encourages them to endure difficulties, face challenges and work actively towards their life goals. Remember it's a powerful and fast-acting stone, it's best to wear it only after an expert consultation.

Yellow Sapphire for Prosperity

In this modern world, every woman must be independent. Be it with their life decisions or finances. Yellow Sapphire, also known as Pukhraj, can help attract prosperity, wealth, and abundance. As per Vedic astrology, the stone's ruling planet is Jupiter (Brihaspati). It is the planet of growth, good fortune, prosperity, and miracles. Wearing a Pukhraj Stone can help women harness the benefits of Jupiter

Image credits: pinterest.com

On this International Women's Day, wear Yellow Sapphire and raise your financial status. It will help you attract salary increments, promotions, and profits in business. If you are looking for a crystal to empower you financially, this is the perfect one. Besides wealth, it also blesses the wearer with the knowledge of ethics, law, wisdom, wit, and worldly happiness. Make sure to wear natural gemstone jewelry made using a real Pukhraj Stone.

White Sapphire for Courage

All require courage to do well in this modern age. Some women can often feel intimidated looking at the challenges of life. In such situations, White Sapphire can give you the courage you need. It is also known as the Safed Pukhraj Stone in Hindi. The stone's ruling planet is Venus, also known as Shukra. It can strengthen Venus's position in one's birth chart.

When women wear White Sapphire, its properties encourage them to fight off life challenges. They become wiser and more intuitive to make better decisions. The stone encourages you to believe in the way of spiritual forces. Besides, it is also linked to the crown chakra. Wearing Safed Pukhraj can help open and balance your crown chakra for overall life's betterment.

Red Coral for Confidence

Another gemstone that is excellent for ladies is Red Coral. It is also known as the Moonga Stone. According to Vedic science, its ruling planet is Mars (Mangal). The planet governs confidence, energy, ambition, and strength. Wearing Moonga can strengthen a weak Mangal position in one's horoscope. Plus, it can help garner all the blessings and benefits of the planet.

Image credits: pinterest.com

Women who want to embody qualities like confidence, bravery, courage, and determination, must try this stone. It will also help them overcome hesitation, fear, and indecisiveness. It will promote a positive attitude in women's lives. It will make you more assertive and cultivate leadership qualities and assertiveness to help conquer your goals.

Pearl for Grace

Finally, we have Pearl, also known as Moti. The stone symbolizes grace, purity, wisdom, integrity, and wealth. Its ruling planet is the Moon. The planet emits a feminine and calm energy. Wearing Moti can empower and inspire women to find their inner strength. Consider wearing the gem to inculcate class and sophistication.

Image credits: pinterest.com

How to Use Empowerment Crystals for Women?  

No doubt crystals are packed with incredible benefits and healing properties. But how do you gain the most benefits from them? Once you've decided which is ideal for you, you can put them to use in the following ways.

Wear Your Crystals: The best way to harness the power of crystals is to wear them. You can wear them as gemstone jewellery, be it a ring, pendant or bracelet. Ensure the stone is set in the jewelry in such a way that it touches your skin. The gemstone and skin touch are essential for it to work wonders.

Meditate Using Crystals: The second-best way is to meditate with the crystals. Hold them in your hand, place them in your meditation space, or make a crystal grid. While praying or meditating, visualize your crystal sending its energy to you. While you receive its good vibes, make sure to send away the negative ones. As you perform and after your meditation, you must feel empowered, relaxed and calm.

Place them Where You Need them: If you feel there's a specific area where you need the crystals more, set them up there. Maybe it's your bedroom, work desk, or car, where you feel weak, scared, or nervous. Placing these powerful crystals or gemstones in those spaces will positively radiate energy. Besides, they'll serve as a reminder to align your intentions and desires.

Where to Buy Crystals for Women Online?

The empowering crystals for women are sure to make them strong, independent, courageous, bold, patience, successful and much more. Surround yourself with beautiful and high vibrational crystals attune to the power within you! But we suggest consulting an expert astrologer before wearing or using any of the crystals mentioned above.

GemsRoot Online Consult

GemsRoot.com is the best online platform to buy gemstones online. We offer 100% natural gemstones at the best prices! Our gems are real, ethical, sustainable, conflict-free, and lab-certified. On this Women's Day be the woman you would look up to. Contact us for more information on women's day special gifts, Astro consultation, gemstone recommendations and tarot card reading today. 

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