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Origin: Zambia  
Natural Emerald   weighing 4.96 carats from Zambia

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It's a 4.96 Carats/5.44 Ratti Natural Zambian Emerald stone. The octagonal-shaped Emerald is of dark green hue with medium translucency and great polish. Its dimensions are 11.5 X 8.5 X 6. If you're searching for an affordable Panna stone for astrological purposes, buy this 5.44 Ratti Panna.  

Emeralds are one of the most influential gemstones in astrology. Wearing it can bring blessings of Mercury which symbolizes wisdom and intellect. But its benefits aren't restricted to intelligence only. Wearing Panna gemstones can also help improve relationships, especially marriages. Individuals can expect an overall life transformation after donning this gem.  

Country of OriginZambia
Carat/Ratti4.96 Carats/5.44 Ratti
TreatmentUnheated and Untreated (Oiling Only)
CertificationLab Certificate Available
Refractive Index1.57 - 1.58

The planetary positions in our birth charts affect us significantly. So, if Mercury is in a malefic position, one can feel a lack of confidence, fear of public speaking, stage fear and stammering. Wearing a Panna stone can help overcome the fear of social gatherings and public speaking.  

Besides, our astrologers suggest wearing Emerald to students, businessmen, artists, and writers. It is because it enhances creativity, concentration, and intellect. So, adorning this stone will help attain the most benefits and results. Remember to contact an expert before buying any gemstone. 

If a Vedic astrologer suggests a 5.44 Ratti Emerald, then this gem is your best choice. It is not only astrologically suitable but also available at a reasonable price. Contact us today to check if Emerald Stone suits you. We also help you buy your lucky stone at the best prices.