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Origin: Zambia  
Natural Emerald   weighing 5.40 carats from Zambia

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It's a transparent and vivid color emerald stone in oval shape. The oval-shaped Panna stone weighs 5.40 Carats/5.88 Ratti with dimensions of 9.5 x 13 x 7 mm. It has facet cut with good grade clarity, slight inclusions, and polish. Our untreated and unheated gemstones come with lab certificates from GRS.  

 Considering the color, clarity, cut, purity, luster, and transparency, it's a beneficial gem as per astrology. Buy the 5.88 Ratti Panna stone and wear it in a ring or pendant to gain the best results. Contact our experts at and we will help you choose suitable stones/stones according to your zodiac.  

Country of OriginZambia
Carat/Ratti5.40 Carats/5.88 Ratti
TreatmentUnheated and Untreated (Oiling Only)
CertificationLab Certificate Available
Refractive Index1.57 - 1.58

Emerald's ruling planet is Mercury (Budh) which has a huge influence on people's lives. So, if Budh is in a malefic position in one's birth chart, wearing an emerald can help balance it. Our gem experts suggest praying to lord Budh to remove negativities and offer blessings.  

 The Panna stone is also known as the "prosperity stone." Wearing it can open new income opportunities and stabilize financial growth. Professionals working in banking, trading and the stock market can try donning the green gem. Besides, it is excellent for students preparing for government or competitive exams. It is because it enhances concentration power.  

 If you want to buy the 5.88 Ratti Panna, then contact us at GemsRoot. We want our buyers to remember that gemstones are only beneficial when worn the right way. We recommend suitable stones after going through your birth chart and planetary positions. Buy the 5.40-carat emerald at 71,042.40 INR today.