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A Comprehensive Guide to Yellow Sapphire Price

A Comprehensive Guide to Yellow Sapphire Price

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Yellow Sapphire is one of the most stunning and valuable stones in the gemstone realm! It hails from the corundum mineral family. Its strength, benefits and healing properties make it a lucky gem as per astrology. According to Vedic science, it brings prosperity, wisdom, spirituality, success, and marital bliss. Besides, it's rare and has a limited supply. These factors contribute to the expensive Yellow Sapphire price tag. yellow sapphire stone

An original Yellow Sapphire, also known as a Pukhraj Stone, can be pricey. If you want to buy and gain its astrological benefits, knowing its fair prices is essential. Remember, different intricate factors influence the Pukhraj Stone price. Understanding these factors is crucial for always paying for the quality you're buying. In this guide, we'll uncover the factors shaping its costing and its current market prices. 

Factors Influencing Yellow Sapphire Price 

The astronomical benefits of Yellow Sapphire are not unknown to humankind. It has long been revered for its vivid yellow hue, rarity, and mystical benefits. It's one of the most coveted gemstones worldwide, making it a high-market-value stone. The soaring prices are a result of various factors that contribute to its desirability and exclusivity. Let's look at the 8 significant pointers below.

Rarity: The natural occurrence of yellow-colored Sapphires is rare compared to other colors. This rarity and scarcity drive up its value in the market. Gem collectors, jewelry makers and its astrological benefit seekers are willing to pay a premium price for such a rare, unique, and limited gemstone.

Color: Color is one of the most important factors when determining a gemstone's price. When it comes to yellow hues, a rich, pure, and vibrant canary yellow is ideal. The color saturation should be vivid and rich with no tints of orange, brown or green. Stones with dark undertones that make it appear less transparent and dull are less valuable.

Clarity: Some common inclusions are feathers, rutile needles, cavities, and gas bubbles. But a high-quality Yellow Sapphire gemstone displays a decent eye-clean clarity. A flawless stone is a rare find and is very expensive. A loupe clean stone with fewer inclusions will cost more than that with noticeable inclusions.

Carat Weight: The carat weight of the stone also affects its pricing. A large and decent-sized Pukhraj Stone with quality is hard to find. Also, it is a denser stone which means, it forms more in smaller sizes. So, decent-sized gems with excellent color and clarity will be expensive.

Cut: The cut also affects the gemstone's pricing as it's a beauty-enhancing factor. A good cut will maximize the stone's play of light, shine, and brilliance. A high-quality faceted stone is also pricey because it involves more waste, high precision labor and other costs. A dull gem is not as valuable as a vivid and sparkly one.

Origin: The stone's mining origin also contributes to its high price tag. The finest quality yellow-colored Sapphires come from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). They are renowned for their excellent color consistency and clarity. Some other quality locations are Burma, Thailand, Australia, and Madagascar. But how does one identify an authentic stone? Here are the Best Ways to Identify a Real Yellow Sapphire Stone.

Treatment: Some heat treatments to enhance the gemstone's beauty are acceptable. But natural and untreated ones are more valuable compared to treated ones. They are also hard to find in the market. To ensure the stone has undergone minimal treatment, always buy a certified Yellow Sapphire online or in-store.

Demand: Finally, demand also plays a significant role in driving up gemstone prices. Pukhraj Stone has gained huge popularity among gem and astrology enthusiasts. The reasons are its rarity, uniqueness, strength, metaphysical and healing benefits. As demand shoots up, so does the price because of limited supply. 

Yellow Sapphire Price Per Carat 

As we saw, various factors including the 4 Cs, origin, rarity, treatment, and demand can influence the prices. In general, a decent quality Ceylonese Pukhraj price starts from 6000/- INR and can go up to 50,000/- INR per carat (approx.). Remember, the Yellow Sapphire price per carat can always differ from seller to seller depending on the factors. For example, a medium-quality stone from Burma or Thailand will cost less compared to a high-quality stone from Sri Lanka. 

Yellow Sapphire Price in India 

A certified Yellow Sapphire price in India can start from 6000/- INR per carat. Some finest and brilliant quality stones prices can also go up to 50,000/- INR per carat (approx.). It can also get more expensive depending on the origin, color, clarity, and other factors. For more information on prices, you can visit our website GemsRoot.com and get in touch with our gem experts. If the Pushparagam Stone is out of budget for you, here are The Best Yellow Sapphire Substitutes You Must Know

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Pukhraj Stone price can start from thousands and go up to lakhs! It all depends on Color, clarity, carat, cut, rarity, demand, and treatments. An untreated Peetmani stone will be more valuable than a treated one. At GemsRoot.com, we offer 100% natural Yellow Sapphire at the best prices!

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