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GemsRoot's online astrology consultation offers expert advice to people searching for holistic and alternative medicine for resolving general life problems like Gem therapy, which involves wearing precious and semi-precious stones. Our expert astrologers will consult clients through different life challenges, such as financial, professional, Matrimony, relationships, physical and mental health issues, etc., based on their birth chart/Kundali and planetary (Grah) positions. Book your appointment below for an interactive 1-on-1 astro session of 20 minutes with our expert advisory team.

Wearing gemstones provides the most benefits after a gem consultation with an expert. Our astrological phone consultation services are ideal for connecting with knowledgeable astrologers. They meticulously study birth charts or Kundali to determine how the planets impact your current circumstances and assign gemstones that reduce malefic effects and promote positivity in your life.