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Origin: Zambia  
Natural Emerald   weighing 5.18 carats from Zambia

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It is a 100% natural emerald (Panna) weighing 5.18 carats/5.64 Ratti from Zambia. It's square and the cut is faceted. The faceted cut emeralds offer greater scintillation (sparkle). This cut enhances the clarity and light reflection inside and outside the Panna. It boosts the overall beauty and shine of gems.

Astrological gemstones must be cut in a particular way. The more the cut maximizes its brilliance the more the energy transmission to the wearer. That'swhy consider buying a well-cut faceted emerald in a square shape to gain the most benefits. If the square/rectangular shape attracts you, contact our astrology experts today.

We source each gem at GemsRoot including emeralds in sustainable and ethical ways. So, choose GemsRoot for 100% natural, ethical, lab and government-certified stones at the best prices. Browse through our website to check out our Panna collection and contact us for further help.

Country of OriginZambia
Carat/Ratti5.18 Carats/5.64 Ratti
TreatmentUnheated and Untreated (Oiling Only)
CertificationLab Certificate Available
Refractive Index1.57 - 1.58

Benefits of Emerald 

Zambian emeralds are the epitome of beauty and full of astrological benefits. They exhibit a dark green color with slight blue tints which is a desirable color as per Vedic astrology. It's associated with the planet Mercury (Budh). So, natives under the influence of Mercury can wear it to minimize its malefic effects.

Wearing the Panna stone from Zambia enhances communication, oration, creativity, memory and learning speed. It increases the wearer's self-esteem, confidence, and cognitive abilities. People struggling with mental health issues including anxiety, depression and fear can wear Panna Gem. Additionally, it can also help soothe eyes, skin, and nerve-related ailments.