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White sapphire is a highly transparent, colorless version of Sapphire belonging to the Corundum mineral family. This beautiful precious gemstone tends to display a cloudy white look, worn to gain success in creative career, luxurious lifestyle and more.

White Sapphire is a colorless sapphire type coming from the Corundum mineral family. The gemstone has multiple astrological benefits; gem experts often suggest it as a substitute for Diamonds. It originates from Sri Lanka, Burma, Tanzania, Cambodia, and Madagascar.

All Sapphires represent power, strength, kindness, and wise judgment. White Sapphire also symbolizes similar characteristics. Wearing the stone can bless them with numerous astrological benefits and healing properties.We have listed the top White Sapphire stone benefits below:

  • Luxuries of Life: White Pukhraj represents Venus, the planet of luxury. Wearing it can help the wearer enhance different luxuries of life and maintain them as well. The gem creates new opportunities to make good income opportunities.
  • Progeny: Wearing the stone offers clarity of thought and mind, helping foster better marital relationships. Besides marital bliss, it also helps couples struggling to have children with enhanced fertility.
  • Wealth : Wear it to create better income and financial growth opportunities. It accelerates the flow of abundance into the wearer's life.
  • Creativity: The gemstone uncovers an individual's talents and enhances creativity. It also boosts confidence and courage to help the wearer live with integrity as an authentic self.

White Sapphire is a gemstone that represents the planet, Venus. Astrologers suggest wearing the stone to individuals with weak Venus positions in their birth chart to strengthen it. The natives of Taurus, Libra and Gemini can wear the stones to attain its benefic properties and blessings.

Besides Taurus, Libra and Gemini, zodiac ascendents of Capricorn, Virgo, and Aquarius can also benefit from wearing Safed Pukhraj. If you want to know whether White Sapphire stone suits you, contact our gem experts at GemsRoot.

Buying any gemstone, including White Sapphire, requires proper knowledge. To purchase a quality white Pukhraj, one must know the factors given below:

Color : White Sapphire gemstones are top quality when they exhibit no trace of color. The appearance is often comparable to Diamonds. A stone with minimal inclusions and no tints of color is desirable.

Clarity :The clarity of the stone, in this case, refers to the transparency level, inclusions and surface blemishes—the more clarity, the lesser the inclusions and blemishes, and the more the gemstone's value.

Cut : Depending on the buyer's preference, sapphires are cut in multiple shapes. However, a skillfully cut gem will be one that minimizes the visibility of inclusions and enhances the brightness.

White Sapphire has other names such as Safed Pukhraj, Safed Pushkaraj, White Pukhraj Stone, and colorless Sapphire.

Origin : Sri Lanka, Burma, Tanzania, Cambodia, and Madagascar.

Chemical Composition: α-Al2O3

Hardness : 9/10 on Moh's scale

Specific Gravity : 3.99 - 4.01

Refractive Index : 1.760 -1.778

What does White Sapphire Symbolize?

The White Sapphire represents the planet Venus and symbolizes beauty, prosperity, power and fortune.

Which Rashi can wear White Sapphire

According to Vedic astrology, the White Sapphire best suits the natives of Taurus, Libra, and Gemini zodiac signs. Ascendents of Capricorn, Aquarius and Virgo can also attain its benefits by wearing the gem.

Does the White Sapphire attract good luck?

White Sapphires gemstones have been considered auspicious for ages. People wear them with faith that it attracts luck, blessings, protection, wealth, and prosperity.

What are the benefits of a White Pukhraj?

The benefits of Safed Pukhraj (white sapphire) are many. Wearing the stone helps attract luxuries, wealth, marital bliss, progeny, clarity of thought, creativity and more.

Can I wear White Sapphire gemstone in gold?

Wear a White Sapphire stone, preferably in gold or silver or as an expert astrologer suggests, accordingly to your birth chart or needs.

Does the White Sapphire represent Venus or Jupiter?

White or Safed Pukhraj is represented by Venus, which is a significant planet according to Vedic astrology.

Can you wear White Sapphire every day?

Yes, you can wear White Sapphire daily. It has a hardness of 9/10 on Moh's scale, making it suitable for everyday wear.

Does wearing White Sapphire attract money?

Wearing White Pukhraj creates new opportunities for income and financial growth. It blesses the wearer with good prosperity and luxuries of life.

White Sapphire - 4.54 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

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White Sapphire - 4.61 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

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White Sapphire - 4.64 carats

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White Sapphire - 4.69 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

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White Sapphire - 4.88 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

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White Sapphire - 4.9 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

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White Sapphire - 4.92 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

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White Sapphire - 4.97 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

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White Sapphire - 5.02 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

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White Sapphire - 5.8 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

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White Sapphire - 5.84 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

₹ 124,100 ₹ 99,280 ( 20 %Off )
White Sapphire - 6.8 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

₹ 238,000 ₹ 190,400 ( 20 %Off )
White Sapphire - 6.36 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

₹ 159,000 ₹ 127,200 ( 20 %Off )
White Sapphire - 6.42 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

₹ 109,461 ₹ 87,568 ( 20 %Off )
White Sapphire - 6.56 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

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White Sapphire - 6.81 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

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White Sapphire - 6.88 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

₹ 137,600 ₹ 110,080 ( 20 %Off )
White Sapphire - 7.39 carats

Origin : Sri Lanka

₹ 230,938 ₹ 184,750 ( 20 %Off )

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