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Ruby is a mesmerizing gemstone that has captivated people for centuries with its bold, fiery hues and extraordinary properties. Its deep red color is caused by the presence of chromium, and the intensity of its color varies from pinkish-red to deep blood-red. Ruby is often referred to as "The King of Gemstones" due to its exceptional hardness, durability, and rarity.

Ruby Stone, also known as the King of Gemstones or Ratnaraj, is one of the most potent stones known to humankind. Rubies are mined worldwide, including in Myanmar (Previously Burma), Mozambique, Africa, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Malawi, Madagascar, Pakistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United States.

The red-to-pinkish-colored gemstone is much more than its aesthetic value. Like other precious gems, the stone has numerous astrological benefits and healing properties. We have listed some top Ruby stone benefits below:

  • Enhances Leadership Qualities : Wearing Ruby gemstone can improve a person's leadership qualities. It is also known to help people with low self-esteem, self-doubt, and confidence by eliminating these negative emotions and offering them a sense of command over their lives.
  • Strengthens Relationships : The Sun represents Ratnaraj. According to Vedic astrology, the Sun is recognized as a father figure. So, wearing Ruby can positively influence paternal relationships, especially between father and son. It helps create a stronger bond.
  • Boosts Wealth : Wearing the red gemstone can help surge financial benefits, wealth, and prosperity in the wearer's life. Besides financial gains, it can also help maintain a luxurious lifestyle.
  • Facilitates Decision making : Indecisive individuals can gain a newfound decision-making skill by wearing a Ratnaraj. It makes the wearer more focused, aware, and attentive to help think with clarity and make better judgements.
  • Improves Health : The Sun is associated with the Karaka chakra of our heart, bones and eyes. Since the Sun represents Ruby, wearing the gemstone can benefit these organs. It can enhance blood circulation, improve eyesight, and restore vitality.

According to Vedic astrology, Ruby or Manik is best suited for the natives of the Leo zodiac sign. Besides Leo, ascendents of Scorpio, Aries, Sagittarius, and Pisces can also adorn this gemstone. On the contrary, western astrology assigns the gem as the birthstone of people born in July.

The Sun represents Ruby, and wearing the same can bestow the wearer with the benefits of the mighty planet. It can make an individual unstoppable in life, just like the Sun. However, one must consult an expert astrologer before wearing the stone because natural Ruby is not equally beneficial for all.

Rubies are highly sought-after gemstones worldwide. The finest quality Manikya stones exhibit certain qualities that a buyer must remember while purchasing the gem for astrological or jewelry purposes. Three main features to focus on when selecting a natural ruby.

Color : The gemstone's color is of great significance regarding quality. Ruby's color can vary from deep reds to pinks. A color consistent, well-balanced, and saturated stone ranks higher on the quality list.

Clarity : It is natural for gems to have Liquid, silk, or crystal inclusions, making each stone distinct and unique. Rubies with minimum inclusions are desirable, whereas eye-clean gemstones are extremely rare and cost a fortune.

Cut : The cut of the ruby stone is very significant in determining its value. The cut can amplify or dim the precious gemstone's overall beauty, color, and luster. So, the buyer must consider the stone's shape before finalizing it.

Ruby gemstone has several other names, like Ratnaraj, Manik Stone, Manikya, Manikam Stone, Kempu Stone, Yaqoot Stone and Chunni Stone.

Origin : Myanmar (Burma), Mozambique, Africa, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Malawi, Madagascar, Pakistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United States.

Chemical Composition: Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)

Hardness : 9/10 on Moh's Scale

Specific Gravity : 3.99 - 4.1

Refractive Index : 1.757 - 1.779

What is Ruby Stone Good for?

Ruby gemstone is known for its goodness in a lot of things. Wearing the stone helps enhance leadership skills, improve relationships, support decision-making, and attract wealth. It has numerous health usefulness as well.

Is Ruby Stone Costly?

Ruby falls under the category of the most popular gemstones worldwide. Their remarkable beauty and rarity can make its price range in thousands of dollars per carat.

Does Ruby Attract Love?

Rubies can amplify emotions like love, passion, and romance. They have also symbolized love, vitality, power, and strength for ages, which stems from their red color. Wearing the gemstone can attract new love in the life of the wearer.

Which Rashi Suits Ruby Stone?

According to Vedic astrology and expert astrologers, Manik or Ruby Stone best suits Leo or Singh Rashi. Ascendents of Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces can adorn the stone after consulting an astrologer at GemsRoot.

Is Ruby Good for Marriage?

Ruby or Manikya Stone is a popular choice for engagement rings. Wearing the red gemstone fosters balance, love, passion, clear thinking, and peace. It is the best stone to adorn if you wish to resolve marital issues and fill the marriage with happiness.

Which Finger is Best for Ruby Ring?

Wearing the Ruby on the ring finger of the working hand is beneficial or, as an expert astrologer suggests, based on individual needs.

Can We Wear Ruby in Gold Ring?

It is preferable to wear Ruby with Gold. However, other metals, including Silver, Panchdhatu or White Gold, will also suffice.

Can We Wear Ruby in Left Hand?

According to astrologers, it is best to wear Manik Stone on the ring finger of the working hand, be it right or left hand. So, wearing the gemstone on the left arm is fine if it's your dominant hand.

Ruby African - 4.25 carats

Origin : African

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Ruby African - 4.45 carats

Origin : African

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Ruby African - 4.63 carats

Origin : African

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Ruby African - 5.93 carats

Origin : African

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Ruby African - 8.07 carats

Origin : African

₹ 8,877 ₹ 7,102 ( 20 %Off )
Ruby African - 4.7 carats

Origin : African

₹ 15,510 ₹ 12,408 ( 20 %Off )
Ruby African - 4.75 carats

Origin : African

₹ 15,675 ₹ 12,540 ( 20 %Off )
Ruby African - 4.91 carats

Origin : African

₹ 16,203 ₹ 12,962 ( 20 %Off )
Ruby African - 5.89 carats

Origin : African

₹ 19,437 ₹ 15,550 ( 20 %Off )
Ruby (Mozambique) - 5.74 carats

Origin : Mozambique

₹ 44,198 ₹ 35,358 ( 20 %Off )
Ruby (Mozambique) - 4.91 carats

Origin : Mozambique

₹ 54,010 ₹ 43,208 ( 20 %Off )
₹ 1,542,750 ₹ 1,234,200 ( 20 %Off )
Ruby Bangkok - 6.9 carats

Origin : Bangkok

₹ 9,108 ₹ 7,286 ( 20 %Off )
Ruby Bangkok - 5.78 carats

Origin : Bangkok

₹ 7,630 ₹ 6,104 ( 20 %Off )
Ruby Bangkok - 5.14 carats

Origin : Bangkok

₹ 6,785 ₹ 5,428 ( 20 %Off )
Ruby Bangkok - 4 carats

Origin : Bangkok

₹ 11,000 ₹ 8,800 ( 20 %Off )
Ruby African - 4.82 carats

Origin : Africa

₹ 13,255 ₹ 10,604 ( 20 %Off )
Ruby African - 3.30 carats

Origin : Africa

₹ 9,075 ₹ 7,260 ( 20 %Off )
Ruby Bangkok - 5.4 carats

Origin : Bangkok

₹ 14,850 ₹ 11,880 ( 20 %Off )
Ruby African - 5.5 carats

Origin : Africa

₹ 15,125 ₹ 12,100 ( 20 %Off )
Ruby Bangkok - 6.49 carats

Origin : Bangkok

₹ 17,848 ₹ 14,278 ( 20 %Off )

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